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Jack Milunsky03/10/10
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Defects - The 7 Software Development Wastes

Introduction When one looks at all the wastes, defects has to be the most obvious one. The cost and repercussions of finding defects varies depending on where in the cycle they're found. Defects found early on in the development life-cycle are way less...

Mitch Pronschinske03/09/10
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VersionOne Expands Environment to All Stakeholders

A few months ago, DZone spoke with VersionOne CEO Robert Holler.  Since 2002, when VersionOne appeared, Holler says their customer cases have grown from 5-20 person startups to 50-2,000 person enterprises.  VersionOne's challenge has been to meet the...

Martin Fowler03/09/10
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VCS Survey

When I discussed VersionControlTools I said that it was an unscientific agglomeration of opinion. As I was doing it I realized that I could add some spurious but mesmerizing numbers to my analysis by doing a survey. Google's spreadsheet makes the ...

Mitch Pronschinske03/08/10
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rPath Adds Integrations for Puppet, Cfengine, and Chef

The data center automation tool vendor, rPath, recently added support for open source configuration management tools including Reductive Labs' Puppet, Cfengine, and Opscode's Chef.  rPath is also working on native support for configuration management, which...

Eric Hagan03/08/10
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Robert Holler on the Evolution of Agile

The CEO of VersionOne, Robert Holler, began one of the most successful agile management software companies in 2001 before it was widely accepted. In the early...

Jurgen Appelo03/08/10
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In Defense of Scrum (Please Stop Pissing on It)

Last week Uncle Bob Martin wrote about seven “serious flaws” in Scrum. I usually agree with Bob, but not this time. Actually, I might even feel a bit sad about all the <method>-bashing I see happening in the Agile world, where all too often...

Mike Cottmeyer03/08/10
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Having Your Cake... Some Thoughts Around Scrum Certification

To some extent, I think that Scrum is going through an identity crisis. Part of what has made Scrum so successful is its simplicity. We've got three roles, three ceremonies, and three artifacts. That's a pretty refreshing idea to those of us that came...

Mitch Pronschinske03/08/10
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Mylyn Expands

Today, the Eclipse Mylyn project is announcing a major restructuring with the creation of several different sub-projects for each key Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) category.  DZone spoke with Mik Kersten, the founder of the Mylyn project and CEO of...

Giorgio Sironi03/05/10
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Why I'm leaving Subversion for Git

I always believed in Subversion's potential and that it would be a wide improvement over the nightmare that was CVS, but I found out that, as Linus says, There is no way to do CVS right.

Martin Fowler03/05/10
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Blue Green Deployment

One of the goals that my colleagues and I urge on our clients is that of a completely automated deployment process. Automating your deployment helps reduce the frictions and delays that crop up in between getting the software "done" and...

Mitch Pronschinske03/05/10
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Kiln: A DVCS for Fog Bugz

Fog Creek, the home of FogBugz that was founded in 2000 by Joel Spolsky, has been beta testing a new developer product for several months.  FogBugz is a project-management tool that provides issue tracking, CRM, forums, wikis, and Evidence Based...

Eric Hagan03/04/10
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Matt Vanvleet on Legacy Code Testing

Matt Vanvleet is the VP of practice management and product development at Pillar Technology.  Pillar has created a product called Verde which lets developers...

Michael Dubakov03/04/10
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(fr)Agile Teams: Handle with Care

Recently I’ve read a very interesting post by Anna Forss called “Stupidity of the Team”.  While Anna concludes, that it’s healthy to introduce diverse opinions and invite opposing minds to dissolve the like-mindedness of homogeneous teams, I...

Mitch Pronschinske03/04/10
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SonarJ Upgrades Architectural Dependency Tracking

A German company, Hello2morrow, recently launched a new version of its tool for bridging the gap between architects and developers.  SonarJ allows developers to validate their code against large software architectures using static analysis.  It exists as a...

James Shore03/03/10
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Alternatives to Acceptance Testing

My essay on the problems with acceptance testing caused a bit of a furor.