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Michele Mauro05/26/10
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Book Review: Lean-Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development is no longer a "new thing". It's a well accepted and adopted set of practices; a way of developing software that is regarded as efficient, cost-effective and with...

Mitch Pronschinske05/26/10
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YouTrack 2 Gets REST API and Custom Attributes

The second release of the YouTrack issue tracker from JetBrains (the makers of IntelliJ IDEA), is available today.  YouTrack 2.0 lets you add custom issue attributes and flexible access control.  Also included are tools for enhanced issue visibility and...

Asif Shahzad Ch.05/26/10
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The Psychology of Programmers

For last couple of days I was thinking there must are some fundamental differences in how programmers think, act, and work as against to other professionals or common peoples. So here I share some of the points which I have figured out and searched.

Nitin Bharti05/26/10
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The Business Value of Agile Practices

Being Agile is not the goal. Building better software that meets and exceeds the true needs of it's users is. Your needs and environment are different...

Michael Sahota05/26/10
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Get more out of your retrospectives

At DeepAgile2010 this past weekend Mike McCollough led a session on Retrospective Games. We played a brand new game called Balloon Madness as an excuse to use several different retrospective formats. The game is in the conference booklet but is not yet...

Jared Richardson05/26/10
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What's Agile? Individuals and Interactions or Processes and Tools?

The Agile Manifesto is one of the most admired and ignored documents around. So many claim to be "Agile", then their actions tell us they are anything but. Which brings us to this series of articles... what is agile?I always go back to the...

Eric Hagan05/25/10
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Transparency and Customization: Keys to Agile

For IBM, Agile is about transparency. Marc Baumbach says that IBM is developing a standard called Collaborative Agile Lifecycle Management, which lets many...

Peter Schuh05/25/10
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Defensive Scrum Is NOT Agile

The business side of the house can be difficult at times. They can challenge our estimates, claim that work is not half as difficult as we make it out to be, drop last minute delivery requests in the middle of our development cycle, and even (in occasional...

Giorgio Sironi05/25/10
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Writing user stories for web applications

User stories are the substitute of formal requirements documents in an agile environment: they are short summaries of a functionality that leave space to expansion and refinement when it comes the time to implement it. Writing them it's not rocket science and...

James Sugrue05/25/10
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DZone Refcardz: There Will Be An App For That

Ever since I got an iPhone, I've thought that our Refcardz would form the basis for a really useful app. So, over the past few months, I've been working on a project to write such an app. Our original plan was to have this ready for you this, to coincide with...

Jared Richardson05/24/10
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An Overview of Lean Software Practices

Tim Wingfield gave a talk last weekend about the seven pillars of lean software development. I was lucky enough to get a preview of the talk last week. Here's a recap of the presentation

Mitch Pronschinske05/24/10
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Google Summer of Code 2010: Let the Coding Begin!

Today, Students participating in Google's 2010 Summer of Code are beginning their 3-month journey in open source development.  Organizations and students have already finished applying for mentorships and now, after proposals and roadmaps have been...

Mitch Pronschinske05/24/10
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Writing Cucumber Step Definitions in JavaScript

Cucumber is a Behavior-Driven Development tool that lets developers describe their software's behavior in plain text using a business-readable DSL (Domain-Specific Language).  Project developers have added a useful adapter for Cucumber which allows users to...

Ramsundar Kuppusamy05/24/10
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Conventional TDD is Sin!!

TDD is sin… oops!! conventional TDD is sin(sounds much better than the previous statement :). I completely agree that TDD is the way to write a high quality software and statistics has proven this fact.  Let me put down that statistical data,Advantages of...

James Sugrue05/24/10
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100 DZone Refcardz And Counting...

Congratulations to DZone today, as we released the 100th Refcard. The series has gone from strength to strength and having seen some of the cards on the way over the next few months, shows no signs of slowing down. The most impressive things about the...