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Giorgio Sironi05/13/10
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Test-Driven Development with OSGi

For my thesis in Computer Engineering I'm working on a project built over an OSGi framework. As always, I'm guided by test since I apply Test-Driven Development all the time at the acceptance and unit level. I thought it would be nice to share my experiences...

Mike Cottmeyer05/12/10
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Can I Do Perfect Scrum and Still Fail?

If you're not keeping up... you've got some homework to do. My last post called "What Do I Mean by a Complex Product" is required reading before you read this post. If you've got a minute, go read that post and then come back to this one......

Eric Hagan05/11/10
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Kelly Cassidy: Effective Prototyping with SketchFlow

Kelly Cassidy says one of the most important practices in development is application prototyping, which is an essential part of the requirements gathering...

Alex Tkachman05/11/10
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Groovy concurrency in action: asynchronious resource pools with Groovy++

Message passing concurrency is very convinient tool for building highly performant applications. Very roughly speaking the idea is that we try to avoid thread locking when awaiting for resources and instead of that send messages to reactive objects when there...

Mike Cottmeyer05/11/10
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What Do I Mean by a Complex Product?

I've been rambling on for the past few years about agile in larger, more complex enterprises. Quite often in that discussion, I'll get asked to show a real life example of what I mean when I refer to a larger, more complex product. I think there are...

Jared Richardson05/11/10
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Scrum is Suffocating Me!

From time to time I get email from people in various stages of Agile adoption, asking for advice or tips. Last week one sounded particularly desperate. With permission, I've listed a few bits of the letter, along with my answers and a few comments. My hope is...

Nitin Bharti05/10/10
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Kanban Chalk-Talk

In this interactive whiteboard session, recorded at Oredev 2009, Scott Bellware introduces kanban and contrasts it with the common agile project management...

Eric Hagan05/10/10
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Fast Build Times Integral to Continuous Integration

Eric Lefevre says CI can be fun to implement, but you can also get carried away.  Algodeal gave up their CI server in favor of running systematic tests on...

Michael Sahota05/10/10
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Approaches to Organizational Change

Mary Poppendieck gave her usual well-researched and convincing tour-de-force presenation at LSSC10 on several approaches to organizational change with a talk titled “What’s wrong with targets?”

Jurgen Appelo05/07/10
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So, Now You're An Agilist... What's Next? (video)

This is another video of a talk that I did in Cluj, Romania. Like the one I posted last week, it was organized by the Transylvania Java User Group and ISDC.

Adam Leggett05/06/10
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Continuous Testing with Selenium and JBehave using Page Objects

Since Mike‘s inception we have always sought to automate as much of our testing as possible. For some time now we have been using Selenium for our functional/acceptance tests, and thus far have been very happy with this approach.

Eric Hagan05/06/10
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Mario Cardinal on Layered Architectures

Mario Cardinal believes there should be more focus on Layers and their interfaces rather than objects.  One of the tools in Visual Studio's Team Foundation is...

Julian Simpson05/06/10
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Git for Sys-Admins

Video number two of the DevOps meeting is Stephen Nelson-Smith of Atalanta Systems bravely doing his talk – sans slides due to laptop failure(this is why I keep my talks on GitHub). It seems that the technology problems didn’t end there, because I...

Mohammad Juma05/06/10
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Good Technical Team Leader …?

Being a good TTL is not it easy … what are the things that TTL needs to have ? Below are my convictions about this: 1)  Solid Technical. 2)  Ability to break down tasks. 3)  As John Maxwell said “Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but...

Janko Jovanovic05/06/10
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On design process

After publishing the article Redesign process of JankoAtWarpSpeed, I was criticized by some people that I used Scrum "improperly". This related to uneven iterations, non adequate documentation and the fact that I was alone in the project. All of...