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Steven Lott04/15/10
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Ways to Complicate Use Case Analysis

I sat through a great use case analysis session recently."Great" because I saw lots of ways to derail a simple process. Eventually, we did identify a couple of actors and a couple of use cases. But it took hours and hours. Bonus: this was the...

James Shore04/15/10
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Do You Need Iteration Zero? A Case Study.

I don't think you need Iteration Zero. "Iteration Zero" is the idea that you should spend the first several weeks of a new Agile product setting up technical infrastructure, gathering requirements, and so forth. I don't use it because I know you...

Mitch Pronschinske04/14/10
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Rally Acquires AgileZen Kanban Tooling

Agile ALM tool vendor, Rally, just announced its acquisition of the Kanban project management startup, AgileZen.  "We're going to use their Kanban board in Rally," said Rally CTO and co-founder Ryan Martens.  AgileZen's web-based Kanban board is...

Eric Hagan04/14/10
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User Experience Design and Agile

 Jared Spool talks about 'experience design', which involves a user's entire involvement in a process, not just through a website, but also through the...

Giorgio Sironi04/14/10
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The class design checklist

Given the good reception of the TDD checklist, I've decided to put together a similar one with suggestions for the generic class and interface design. These entities are the basic artifacts of object-oriented programming, thus this checklist is used at a...

Jurgen Appelo04/14/10
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Managing vs. Coaching vs. Mentoring

In many organizations people are used to the idea that functional managers are responsible for assisting people with their personal development. As managers, we care about our people’s skills, their knowledge and experience, their training, and their...

Kelly Waters04/13/10
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Agile Software Development Saves Lives!

Ahem. Actually that's a bit of an exaggeration. I have to be honest with you. Agile software development probably doesn't really save lives. There, you heard it from me first. I just felt like being melodramatic...Someone once joked with me that...

Mitch Pronschinske04/12/10
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GUIdancer 4.0; Winner of an Eclipse Community Award

GUIdancer is an Eclipse-based automated functional testing tool for GUI's.  Tests in GUIdancer can begin before an application's under test is even available.  Its keyword-driven approach doesn't require any coding and thus, increases productivity.  At...

Eric Hagan04/12/10
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Dealing with Distributed Agile Teams

Zach Nies is the VP of products at Rally Software, an Agile coaching and tooling company.  He says that as soon as you have development teams working on...

Michael Sahota04/12/10
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Aligning and Balancing your Backlog

This is a review of Luke Hohmann’s excellent blog series on Product Backlog Prioritization. As usual, I have captured what I believe to be the salient points in a visual note.  The main points are to:

Jurgen Appelo04/09/10
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8 Tips for Performance Metrics

Performance metrics are important. At school, in sports, and in the arts, people want to know how well they are doing. They get grades for their knowledge of math, languages, and geography, rankings for their performances in football, basketball, and...

Luigi Agosti04/08/10
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Succeeding With Agile

Twenty years ago changes in companies were very rare. A change in the team composition or a new boss were regarded as dangerous and problematic. Don't let me start with technologies. Things are...

Michael Norton04/08/10
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Stories are about why; not what or how

Story Fomats I've been on numerous Agile projects with varying methods for capturing stories. Quite popular (and purportedly the ThoughtWorks standard) is the "As a, I want, So that" story format. While I have seen teams do well with this format, I think...

Alex Tkachman04/08/10
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Groovy++ v0.2 Small version number but huge milestone

Today is very big day for Groovy++ team and me personally. Version 0.2 of Groovy++ is available now for download. Please go to http://code.google.com/p/groovypptest/ and give it a try.Only (or already) 17 weeks ago we opened very first preview of Groovy++. It...

Lyndsey Clevesy04/08/10
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What Makes Peer Code Review an Agile Process?

We recently had the chance to catch up with Gregg Sporar, Senior Product Manager at Smart Bear Software, about peer code review as an Agile process.DZone: Can you give us a quick intro to yourself and your background?