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Eric Hagan04/07/10
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Scaling CI and Improving Build Management

Erin Curtis is the Director of Product Management at Electric Cloud, a company that provides build automation and management software.  Before...

Julian Simpson04/07/10
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Supporting Multiple Environments – Part 3

(part one and two) In this installment, I’m going to cover the configuration storage mechanism for this separate configuration jar approach.

Mitch Pronschinske04/06/10
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Hudson Lead Developer Leaves Oracle

A senior staff engineer at Oracle who worked as the lead developer for the increasingly popular Hudson Continuous Integration system said goodbye to his colleagues this week after nine years of service.  Kohsuke Kawaguchi began working for Sun Microsystems...

Geertjan Wielenga04/05/10
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Interview: Taylor's Legacy in an Agile World

Marcus Ahnve (pictured, right) works for Valtech, an international IT consultancy firm. In his role as a technical consultant, he does a lot of agile mentoring, helping clients introduce, adapt, and evolve agile methodologies.Below follows an interview around...

Lyndsey Clevesy04/05/10
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Exclusive Excerpt - Lean Vs. Agile

This excerpt was taken from The Art of Lean Software Development, which was written by Curt Hibbs, Steve Jewett, and Mike Sullivan. These three authors also just put together DZone's Refcard on Getting Started with Lean Software Development. To download the...

Eric Hagan04/05/10
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Tools for Large, Distributed Agile Teams

In this interview, VersionOne product manager Jerry Odenwelder discusses the tools that make life easier for developers in large, distributed teams. He says...

James Shore04/05/10
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Your Certification is Meaningless

Just for the record: your certification, the one you paid four figures for, is meaningless.

Mitch Pronschinske04/03/10
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How to Make Vim Productive: vi Tips and Tricks

Vim and other vi editors can make developers super productive if they know some of the key tips and tricks to using them.  vi has a lot of power and depth, but if you don't have a basic understanding of the language that vi speaks, you won't get any more...

Giorgio Sironi04/02/10
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TDD: Always code as...

In programming there's an old saying that goes like this:

Mike Cottmeyer04/02/10
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How Agile is Agile?

Agile ain't just any damn thing - Ron Jeffries

Mitch Pronschinske04/01/10
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Case Study: How OSS Helped One Startup Beat Larger Companies

Many companies are still not comfortable with using a software solution unless they are paying for it.  However, tech companies that use mainly Open Source Software in their development stack, once a rarity, are now becoming more common.  The overall...

Julian Simpson04/01/10
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Is Maven agile?

Is Maven agile? Here’s my half-assed reasons why:

Joshua Barnes03/31/10
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Using a Process Management Tool

Last week I posted a follow up and a new entry on processes that I have been working on for a client and the delivery mechanism.  Although my partners and I have evaluated and demoed various tools over the years to create, modify, or publish processes,...

Jurgen Appelo03/30/10
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Optimize the Whole = Measure at All Levels

We know that measuring (and awarding) the wrong things in a system leads to nasty side-effects. And we know that self-organization allows a system to optimize for itself. In systems theory these concepts are known as the Sub-optimization Principle:

Giorgio Sironi03/30/10
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The TDD Checklist (Red-Green-Refactor in Detail)

I have written up a checklist to use for unit-level Test-Driven Development, to make sure I do not skip steps while writing code, at a very low level of the development process. Ideally I will soon internalize this process to the point that I would recognize...