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Mike Cottmeyer01/07/10
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Who Cares About Value?

Part of our problem discussing value is that value is a pretty elusive concept. What is valuable to me might not be valuable to you. It is easy to blur the line between what might be considered a valuable contribution and something that actually adds value to...

Jack Milunsky01/06/10
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Switching stories mid sprint

Introduction I blogged about this some time ago and then posted the blog on various agile forums to judge peoples responses. Most of the responses were well reasoned, however, one of the responses I received shocked me somewhat and so I feel that it's...

Ted Neward01/05/10
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2010 Predictions, 2009 Predictions Revisited

Here we go again—another year, another set of predictions revisited and offered up for the next 12 months. And maybe, if I'm feeling really ambitious, I'll take that shot I thought about last year and try predicting for the decade. Without further ado, I'll...

Mike Cottmeyer01/04/10
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My Life is a Project?

When I'm giving talks or teaching a class, I often talk about how I think about nearly everything in my life as a project. So much so that my wife sometimes complains that she is not a project that I have to manage! She get's tired of talking about risk...

Frank Kelly12/31/09
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To Beta, or not to Beta - That is the question

"Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous bugs, Or to take arms against a sea of defects, And by opposing end them." (with props to Bill S.)In the past few years it's become more and more acceptable to...

Mitch Pronschinske12/30/09
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Agile Reflections for 2009; Predictions for 2010

Software development methodologies, like the technologies they produce, have have continued their march forward.  2009 saw some significant changes in how companies develop software.  Scrum, XP, and Kanban have emerged as the three core means to agility,...

Frank Kelly12/30/09
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How to Motivate Developers - A three step framework

No . . . . not THOSE three steps!Anyway, now that we're approaching the end of the calendar year, invariably many folks are filling out self-evaluations and managers are presiding over year-end reviews, and choosing raises and bonuses for their staff.

Jared Richardson12/29/09
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Beginners Need Steps!

A topic that came up repeatedly this week at Agile Development Practices was whether we should teach people steps or principles. Most, if not all, of the thought leaders and industry experts don't want to provide steps. We've all seen people take steps and...

Jack Milunsky12/28/09
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What's the Ideal Sprint Length

Introduction I may have blogged about this previously. I have written so many blogs, I can't recall any more. However questions regarding Sprint length surface on the forums regularly. As per usual, the answers one must give always depends on the context and...

Mitch Pronschinske12/28/09
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Seapine's SCM Software Moves Forward

The Enterprise-level SCM (Software Configuration Management) market has a lot of competitors.  Companies like Perforce, Accurev, and PVCS sell robust SCM tools while other providers have a complete ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) solution, such as MKS...

Martin Fowler12/24/09
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Technical Debt Quadrant

There's been a few posts over the last couple of months about TechnicalDebt that's raised the question of what kinds of design flaws should or shouldn't be classified as Technical Debt.

Richard Durnall12/23/09
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We’re not Japanese and we don’t build cars

In 1979 a group of western dignitaries visited Japan to learn more about the manufacturing models that had been applied to great success. Konosuke Matsushita, the president of Matsushita Corporation (Panasonic, Legend, Technics etc.), opened his talk with the...

Kelly Waters12/23/09
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Organising Agile Teams With A Visual Calendar

This is a guest blog post from Bruno Sbille..."During the latest phase of our project, I had to work with a team of 7 people . But none of them were 100% on the project. To describe the situation we had:

Mike Cottmeyer12/22/09
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If Value is the Problem, What Can I Do About It?

Wednesday I published a post called "Why is Agile so Hard to Sell?". If you haven't checked out the comment thread, you should really take a look. Most of the comments were really supportive and added serious value (no pun intended) to the...

Mitch Pronschinske12/22/09
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SparkBuild: A Free Build Avoidance Tool

Just a few weeks ago, Electric Cloud launched the first GA version of SparkBuild, a free GNU Make (gmake) and NMAKE-based build tool that offers true build avoidance.  Windows and Open Source Linux developers writing software in C/C++ will find that...