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Eric Hagan03/22/10
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Programming Paradigms; The Future of Software Development

The tool chain and the development choices have become much more complex.  In this interview, Dave Thomas gives his unique, experienced perspective on today's...

Jerry Andrews03/22/10
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Sucking Less: Checking In More Often

I'm fairly fearless when coding, which means that about once a week, I delete a huge chunk of something I should've kept, or change something into something unrecognizable, thereby inadvertently breaking a dozen unit tests. When I discover the problem,...

Mike Cottmeyer03/22/10
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Getting Started with Agile... Two of 'Who Knows'

Okay... way too big a gap between meaningful blog posts. Since it has been so long, you might want to go back and take a look at the first post in this series called "Getting Started with Agile... One of Five". There is a bit of irony here...

Julian Simpson03/18/10
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Supporting Multiple Environments

One of the longest running debates I’ve watched in the Maven community over the years, is how to best support different configurations for different deployment environments (where “deployment environment” means a QA environment or staging environment...

Mitch Pronschinske03/17/10
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JEE Record/Replay Debugging Tool; The First to be Hosted

Reproducing a bug is one of the most problematic, "needle in a haystack"-type issues that a software development organization can face.  In order to find that bug again so that it doesn't resurface at a critical time (they always do), you need to...

Mark Needham03/16/10
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Parallel Pair Programming

I've spent a bit of time working with Les recently and it's been quite interesting working out the best way for us to pair together as he's working as a front end developer on the team which means he's best utilised working on the CSS/JavaScript/HTML side...

Nitin Bharti03/16/10
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Failure Modes in Scrum

In this presentation, recorded at Øredev 2009, Jens Østergaard examines why Scrum is so hard to implement. He discusses failure modes for Scrum Master,...

Olga Kouzina03/15/10
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Minimalism, The New Innovative

There’s so much room for observations and analogies in the evolution of production trends. Analogies are not merely a candy for the brain. They bring along a deeper understanding of phenomena and ultimately are one of the greatest aides to align (or...

Joshua Barnes03/15/10
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Process for development outside of IT

I recently finished creating the initial version of a process for developing “applications” by people outside of the IT area.  Almost all companies have such development, where an end user develops something that is used in the business, without the...

Mitch Pronschinske03/12/10
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Perforce For NetBeans

Until Perforce creates its own VCS client for the NetBeans Platform, Tutuianu Aurelian will continue developing his contribution to the open source community: PerforceNB - a Perforce client for NetBeans.  Aurelian has been developing in NetBeans since its...

Jurgen Appelo03/12/10
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Some Day Kanban Will Fail 75% of the Time

Yesterday I had a bit of an argument on Twitter about differences between Scrum and Kanban. Personally I don't care which is better than the other, because I believe that all models are wrong, but some are useful.

Mark Needham03/11/10
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Does an organisation need to be fully committed to agile/lean/scrum?

Alan Atlas has a recent blog post where he discusses agile, lean and scrum and suggests that you can't truly achieve agility unless your company is fully committed to it which differs slightly from my experiences. Alan makes a valid point that we're not...

Giorgio Sironi03/11/10
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Acceptance Test-Driven Development

I am halfway through reading Growing object-oriented software, guided by tests, a book that teaches Test-Driven Development in a Java environment. A review will come soon, since the process described in this work is really language-agnostic and...

Kelly Waters03/11/10
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How To Be An Agile Leader

The strapline on this site - “Leading agile developers, Developing agile leaders” - is great! A really clever play on words. But it got me thinking. What is an agile leader? And how do we develop them?Some qualities are desirable in any leader, whether...

Mitch Pronschinske03/11/10
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Test Lint: A Unit Testing Helper for VS 2010

In an increasingly test-driven software industry, Typemock has successfully filled a growing niche market for unit testing productivity tools.  Typemock offers enterprise tool suites along with a free set of tools.  Recently, Typemock added a new free tool...