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Lyndsey Clevesy02/09/10
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Engineering Best Practices from Agile Coach David Laribee

David Laribee, an agile coach at VersionOne, shares his experiences from being embedded in development teams that are transitioning to agile methodologies. ...

Nitin Bharti02/09/10
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Agile Adoption past the Team

In this presentation, recorded at Øredev 2009, Mike Cottmeyer explores a 3 month coaching engagement where one of his customers needed to coordinate...

Mitch Pronschinske02/09/10
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Ant 1.8 Scanning Leaves 1.7.1 in the Dust

The classic Java build tool, Apache Ant, just reached its next GA version update.  Ant 1.8 has improved directory scanning performance and better symbolic link cycle handling.  Dramatic improvements have been achieved when scanning large directory trees. ...

Kelly Waters02/09/10
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5 Reasons Why Agile Development Must Be Driven from the Top

Agile development is often initiated by the development team itself. Whilst they may find some good advantages, the most profound benefits of agile software development will not be realised unless it is driven from the top.Here's why:1. Multi-disciplined...

Martin Fowler02/08/10
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Conversational Stories

Here's a common misconception about agile methods. It centers on the way user stories are created and flow through the development activity. The misconception is that the product owner (or business analysts) creates user stories and then put them in...

Olga Kouzina02/05/10
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Commander’s Intent: Military Agile

I got this insight on lean and agile techniques in military context when reading  “Ideas Made to Stick” book.  The workflow of the military was described there as an example of how important it is to make messages as concise as possible to...

Mike Cottmeyer02/04/10
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Replacing the Iron Triangle of Project Management?

Last year sometime, I heard Jim Highsmith do a talk on replacing the traditional project management iron triangle with a new 'agile triangle' that is based not on time, cost, and scope... but instead, based on value, quality, and constraints (time, cost,...

Kelly Waters02/03/10
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Pair Programming: An Extremely Agile Practice

Pair Programming. It's probably one of the most extreme practices of eXtreme Programming (XP). It's an area of agile software development that polarises opinion.The concept is simple enough. Two developers work side by side on the same piece of work,...

Marek Kwiecien02/03/10
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Have Fun With Agile

Agile is fun. Agile methodics are very team-centric and there are already a lot of activities part of them that help building the team. Unless you don't use such practices like planning poker, iteration planning or retrospectives (in fact, if you miss any of...

Nitin Bharti02/02/10
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DCI in Practice with Qi4J and the Composite Oriented Programming Model

In this session Rickard Öberg explores how the DCI (Data, Collaborations, Interactions) concepts can be applied in practice using the Qi4j Java framework...

Mitch Pronschinske02/02/10
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New Sprint Burndown Charts in ScrumWorks Pro

Two months after their last release, Danube is now releasing the next version of ScrumWorks Pro, their Scrum implementation framework.  ScrumWorks Pro 4.3 derives many of its new features from customer requests on Danube's Community Portal, which debuted...

Michael Dubakov02/02/10
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Flow. Discover Problems and Waste in Kanban

You Kanbanized your development process and setup a perfect flow. You see the flow and feel its power. You even measure cycle time and want to reduce it. But it is not as easy as expected. Some problems in your development process are hard to find and are...

Lyndsey Clevesy02/01/10
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Laszlo Szalvay on the Evolution of Scrum

Laszlo Szalvay, the President of Danube, talks to DZone about the evolution of Scrum and the current conversations around it.  Danube makes the Scrum...

Mike Cottmeyer02/01/10
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Explaining Agile

Doing what I do for a living, I find myself often trying to explain agile concepts to folks that are relatively new to agile methodologies. Sometimes this comes up when I am teaching a class, doing a conference talk, or breaking down some idea in a blog...

Rafael Naufal02/01/10
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The Power of Pair Programming

Some weeks ago I started practicing pair programming with some co-workers for two reasons: