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Mike Cottmeyer01/25/10
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If Value is the Problem, What Can I Do About It?

I published a post called "Why is Agile so Hard to Sell?". If you haven't checked out the comment thread, you should really take a look. Most of the comments were really supportive and added serious value (no pun intended) to the conversation....

James Sugrue01/25/10
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Continuous Integration Refcard Released: Meet The Author

This weeks refcard covers Continuous Integration: Patterns and Anti-Patterns with tips on how to get started using continuous integration techniques in your project. I spoke with Paul Duvall, author of the refcard and CI expert about the benefits of...

Michael Dubakov01/22/10
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Youth, Old Age, Cancer and Technical Debt

Everything has its life-cycle. Even stars. Even The Universe. Everything.It is quite sad for intelligent creatures, but it is just a fact of life. I want to draw some quite obvious parallels to reveal the real danger of Technical Debt for a software...

Olga Kouzina01/21/10
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Face to Face - United We Stand

We’re all tied together by things we do. Projects we work on, conferences we go to as a whole team, even bugs we fix together, problems we solve together. Insights we share together. Some people call it team spirit. Some people call it good collaboration....

Lyndsey Clevesy01/20/10
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Assessing Agile Readiness with Joshua Kerievsky

Founder and President of Industrial Logic, Joshua Kerievsky, has been a top player in the world of Agile since the 1990s. He talks here about what his company...

Ted Neward01/20/10
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10 Things to Improve Your Development Career

Cruising the Web late last night, I ran across "10 things you can do to advance your career as a developer", summarized below:

Lyndsey Clevesy01/19/10
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Esther Derby Shares the Secrets of Great Management

Esther Derby is the president of her own agile consulting firm, Esther Derby Associates, Inc.  She's doing the usual mix of workshops, coaching, and...

Craig Dickson01/19/10
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Scrum Anti-pattern : Prioritizing Stories Within Sprints

The prioritization of Stories is a core practice in the Scrum agile development process.

Kelly Waters01/19/10
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Agile Development Teams Need Managers Too!

Mike Cottmeyer recently wrote an interesting article about whether or not managers can lead agile teams? Organisations do need managers, for a wide variety of reasons. And let's face it, the roles of Product Owner and Scrum Master are management roles.They...

Mitch Pronschinske01/19/10
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Scrum and XP are New - Their Principles are Not

New agile methodologies are sometimes criticized for simply re-labelling old practices and calling them 'new'.  Scrum in particular is critcized for rebranding things like iterations and stand ups as "sprints" and "scrums".  DZone spoke...

Mike Cottmeyer01/18/10
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Sometimes, Agile Alone Isn't Enough

So now that we have set a little context, it's time to start getting down to the business of talking about how to solve the problem. About time huh? This next section is intended to bridge to a high-level description of the solution and then a chapter by...

Mitch Pronschinske01/18/10
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Kanban's Not Better than Scrum, It's Just Smaller

Henrik Kniberg, an Agile & Lean coach at Crisp, has written some great blog posts that compare Scrum and Kanban.  He says it's unfortunate that most discussions comparing Scrum to Kanban are focused on trying to see which is better.  "To me, this...

Michael Dubakov01/15/10
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Tale: Deadline and Technical Debt

Once upon a time there lived a very brave and adventurous young man by the name Arthur. He lived in a large kingdom with knights and castles and an extremely cunning king who had a beautiful daughter - Caroline. She was so beautiful, that every morning birds...

Mitch Pronschinske01/14/10
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Johanna Rothman: Managing Project Priorities

In this interview, Johanna Rothman, the founder of Rothman Consulting Group, tells us about her role as chairman of the Agile 2009 conference and her...

Jack Milunsky01/14/10
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Technical stories - are they included on the backlog?

Introduction If you're not already a member of the Scrum development group on Yahoo, you really should join. There's a fortune of information changing hands and you can learn so much from the interactions. Just recently there was a huge debate on the topic of...