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Kelly Waters01/13/10
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Agile Project Management Software: Poll Results

Back in September 2009, I ran a poll on what agile project management software people would recommend. I was amazed at the response - so far (Jan 2010), about 2,000 people have voted!For those that haven't been back to the poll to see the results, here they...

Lyndsey Clevesy01/12/10
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From Waterfall to Agile: An Exclusive Interview with VersionOne's Ian Culling

In this interview, Ian Culling, the CTO at VersionOne, explains how agile methodologies can be liberating for developers.  He says, "There's so many...

Mendelt Siebenga01/12/10
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The dirty secret of pair programming

Pair programming is one of the more controversial extreme programming practices. Having two people work on the same piece of code at the same time looks very unpractical and inefficient to someone not familiar with this practice.

Mitch Pronschinske01/11/10
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Perforce SCM Gains an Edge in Offline Capabilities

Today's new version release of Perforce's Software Configuration Management (SCM) system contains a new  shelving feature, real-time metadata replication, and additional functionality for working offline.  Version 2009.2 also has improved system...

James Shore01/11/10
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Why I Don't Provide Agile Certification

There's been a lot said about certification lately. I think it's a natural outgrowth of Agile's growing popularity. Unfortunately, I think it's also an outgrowth of the continued watering-down of Agile, which--if we're not careful--will lead to Agile becoming...

Hamlet D'Arcy01/11/10
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60 Second Agility: ROTI Meetings

Always in search of the absolute minimum of ceremony, my last team "discovered" a useful agile practice that takes 60 seconds from start to end: the ROTI Meeting.After every meeting, on the way out the door, draw a diagonal line on the whiteboard...

Mitch Pronschinske01/11/10
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How Kanban Got Hot - David Anderson Interview Part I

Kanban looks like it's becoming the next big trend in agile development.  With its simple, adaptive approach to work organization, Kanban's Lean approach to software development may become even more popular than Scrum.  Although Scrum is fresh and exciting,...

Mike Cottmeyer01/08/10
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The Problem with Big

I mentioned a while ago that Dennis and I were planning to blog our way through this book we are writing. We'll, over the holidays I really got serious about writing this thing, and we dropped a pretty detailed chapter outline, and almost 7000 words into...

Mitch Pronschinske01/08/10
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Enough with the Gimmicks! Let's Evolve

Mark Lines is a Co-founder of Unified Process Mentors who also works on IBM's worldwide advisory board for methods.  He's familiar with almost every flavor of agile.  "It seems like every couple of years there's a hot new methodology," said Lines...

Mitch Pronschinske01/07/10
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ADS Launches Skirmish Model for Agile

There's no single formula for agile transition.  Many agile consulting agencies aren't adaptive enough to take the organization's context into account.  In these cases, agile can feel forced and employees will resist its implementation.  Some will even...

Mike Cottmeyer01/07/10
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Who Cares About Value?

Part of our problem discussing value is that value is a pretty elusive concept. What is valuable to me might not be valuable to you. It is easy to blur the line between what might be considered a valuable contribution and something that actually adds value to...

Jack Milunsky01/06/10
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Switching stories mid sprint

Introduction I blogged about this some time ago and then posted the blog on various agile forums to judge peoples responses. Most of the responses were well reasoned, however, one of the responses I received shocked me somewhat and so I feel that it's...

Ted Neward01/05/10
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2010 Predictions, 2009 Predictions Revisited

Here we go again—another year, another set of predictions revisited and offered up for the next 12 months. And maybe, if I'm feeling really ambitious, I'll take that shot I thought about last year and try predicting for the decade. Without further ado, I'll...

Mike Cottmeyer01/04/10
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My Life is a Project?

When I'm giving talks or teaching a class, I often talk about how I think about nearly everything in my life as a project. So much so that my wife sometimes complains that she is not a project that I have to manage! She get's tired of talking about risk...

Frank Kelly12/31/09
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To Beta, or not to Beta - That is the question

"Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous bugs, Or to take arms against a sea of defects, And by opposing end them." (with props to Bill S.)In the past few years it's become more and more acceptable to...