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Reza Rahman03/04/14
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The Basics of Connection Pools in Glassfish

Connection and resource pooling is a key value proposition of modern application servers like GlassFish and WebLogic to significantly boost scalability

Zemian Deng03/03/14
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Generating a War File From a Plain IntelliJ Web Project

Sometimes you just want to create a quick web project in IntelliJ IDEA, and you would use their wizard and with web or Java EE module as starter project.

Bill Lahti02/28/14
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Lessons from Angry Birds: My Thoughts on Android Game Tutorials

I would like share a few thoughts about designing tutorials for an Android game app

Jakub Holý02/28/14
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Handling Deployments When Provisioning JBoss domain.xml (With Ansible)

It is tricky to manage JBoss with a provisioner such as Puppet or Ansible because its domain.xml contains not only rather static configuration but also sections that change quite often such as deployments.

Thomas Mauch02/27/14
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The Magic Testing Challenge

Writing tests belongs to a developer's daily life - but it just takes just too much time. The visual approach featured by MagicTest makes testing so efficient that is almost fun. To prove this, I invite you to a testing challenge. Can your preferred testing framework meet the challenge and testing becomes a breeze as well?

Eric Minick02/27/14
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DevOps for Managers Blog Series

Peter Spung (@paspung) has started a great series on DevOps speaking to the middle management layers.

Cagdas Basaraner02/26/14
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Software Version Controlling Best Practices

Use version controlling/source control even if one developer exists. This issue brings change tracking and versioning of the application continuously.

Chase Seibert02/26/14
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Celery fail silently context manager

Celery ships with an configuration option called CELERY_ALWAYS_EAGER which causes all tasks to be executed immediately instead of being asynchronously executed on workers. This can be very useful for unit tests. Instead of running a real message queue and separate worker processes, your unit tests can execute all in one process and still run the necessary tasks.

Zemian Deng02/26/14
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Developing Java EE applications with Maven and WebLogic 12c

The WebLogic Server 12c has very nice support for Maven now. The doc for this is kinda hidden though, so here is a direct link

Edmund Kirwan02/25/14
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The Refactorer Spectrum

Refactoring is difficult and not everyone can do it.

Tribhuwan Negi02/25/14
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Get Started on Test-Driven Development!

Agile teams embracing TDD thought-process to design and implement their product features have realized significant improvements in code and design quality. Still waiting and thinking about TDD?

Uri Lukach02/24/14
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Java Classloader - Handling Multiple Versions of The Same Class

This article deals with different approaches to load multiple versions of the same class.

Sebastian Laskawiec02/24/14
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Brief comparison of BDD frameworks

This article describes an approach for creating live documentation for Java projects. One of the easiest way is to use a BDD framework - but which one? Hopefully this article will answer your questions...

Peter Lawrey02/24/14
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Common Gotchas in Java

Java is a minimalist language with deliberately less features than other languages, never the less it has edge cases which strange effects, and even some common cases with surprising effects to trip up the unwary.

Dave Bush02/21/14
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Why Don’t You Practice Test First Development?

I would have said “Test Driven Development” but I want to make it clear that what I’m talking about is writing test first, or at least simultaneous to writing the code. Not sometime after, even if that after is immediately after.

Peter Verhas02/21/14
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Never Test Logging

Technical logging is usually not tested.

Zac Gery02/20/14
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Programming Vocabulary: The "No" Reflex

A great development manager once said, "It's just software." That simple statement tells a much larger story. Software development for most companies is all about time and money. Most requests can be satisfied but developers have a tendency to rebut with "no" when they believe the work is too difficult, requires extensive time, or for a variety of other concerns.

Henrik Warne02/20/14
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5 Unit Testing Mistakes

When I first heard about unit testing using a framework like JUnit, I thought it was such a simple and powerful concept.

Jakub Holý02/20/14
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The Risks Of Big-Bang Deployments And Techniques For Step-wise Deployment

If you ever need to persuade management why it might be better to deploy a larger change in multiple stages and push it to customers gradually, read on.

Paul Duvall02/20/14
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Continuous Integration in the Cloud

This article is the third part of the Cloud Delivery Blueprints series. It discusses how to go from no cloud infrastructure and no continuous integration set up to having a functioning Deployment Pipeline in Amazon Web Services. It discusses high level topics while also providing a reference implementation so it’s easy to follow along with

Istvan Forgacs02/19/14
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Debugging Step by Step – Delta Debugging

By applying a faulty implementation of the well-known Quicksort algorithm, we show how to find bugs faster. The method is based on reducing the input so that the smaller input still trigger the fault while even smaller doesn't.

Eyal Golan02/19/14
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Law of Demeter

In this post I want to go over Law of Demeter (LoD). I find this topic an extremely important for having the code clean, well-designed and maintainable.

Wayne Beaton02/19/14
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Playing with Java 8 Lambdas in the JDT

I’ve been playing with the language a bit while tinkering with the Java 8 support under development by the Eclipse Java development tools (JDT) project.

André Arnaud De...02/19/14
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Review: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Administration Cookbook

I would recommend this book to system administrators and customers using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Also it is a good investment for a technical consultant working with an AX partner.

Jakub Holý02/18/14
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Demonstration of Ansible Features With Control & Test VMs

I have created a small project to demonstrate some features of Ansible, the new DevOps hotness, including Vagrant VMs for running Ansible and for testing the configuration. Either go straight to