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Martin Fowler09/16/13
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Bliki: Threshold Test

A threshold test is a test inserted into a deployment pipeline that monitors some measurable phenomenon by comparing the value in the current build against a threshold value. Should the current build's value pass the threshold, the test fails, failing the build.

Jakub Holý09/16/13
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WebApp Blue / Green Deployment Without Breaking Sessions

We will run two instances of our service, on two different ports, with HAProxy in front of them. We will use HAPRoxy’s health checks to trick it into believing that one of the instances is partially unwell. HAProxy will thus send it only the existing sessions, while sending all new ones to the other, “fully healthy,” instance.

Manuel Rascioni09/15/13
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Fast Setup for a Lightweight Maven Development Environment

Setup and start a dev environment with the application server and a database using just Maven, Jetty and HSQLDB.

Steve Smith09/13/13
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Continuous Delivery and Cost of Delay

This example shows that using cost of delay and CD3 within continuous delivery validates Mary Poppendieck’s argument that “basing development decisions on economic models helps the development team make good tradeoff decisions".

Jenny Yang09/13/13
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DevOpsDays is Coming to Vancouver, BC, Oct 25th - 26th!

DevOpsDays is coming to Vancouver, BC, on October 25th and 26th, woohoo! The conference format is simple: talks in the morning, and open spaces in the afternoon.

Tim Kitchens09/13/13
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Software Project Process: Focus on Core Beliefs

For the experienced software developers out there, I have a question: what are the main things you believe, based on your experience, most influence the success of a software project?

Mike Bushong09/12/13
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Networking Integration with DevOps Tools: Switches Are Not Just Servers

A couple of years ago I talked to Jeremy Stretch. I was not really that knowledgeable of tools like Puppet and Opscode at the time. He told me I needed to look at Puppet and integrate it with Junos. And so began my march towards these types of tools and DevOps more generally.

Jakub Holý09/12/13
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Test Puppet Config of an Existing Node Using Puppet Master via Vagrant

Are you using Puppet in the client-server setup and want to test the configuration for a particular node without actually changing it? You can do that by fooling Puppet Master into believing that a Vagrant virtual machine (VM) is that node and applying it there.

Alexander Beletsky09/12/13
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Playing with Dokku on Vagrant

As I said previously, it’s very easy to turn a Linux machine into Heroku-like server. But, before setting up a paying account on Amazon or Digital Ocean, it’s nice to just play with it locally. We will do just that by running Dokku on a virtual machine.

Alexander Beletsky09/12/13
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Playing with Dokku on Vagrant

As I said previously, it’s very easy to turn a Linux machine into Heroku-like server. But, before setting up a paying account on Amazon or Digital Ocean, it’s nice to just play with it locally. We will do just that by running Dokku on a virtual machine.

Paul Underwood09/11/13
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Troubleshooting: Share Your Code

The best way of asking for help with your front-end code is to be able to share your exact code. But this is hard to do as most development problems should occur on your local machine with all the code on your local computer.

James Meickle09/11/13
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Tracing Black Boxes II: Monitoring Solr

It’s hard to implement an effective, scalable search system, which is why Apache Solr is probably the most popular "black box" in web app infrastructure.

Chase Seibert09/10/13
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Writing a cURL to Python Install Script for a Django Development Environment

I came up with a version that installs a pretty vanilla Django development environment, from scratch. It doesn’t assume anything except cURL and Python, both of which come pre-installed on OSX and Ubuntu.

Daniel Bartl09/10/13
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Build Light: Continuous Delivery Meets Reengineering a USB Driver

We find the idea cool to visualize the results of our commits with a traffic light and see it as addition to the cS Jenkins Bell. The traffic light is a simple USB device that has a green, a yellow and a red led.

Barton George09/10/13
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My O’Reilly Interview: Telling the Project Sputnik Story

While I interviewed a bunch of folks at OSCON, I also got the chance to be on the other end of the camera. On the Thursday of the event I sat down with Meghan Blanchette, editor at O’Reilly, media and we talked about Project Sputnik, where it’s been and where it’s going. Check it out.

Mitch Pronschinske09/10/13
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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (September 10)

Want to see GitHub's Oval Office replica? Complete with Octocat Seal? Check that out along with the Stack Exchange homegrown DevOps tools, the CSS Animation Cheat Sheet, and another DZone "dev" shirt sighting!

Svend Vanderveken09/09/13
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How to Compile Storm 0.8.2 on Mac OS X

First off, let’s clarify that this is not required if your goal is just to install a Storm cluster or to develop topologies, for that it’s easier to download a package from the Storm download page and follow the Storm installation instructions.

James Carr09/09/13
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Parameterized Docker Containers

I’ve been hacking a lot on Docker at Zapier lately, and one of the things I found to be somewhat cumbersome with Docker containers is that it seemed to be a little difficult to customize published containers without extending them and modifying files...

Barton George09/06/13
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Developers + IT Ops = Cloud Innovation

John Willis and I presented the deck below. We talk about how IT can best work with developers to drive innovation, while at the same time maintaining stability (spoiler alert: the answer is DevOps).

Carlos Sanchez09/06/13
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PuppetConf Video: How to Develop Puppet Modules

Puppet Modules are a great way to reuse code, share your development with other people and take advantage of the hundreds of modules already available in the community. But how do you create, test and publish them as easily as possible?

Rado Buranský09/05/13
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With a Little Help from Our Friends

I don't feel comfortable advocating unit tests. I just can’t find any measures, numbers, or graphs to show that would clearly visualize the benefits. The more I think of it, the more it gives me the impression that we should start a movement against unit tests.

Wayne Beaton09/05/13
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Starting the 2014 Eclipse Development Process Document

I’ve created a working document for the 2014 Eclipse Development Process (EDP) document. I’ve made a few changes, starting with bug 415715 (which is not complete yet).

Ben Wootton09/05/13
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Continuous Delivery Using Cloud Development Tools

Cloud-based online development tooling is continuing to improve, removing barriers to entry with regards to building software as part of a team.

Allen Coin09/04/13
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Dev of the Week: Scott Westfall

This week we bring you a Dev of the Week with a twist: We're talking to Scott Westfall, our new Director of Engineering here at DZone.

Mihai Fonoage09/04/13
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TDD Resources for iOS

Below are a few resources I've found useful when doing TDD in iOS.