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Chip Bates08/28/13
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How to Overcome Office 2010 Migration Challenges

As with any migration, this one has its challenges. Below you can find more about them and how to overcome some of them:

Allen Coin08/27/13
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How Netflix Does Deployment

Obviously, anyone interested in learning about continuous delivery could learn a lot from Netflix. Luckily, Netflix's own engineering manager Ben Schmaus recently wrote an article titled "Deploying the Netflix API" on the Netflix Tech Blog.

Peter Verhas08/27/13
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The Difference Between Refactoring and Redesign is 10 Minutes

Anything that takes longer than ten minutes is not refactoring. That is a redesign.

Mark Needham08/26/13
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Unix: tar - Extracting, Creating and Viewing Archives

I’ve been playing around with the Unix tar command a bit this week and realized that I’d memorized some of the flag combinations but didn’t actually know what each of them meant.

Mark Needham08/26/13
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Ranking Systems: What I’ve Learned So Far

After playing around with calculating the eigenvector centrality of a sub graph I learned that this algorithm can also be used in ranking systems. This is applicable for network-based ranking systems as we can build up a matrix of teams, store a value representing their performance against each other, and then calculate an ordered ranking based on eigenvector centrality.

Allen Coin08/23/13
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Just what is a "DevOps Engineer" anyway?

A great discussion on the DevOps Google Group yesterday posed the question "What is a 'DevOps Engineer' anyway?" The OP pondered this question after poring over job listings for "DevOps Engineers" or developer jobs with some form of DevOps in the requirements for the position.

Eric Minick08/23/13
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[Video] Smaller Releases = Less Risk

Maciej Zawadzki, co-founder of UrbanCode, talks through a risk calculus that demonstrates that shrinking release batch size lowers risk.

Jim Bird08/23/13
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Getting Application Security Vulnerabilities Fixed

It’s a lot harder to fix application security vulnerabilities than it should be. If you can make the case that there are serious security problems that need to be taken care of, where do you start?

Konrad Garus08/23/13
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Systems that Run Forever Self-heal and Scale

I recently saw a great presentation by Joe Armstrong called “Systems that Run Forever Self-heal and Scale”. The talk is well worth watching, but here’s a few quick notes for a busy reader or my future self.

Paul Reed08/22/13
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Keep Calm and PROD On

So find out who thinks who should have access to PROD, plus how to keep calm and PROD on.

Florian Motlik08/21/13
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The Codeship Workflow: Developing a New Feature

With this blog post we start a new series about how we work on the Codeship. Many people asked us how we develop features, about our workflow and which apps we use every day.

Gonzalo Ayuso08/21/13
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Building a BDD Framework with PHP

Have you heard of Jasmine, the BDD framework for JavaScript? Over the holidays I hacked together something similar in PHP.

Sean Hull08/21/13
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5 Reasons Why DevOps Should Blog

By writing we carefully sift through our own thought processes to break it down for novices, or a broader audience. This is a learning process for us, too. It’s therapeutic. But it also hones our message and makes us better teachers. We literally learn by doing.

Julien Danjou08/21/13
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The Definitive Guide on How to Use Static, Class or Abstract Methods in Python

Doing code reviews is a great way to discover things that people might struggle to comprehend. While proof-reading OpenStack patches recently, I spotted that people were not correctly using the various decorators Python provides for methods. So, here's my attempt at providing me with a link to send in my next code reviews. :-)

Mark Needham08/21/13
0 replies Server Redirected Too Many Times

A couple of weeks ago I was trying to write a test around some OAuth code that we have on an internal application and I was using Jersey Client to send the various requests. When I ran the test I was getting the following exception:

Eric Minick08/20/13
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DevOps as a Product Company

Yes, there is an “Ops” role for your product. Understand who that is. Consider, for example, what problems an app store solves. Developers must cater to anyone between them and the end user. Any part of an upgrade that could be automated should be.

Cody Powell08/20/13
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Doughnut Driven Development

After a particularly horrendous streak of failures, I sent a team email saying, "Guys, the build is all screwed up and we need to fix it immediately. If you fix the build, I'll buy you doughnuts." You know what happened next? Someone fixed the build within the hour.

John Cook08/20/13
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How to Avoid Shell Scripting

Maybe you want to learn shell scripting, but you need to get work done now that you don’t yet know how to do. One of these strategies could buy you some time.

Robert Greathouse08/20/13
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Asynchronous Functional Testing

A difficult-to-test scenario are asynchronous processes. If a method-under-test has threading, getting the timing right for the testcase asserts is difficult. Typically, the method will return control to the test class prior to competing the logic that is being tested. The test class then immediately starts processing the asserts. These tests are flaky at best or completely broken at worst.

Brian Gracely08/19/13
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The Cloudcast - Episode 98: Real-life AWS Apps and DevOps

Aaron and Brian talk with Brian McCallion about real-life usage of AWS, the AWS services model, the new application development model and how enterprises are leveraging public cloud for competitive advantages.

Zac Gery08/16/13
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Eliminating Software Waste with Kaizen

For the uninitiated, Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning "change for the better" or "improvement." The two parts of the word, which are displayed in the picture, translate into "change" and "good."

Mehdi Daoudi08/16/13
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How the NYT Was Up When It Was Down

Yesterday, the big web news story of the day was the NYT outage. But the bigger performance story of the day was not the fact the NYT was down for a few hours, but rather, how the NYT team did all the right things to handle the outage.

Kevin Remde08/16/13
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VMware or Microsoft?–Reduce VMware Storage Costs WITH Windows Server 2012

In today’s edition of our blog series, “VMware or Microsoft?”, my friend Keith Mayer describes how you can use Windows Server 2012 as your storage servers for clustered NFS storage.

Peter Zaitsev08/16/13
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Percona University at Washington DC

Following our events earlier this year in Raleigh, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Toronto and Portland, we bring Percona University to Washington, D.C. on September 12.

Mitch Pronschinske08/15/13
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Systems & Configuration Management Tools with SaltStack

SaltStack is often boxed into the configuration management tools basket, but it's much different from most software like it. In fact, it is radically different than most configuration management tools.