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Kris Buytaert07/05/13
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Broken Definitions of "Done"

Last month I gave an 5 minute Ignite talk at #devopsdays Amsterdam. To summarize, it was a rant against people that think that the end of a sprint their work is done, an idea they might have gotten from a broken definition of "done."

Sean Kavanagh07/04/13
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EC2Box - SSH to Multiple Amazon EC2 Servers from Your Browser

Open multiple shells, share and execute commands, upload files, store connection info for your EC2 instances running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Ashish Kuthiala07/04/13
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Electric Cloud Reveals How Software Developers Are Spending Their Time

According to a survey by Electric Cloud, developers spend almost 20% of their time waiting. How does your work week break down compare to the survey results?

Dror Helper07/04/13
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Create Live Templates Using Resharper

From time to time I find myself writing the same code – a task I find boring, tedious and error prone. Today I was writing unit tests on a new machine – since all unit tests start the same way I’ve decided to create a Live Template to speed up my work.

Giorgio Sironi07/03/13
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Continuous Deployment Demystified

Treating your testing environments with the same care as the production one will result in the early replication of problems.

James Carr07/03/13
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Puppet Provisioning with Docker

Remember that feeling you had the first time you launched a vagrant instance and had a virtual machine running with your web application in just a few minutes? That’s the feeling I have again playing with docker… pure awesomeness.

Swizec Teller07/03/13
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Age (and Silicon Valley)

In Silicon Valley I’m old. Not dinosaur old, classic car old.

Gil Zilberfeld07/03/13
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The Wrong Answer

We ask questions to learn, clarify, and get more details about assumptions we have in our head. Here’s a newsflash: we don’t all have the same assumptions.

Decebal Suiu07/02/13
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Log2j - How to Convert a Log File in POJOs Using Annotation

Recently I had a job to create some statistics on interactions between our visitors and our landing page. When a visitor downloads our product, requires a license or buys the product, a new line is inserted in the log file of the web server.

Mark Needham07/02/13
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Vagrant 1.2.2: Can’t Convert Symbol into Integer (TypeError)

As I mentioned in my previous post I’ve been playing around with Vagrant for the past couple of days and I was trying to adapt a Vagrantfile that Nathan created a few months ago to do what I wanted.

Allan Kelly07/02/13
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Three Backlogs?

Now I know some people dislike backlogs - queues, wait states, work we want done - and I buy the argument. But the Scrum Sprint (Iteration) and Product Backlog model actually fits for a lot of organizations.

Baptiste Wicht07/02/13
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Why and How I Left Windows (Completely) for Linux

For years, I kept a dual-boot at home with a Linux system (currently Gentoo) and a Windows system. At work, I only use Gentoo. This weekend, I decided to completely remove it and migrate the applications I used on Windows to my Gentoo system.

Ilan Hertz07/01/13
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Using An Integrated IT Service Desk To Boost Your Business

By using an integrated service, you’re able to get a comprehensive look at your entire infrastructure which enables you to make the best decision rather than a decision skewed due to a lack of available data.

Cody Powell07/01/13
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You're Not a Software Development Manager, You're a Software Helper

I was having coffee with a new technical manager recently, and he asked an interesting question. He said, "I just got assigned to lead this great team, but I don't know how to build trust with them. How do you do that?"

Mark Needham07/01/13
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Vagrant: Multi (Virtual) Machine with Puppet Roles

I’ve been playing around with setting up a neo4j cluster using Vagrant and HAProxy and one thing I wanted to do was define two different roles for the HAProxy and neo4j machines.

Aleksey Savkin07/01/13
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10 Reasons Why You Should Use File Compare Tools

File comparison tools are one example of those tools which aids you to compare the contents of two files. Following are some of the advantages of using file compare tools.

Steve Smith07/01/13
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QCon NY 2013: Continuous Delivery in New York

I recently had the honour of speaking at QCon New York in Dave Farley’s Continuous Delivery track, and was excited to find a real appetite for Continuous Delivery in New York.

Mark Needham06/29/13
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Vagrant/VirtualBox: VBoxManage Error

I’ve been playing around with Vagrant a bit again lately and having installed it on a new machine was running into the following exception when I tried to run ‘vagrant up’ on a new virtual machine...

Daniel Schneller06/29/13
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Man in the Middle? No Thank You!

This talk by Daniel Schneller deals with man in the middle attacks against SSL and what you as an application developer can do about it.

Tim Blackburn06/29/13
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Essentials of Software Testing (QA) Metrics

How many bugs are reported by users, tester or devs after QA have finished their job? That’s a very interesting indicator that will keep your QA team in shape. After all, you pay money to find and fix bugs but not imitate testing. A huge number of reworks is an alarm bell. Your developers may end up fixing own bugs after QA checks, instead of developing new features.

Johnathan Mark Smith06/28/13
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How to Make a Web Service with Spring MVC and Test with Spring Test Framework

This is a very basic example of using Spring MVC, REST and Spring Test Framework using Spring’s Java configuration.

Johannes Lichte...06/28/13
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Sirix - Versioned Open Source XML Storage with Temporal Hierarchies

Sirix is an open source XML storage system which is capable of storing and querying hierarchical data efficiently. It is especially well suited for flash disks (SSDs), taking into account fast random reads and log-structured sequential writes

Steven Lott06/28/13
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How to Estimate a Project

Let's say you decide that the budget for "everything" is two point five kajillion dollars. Clearly, you don't want to just fork that money over to a roomful of developers and wait a year for something to happen.

Jenny Yang06/28/13
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DevOps and More Better Analytics

Current monitoring tools are clearly reaching the limit of their capabilities. That’s because they are making some fundamental assumptions that are no longer true.

Rob Terpilowski06/28/13
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Streamlining a Deployment Pipeline with a Custom Jenkins Plug-In

One of the challenges with the Jenkins job was that most of the fields on its deployment page were text fields, allowing users to free form text which was prone to errors.