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Rahman Usta08/06/13
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Integration of Spring MVC and Mustache

Spring MVC uses InternalResourceViewResolver class as default resolver, and this resolver class works with JSP view objects. But in Spring MVC, there are also resolvers that can resolve the different view technology. Here you will be introduced with the MustacheViewResolver class which resolves the Mustache template architecture.

Pascal Alma08/06/13
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Source control your database with Liquibase

I recently started to use Liquibase on a project to keep track of the database changes in our Java Enterprise application. I must say that I like the way it works. It makes the deployment of my application (or a new release of it) to another environment easier and (more) fool proof.

Daniel Doubrovkine08/05/13
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Precompiling Rails Assets before RSpec/Capybara Integration Tests

The first Capybara integration test always tends to timeout when compiling assets on-demand. It’s just damn too slow. Precompile your assets before the test is run.

Cedric Beust08/05/13
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Bringing down servers, one character at a time

The bug went unnoticed in production for a few days until suddenly, the servers started pinning all their CPU's and shortly thereafter, depleting the memory of each instance.

Senthil Kumar08/05/13
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5 IDEs For Ruby On Rails Developers

This blog post will list out some of the IDE‘s which are used by the Ruby on Rails Developers.

Christopher Taylor08/04/13
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Defeat office politics or they’ll defeat you

Politics have been with us since the first cave man decided he wanted influence over the next cave man. It’s a reality of human nature that we all want to get ahead and some are willing to do more than others to make that happen.

Paul Reed08/04/13
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The Ship Show: Training, Vapid or Valuable?

Earlier this year at ChefConf, rabble-rouser Sascha Bates proclaimed that “training is pointless! Why do training when you can just sequester yourself away and read a book!” But, within earshot were Julian Dunn and Nathen Harvey, who both lead training for a living. This episode, we mediate the 'dispute,' tackling training, learning styles, and industry technical certifications.

Abhishek Kumar08/04/13
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Puppet: A Beginner's Concept Guide (Part 4) ~ Where is my Data?

When I started my Puppet-ry, the examples I used to see had all configuration data buried inside the DSL code of manifests, people were trying to use inheritance to push down data. Then I got to see a design pattern in puppet manifests keeping out separate parameters manifest for configuration variables.

Amit Saha08/03/13
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Notes on writing systemd unit files for Beaker’s daemon processes

Recently, I had a chance to write systemd unit files for the daemon processes that run as part of Beaker: beakerd which is the scheduling daemon running on the server and the four daemons running on the lab controller – beaker-proxy, beaker-provision, beaker-watchdog and beaker-transfer.

Michael Mccandless08/03/13
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A New Version of the Compact Language Detector

It's been almost two years since I originally factored out the fast and accurateCompact Language Detector from the Chromium project, and the effort was clearly worthwhile: the project is popular and others have created additional bindings for languages including at least Perl, Ruby, R, JavaScript, PHP and C#/.NET.

Paul Hammant08/02/13
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Elastic Provisioning of New Environments

A high functioning Agile development team is going to be able to new environments casually. Those could be permanent environments, but are more likely to be temporary and for a discrete purpose. A two-week performance measurement project could be one. Why not use a pre-existing environment though?

Anil Saldhana08/02/13
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Authorization (Access Control) Best Practices

I use the following statement when I describe the differences between authentication and authorization. Authentication is finite while Authorization is infinite.

Jimmy Kamboj08/02/13
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Major Differences between Joomla 2.5 and 3.0

The significant variation is that the latest version has been updated to a modern design with additional features and many simple and user-friendly interfaces. Also, the new Joomla 3.0 has the exciting feature of being mobile friendly and can be specifically used with any modern devices.

Clemens Helm08/02/13
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Book Review: Cucumber Recipes

There are already many books that get you started with Cucumber, but most of them only teach you the basics or focus on one technology. Cucumber has evolved to a powerful tool though, and today there’s almost no kind of software application that Cucumber can’t test.

Mark Needham08/01/13
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Getting Started with Screen

I’ve previously come across screen and tmux which allow you to create a session in which you can do some work even if you aren’t currently connected to it which was perfect for my use case. screen was a bit more familiar so I decided to use that and I thought I should make a quick note of some of its basic flags for future me.

Mikko Ohtamaa08/01/13
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Secure User Uploads and Exploiting Served User Content

Hosting user uploaded files opens a potential attack vector against your website. This post discusses the pitfalls of user content and strategies for dealing with those challenges in Python, Django, and Plone CMS, but the advices applies on all systems.

Mark Morrell07/31/13
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Intranet Governance First, Intranet Launch Next

I have seen many intranets over the years. One thing that always makes me sad is when I see a new intranet launched with a great design, clear structure, interesting content……but no or poor governance.

Remy Sharp07/31/13
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How to Setup Your Mac Web Development Environment

Following my accident a couple of weeks ago, I’ve now been blessed with a new MacBook Pro which needs setting up again. So, I thought I’d document setting up MySQL, PHP5 and Apache with multiple virtual hosts.

Alexey Kutuzov07/31/13
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Create Your Own DSL

In software development I encounter problems with creating user interfaces for manage logical chains. More complex chain of logic cause more difficult to develop, test, and debug resulting interface. That interfaces are hard to understand without help of man, who participated in the design.

Greg Duncan07/31/13
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Free eBook: "Testing for Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio 2012" (now with ePub)

Here's a free ebook guide to testing for continuous delivery with Visual Studio 2012.

Mark Needham07/31/13
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s3cmd: put fails with “Connection reset by peer” for large files

I recently wanted to copy some large files from an AWS instance into an S3 bucket using s3cmd but ended up with the following error when trying to use the ‘put’ command...

Eric Gregory07/30/13
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Packer - Machine Images from the Maker of Vagrant

Packer is a new, open source configuration management tool from Mitchell Hashimoto, creator of Vagrant. Packer aims to automate the creation of any type of machine image for multiple platforms, from a single source configuration.

Istvan Forgacs07/30/13
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How Static Analysis Can Help Code Comprehension

Are you able to understand 32 lines of Java code in a short time? Let's see. This article explains why understanding Java code is difficult, and how a sophisticated static analyser like 4D Ariadne can help. We have created a short case study on code comprehension to help you compare your skill with that of our developers.

Eric Minick07/29/13
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Continuous Testing – Where does it fit next to Integration and Delivery?

I normally think in terms of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Where does “Continuous Test” fit in? Paul Duvall, a co-author of the great Continuous Integration book, describes continuous testing as running as many tests as possible with every code change in an article on DeveloperWorks.

Ian Skerrett07/29/13
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When to Move a Project to an Open Source Foundation

"When should I consider moving my project to a Foundation?" Of course the answer is always dependent on the project but I think there are a couple of general scenarios...