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Ted Neward07/10/13
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On Programming Tests

It's official: I hate them. Don't get me wrong, I understand their use and the reasons why potential employers give them out. But the ones where the challenge is to implement some algorithmic doodad or other?

Mark Needham07/10/13
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Survivorship Bias and Product Development

Survivorship Bias: "The logical error of concentrating on the people or things that “survived” some process and inadvertently overlooking those that didn’t because of their lack of visibility."

Aaron Klein07/09/13
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5 Simple Tips to Improve Your AWS Security

A key advantage of AWS is that it is dynamic and can be scaled according to need. That advantage, however, can cause security nightmares. With that in mind, here are 5 easy tips to insure that you keep up your end of the bargain.

Eric Gregory07/09/13
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Escape from Chef Dependency Hell

In this concise six-minute talk form Datadog, Mike Fielder explores versioning with Chef -- and how to escape "Chef dependency hell."

Baptiste Wicht07/09/13
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A Home Server Adventure

For years now, I’ve almost always had a server running at home. First it was an old desktop computer and then it was a QNAP NAS. The problem with the QNAP is that it is not fast at all and not as flexible as I would like it to be.

Troy Hunt07/09/13
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Hack Yourself First and Other Security Tips for Web Developers

A little while back I wrote about "hacking yourself first" and detailed a bunch of different ways for developers to seek out risks in their own apps, hopefully before attackers find them first. I’m extremely enthusiastic about this approach and believe that developers need to hone cyber-offence skills...

Pritiman Panda07/08/13
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Linksheet: Architecture at a Glance

This linksheet explores some of the finest software architectures in recent times, including Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest, and many more.

Kin Lane07/08/13
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My Hacker Storytelling Toolbox

I'm working with a variety of tools and services to keep up with my daily research, curation, analysis and ultimately publishing of stories from the world of APIs. Over the last six months I've migrated to an approach I've called Hacker Storytelling.

Oliver Hookins07/08/13
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Seven Languages in Seven Weeks: Prolog

This time, I’ve just completed the chapter on Prolog. The previous chapter, which I found reasonably painful as well (but for different reasons) was Io.

Nicolas Frankel07/08/13
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Maven Between Different Environments

As a consultant, I find myself in different environments in need of different configurations. One such configuration is about the Maven settings file.

Martina Schmid07/07/13
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QF-Test Version 3.5.2 Released

Most notable features added since the release start of the previous 3.4 branch in May 2011 are the concept of grouping and managing test-suites in projects, Daemon communication now secured via SSL...

Kristiono Setyadi07/07/13
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The Universality of APIs

A few days ago, I was faced by the options to choose whether our API design should compromise its universality by changing the response in a non-standard format or stick with the original design.

Ralph Soika07/06/13
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Imixs Workflow 3.1.4 Released

With the latest version of the Open Source Workflow Engine, the project published a stable and scalable framework for the Java Enterprise architecture.

Swizec Teller07/06/13
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CircleCI – Sexy Continuous Integration for Private Repos

One of the best parts of spinning up a new programming team is setting the processes up from scratch. That means fixing your past failures and, more importantly, playing with the shiny new toys.

Eric Minick07/06/13
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Q&A from last week’s uDeploy public demo

Last week, we presented uDeploy to the Global Rational Users Group. Members of the user group community can watch the replay...

Kris Buytaert07/05/13
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Broken Definitions of "Done"

Last month I gave an 5 minute Ignite talk at #devopsdays Amsterdam. To summarize, it was a rant against people that think that the end of a sprint their work is done, an idea they might have gotten from a broken definition of "done."

Sean Kavanagh07/04/13
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EC2Box - SSH to Multiple Amazon EC2 Servers from Your Browser

Open multiple shells, share and execute commands, upload files, store connection info for your EC2 instances running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Ashish Kuthiala07/04/13
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Electric Cloud Reveals How Software Developers Are Spending Their Time

According to a survey by Electric Cloud, developers spend almost 20% of their time waiting. How does your work week break down compare to the survey results?

Dror Helper07/04/13
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Create Live Templates Using Resharper

From time to time I find myself writing the same code – a task I find boring, tedious and error prone. Today I was writing unit tests on a new machine – since all unit tests start the same way I’ve decided to create a Live Template to speed up my work.

Giorgio Sironi07/03/13
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Continuous Deployment Demystified

Treating your testing environments with the same care as the production one will result in the early replication of problems.

James Carr07/03/13
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Puppet Provisioning with Docker

Remember that feeling you had the first time you launched a vagrant instance and had a virtual machine running with your web application in just a few minutes? That’s the feeling I have again playing with docker… pure awesomeness.

Swizec Teller07/03/13
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Age (and Silicon Valley)

In Silicon Valley I’m old. Not dinosaur old, classic car old.

Gil Zilberfeld07/03/13
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The Wrong Answer

We ask questions to learn, clarify, and get more details about assumptions we have in our head. Here’s a newsflash: we don’t all have the same assumptions.

Decebal Suiu07/02/13
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Log2j - How to Convert a Log File in POJOs Using Annotation

Recently I had a job to create some statistics on interactions between our visitors and our landing page. When a visitor downloads our product, requires a license or buys the product, a new line is inserted in the log file of the web server.

Mark Needham07/02/13
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Vagrant 1.2.2: Can’t Convert Symbol into Integer (TypeError)

As I mentioned in my previous post I’ve been playing around with Vagrant for the past couple of days and I was trying to adapt a Vagrantfile that Nathan created a few months ago to do what I wanted.