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Zac Gery07/20/13
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The Beature: Is It a Bug or a Feature?

All seasoned developers have run into the infamous question "Is this a bug or a feature?" These "beatures" fall into a gray area and come from a variety of sources, including customers, sales people, developers, QA analysts, or anyone with a bit of tinkering knowledge.

Steve Smith07/20/13
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Pipeline Antipattern: Serialisation

When designing applications for Continuous Delivery, our goal is to grow an architecture that minimises batch size and facilitates a low cycle time. However, architectural decisions are often local optimisations that value efficiency over effectiveness...

Rado Buranský07/20/13
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The Rule of Failed Integration Build

What to do if an integration build fails? By failing I mean either there is a compilation error or an automated test fails. The general rule in most of the teams that I worked with is that this situation should be treated with the highest priority...

Olga Kouzina07/20/13
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Why People Don't Understand How to Use Your Software

You’ve invested tons of effort, time, care and thought into your new software product. You live and breathe, sleep and wake up with it. You’ve been so thoughtful and caring about your future users, and you’ve performed to the best of your ability to make it the best software product in the world.

Paul Reed07/19/13
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The Ship Show: Practical Object OO (and Cat!) Design with Sandi Metz

For episode 23, we sit down with programming veteran and Ruby expert Sandi Metz to discuss her new book: Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby! But we don’t just talk about design patterns...

Andy Hawthorne07/19/13
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Setting Up a LAMP Stack on Ubuntu

Local web development on a Ubuntu Linux powered computer needs a LAMP stack installation. That is, the Apache web server, PHP for coding, and the MySQL database. Here is a method for setting it all up for the latest version of Ubuntu Linux.

Bas De Nooijer07/19/13
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Using a Proxy for Capifony/Capistrano Deployments

I’m currently working on a Symfony2 based project. For deployments to various environments we use Capifony, a collection of Capistrano recipes for Symfony applications.

Mike Driscoll07/19/13
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Python Logging: How to Log to Multiple Locations

Today I decided to figure out how to make Python log to a file and the console simultaneously. Most of the time, I just want to log to a file, but occasionally I want to be able to see stuff on the console too to help with debugging.

Dan Haywood07/18/13
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Using Buildreactor to Monitor CI Jobs

Following on from yesterday’s post (using travis-ci for github projects), I thought I’d use a Chrome plugin to monitor their status. The one I chose was buildreactor (itself hosted on github).

Clemens Helm07/18/13
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How to Set Up RSpec

For all Ruby applications you can use the rspec gem. The gem is a collection of 3 other gems...

Mark Needham07/18/13
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Learning More About Network Sockets

While reading through some of the neo4j code a few weeks ago I realised that I didn’t have a very good understanding about the mechanics behind network ports/sockets so I thought I’d try to learn more.

Smit Patel07/17/13
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6 DevOps Myths to Avoid

As adoption rises, there will be varying perceptions about DevOps. This post clears some common DevOps myths.

Rob Williams07/17/13
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TDD Checklist Shortcut on Mac

If you read Kent Beck's book on TDD, he sets forth the idea that developers should work from a little scratchpad of tasks. I like this idea a lot.

Geoffrey Papilion07/17/13
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Fork Less in Bash and See Performance Wins

If you end up working with bash a lot you might find yourself doing this quite a bit, since it can save a lot of time. Let's take a pretty typical task, stripping the domain off of an email address.

Mark Needham07/17/13
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Git: Commit Squashing Made Even Easier

...with ‘git branch –set-upstream’. A few days ago I wrote a blog post describing how I wanted to squash a series of commits into one bigger one before making a pull request and in the comments Rob Hunter showed me an even easier way to do so.

Eric Gregory07/16/13
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A Monitoring Framework with DTrace and MongoDB

Dan Kimmel of Delphix shares a thoughtful presentation on building a monitoring framework with DTrace and MongoDB.

Mark Needham07/16/13
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Git/GitHub: Squashing All Commits Before Sending a Pull Request

My colleague Michael has been doing some work to make it easier for people to import data into neo4j and his latest attempt is neo4j-shell-tools which adds some additional commands to the neo4j-shell.

Paul Underwood07/16/13
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Organize Your GitHub Gists with GistBox

Because I use sublime text 3 as my code editor I used to just store all my code snippets as a snippet in sublime. This was fine if I was always working on one computer but what if you code on multiple computers?

Mark Hinkle07/16/13
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The Citrix Open Source Prize

Mark Hinkle announced that Citrix was announcing its own Open Source Prize. The first objective is to integrate Asgard, one of the Netflix OSS tools, with Apache CloudStack.

Senthil Kumar07/15/13
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Kineticwing IDE – Lightweight And Cross Platform IDE

Kineticwing IDE is a simple, lightweight and portable IDE for quickly developing websites without installation.

Daniel Ackerson07/15/13
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Why Teaching Developers to Test is a Good Investment

Test a developer’s software and you’ll find bugs. Teach a developer to test and they can release their software.

Nicolas Frankel07/15/13
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Even Server-Side Devs Should Check Out AngularJS

It is not because I’m a big Vaadin fan that I’m completely rejecting other technologies even before trying them. In this regard, I must stay I’ve been strongly impressed by the AngularJS talk at Devoxx France 2013.

Kris Buytaert07/15/13
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Using Broken Development Frameworks, or Why We Don't Use Zurmo

Why did DBAs used to hate developers? Let me tell you a story. A couple of weeks ago one of our customers wanted to start experimenting with a new type of CRM. A gamified CRM. Zurmo.

Rodrigo Julian ...07/14/13
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Book Review: Instant RSPEC Test-Driven Development How To

If you are just starting with RSPEC or want to refresh your knowledge and discover tricks and implementations, will

Chris Haddad07/14/13
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How Can Everytown IT Adopt DevOps?

Donnie Berkholz has an excellent blog post describing why EveryTown IT hesitates to adopt DevOps and Cloud, even though they realize significant business benefit may be achieved.