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Rodrigo Julian ...07/14/13
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Book Review: Instant RSPEC Test-Driven Development How To

If you are just starting with RSPEC or want to refresh your knowledge and discover tricks and implementations, will

Chris Haddad07/14/13
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How Can Everytown IT Adopt DevOps?

Donnie Berkholz has an excellent blog post describing why EveryTown IT hesitates to adopt DevOps and Cloud, even though they realize significant business benefit may be achieved.

Brian King07/13/13
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Private Clouds And Why Monitoring Matters

A private cloud, no matter which technology it is based upon, is nothing without proper cloud monitoring. In such a scenario, operations can easily spiral out of control and the IT team has little knowledge of how the technology is running or how to prevent major problems.

Shay Shmeltzer07/12/13
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Oracle Releases New 12c Versions of Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF

Oracle JDeveloper is a free IDE that covers the full development life-cycle from UML through coding, testing, profiling and deployment. Key new features in the 12c version are enhanced Maven support, new Profilers (code share with NetBeans), Git support, Dependency viewer...

Kris Buytaert07/12/13
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Open Business Models

A couple of months ago, Opscode came out with a bunch of announcements, one of them being that they are going to support the Open Source Chef in addition to their own platform. I'd love to see more companies do this formally.

Roger Hughes07/12/13
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Getting Started With Spring’s MVC Test Framework - Part 1

I’m going to take a look at Spring’s MVC Test Framework and apply it to some of my existing sample code to figure out whether or not it does what it says on the tin.

Eric Gregory07/12/13
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Continuous Delivery, Bloated WARs, and Jugaad

In this conversation from JavaOne India, Xebia's Adriaan de Jonge tackles what could be an unexpected obstacle to continuous delivery: bloated WAR files. Plus, he explores continuous delivery in relation to the Hindi concept of Jugaad -- nimble, creative fixing.

Sony Arouje07/12/13
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Is Our Strategy of Identifying Experience Flawed?

In our current system we judge experience based on number of years. Is number of years the best criteria for judging a person’s experience?

Mark Hinkle07/11/13
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In Case You're Not Already Sold on DevOps...

I won't lie, I'm a bit of a Gene Kim fanboy. David Nalley suggested, actually sort of insisted, that I read The Phoenix Project almost immediately after it came out. This turned out to be a Good Thing™.

Trisha Gee07/11/13
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Spock Passes the Next Test - Painless Stubbing

In the last post I talked about our need for some improved testing tools, our choice of Spock as something to spike, and how mocking looks in Spock. As that blog got rather long, I saved the next installment for a separate post. Today I want to look at stubbing.

Alexander Beletsky07/11/13
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Think Ahead, Think Logging

Preparing an application for production means preparing good error logging. I’m going to show you how to extend your Express.js with proper logs.

Alex Curylo07/11/13
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Roundup: A/B Testing Solutions

So we were asked recently “What’s your experience with A/B testing on iOS?” After quashing our instinctive retort of “Hah! They’ll be ice skating in hell the day there’s enough time and budget to ship ONE version of anything properly..."

Trisha Gee07/10/13
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Spock is awesome! Seriously Simplified Mocking

We're constantly fighting a battle when developing the new MongoDB Java driver between using tools that will do heavy lifting for us and minimising the dependencies a user has to download in order to use our driver. Ideally, we want the number of dependencies to be zero.

Ted Neward07/10/13
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On Programming Tests

It's official: I hate them. Don't get me wrong, I understand their use and the reasons why potential employers give them out. But the ones where the challenge is to implement some algorithmic doodad or other?

Mark Needham07/10/13
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Survivorship Bias and Product Development

Survivorship Bias: "The logical error of concentrating on the people or things that “survived” some process and inadvertently overlooking those that didn’t because of their lack of visibility."

Aaron Klein07/09/13
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5 Simple Tips to Improve Your AWS Security

A key advantage of AWS is that it is dynamic and can be scaled according to need. That advantage, however, can cause security nightmares. With that in mind, here are 5 easy tips to insure that you keep up your end of the bargain.

Eric Gregory07/09/13
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Escape from Chef Dependency Hell

In this concise six-minute talk form Datadog, Mike Fielder explores versioning with Chef -- and how to escape "Chef dependency hell."

Baptiste Wicht07/09/13
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A Home Server Adventure

For years now, I’ve almost always had a server running at home. First it was an old desktop computer and then it was a QNAP NAS. The problem with the QNAP is that it is not fast at all and not as flexible as I would like it to be.

Troy Hunt07/09/13
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Hack Yourself First and Other Security Tips for Web Developers

A little while back I wrote about "hacking yourself first" and detailed a bunch of different ways for developers to seek out risks in their own apps, hopefully before attackers find them first. I’m extremely enthusiastic about this approach and believe that developers need to hone cyber-offence skills...

Pritiman Panda07/08/13
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Linksheet: Architecture at a Glance

This linksheet explores some of the finest software architectures in recent times, including Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest, and many more.

Kin Lane07/08/13
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My Hacker Storytelling Toolbox

I'm working with a variety of tools and services to keep up with my daily research, curation, analysis and ultimately publishing of stories from the world of APIs. Over the last six months I've migrated to an approach I've called Hacker Storytelling.

Oliver Hookins07/08/13
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Seven Languages in Seven Weeks: Prolog

This time, I’ve just completed the chapter on Prolog. The previous chapter, which I found reasonably painful as well (but for different reasons) was Io.

Nicolas Frankel07/08/13
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Maven Between Different Environments

As a consultant, I find myself in different environments in need of different configurations. One such configuration is about the Maven settings file.

Martina Schmid07/07/13
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QF-Test Version 3.5.2 Released

Most notable features added since the release start of the previous 3.4 branch in May 2011 are the concept of grouping and managing test-suites in projects, Daemon communication now secured via SSL...

Kristiono Setyadi07/07/13
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The Universality of APIs

A few days ago, I was faced by the options to choose whether our API design should compromise its universality by changing the response in a non-standard format or stick with the original design.