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Paul Reed05/02/13
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The Ship Show: ChefConf 2013 Revue

It’s that time of year again where chefs (and sous-chefs!) come together to talk all-things Chef! This year’s ChefConf took place last week in San Francisco, and the crew of the Ship Show attended to experience it all first hand.

Kin Lane05/02/13
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Reminder of Why Data Portability Should Be Default: Bye Bye Posterous

I was just checking the blog feed of an API that I monitor. It came up in my alert dashboard as a feed that wasn't pulling. I clicked on the link to test, and...

Peter Giacomo L...05/02/13
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Instrumenting Ruby on Rails with TraceView in Under 10 Minutes

Things are moving fast for the Ruby language instrumentation in TraceView. We already support tracing of memcache-client, memcached, dalli, mongo, moped, mongoid, mongomapper, cassandra, ActiveRecord (postgres, mysql, mysql2) plus more. Most recently we added support for Rack and Resque tracing.

Mark Needham05/01/13
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Puppet: Package Versions – To pin or not to pin

Over the last year or so I’ve spent quite a bit of time working with puppet and one of the things that we had to decide when installing packages was whether or not to specify a particular version.

Lorna Mitchell05/01/13
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What Goes in Source Control?

Short answer: everything! But we need some good directory structures and source control configuration to make that a really practical answer, so this article is a quick outline of my usual advice for a good source control structure for a standard web project.

Christopher Taylor05/01/13
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Your Organization Doesn’t Need to Be at War with Itself

Anyone who’s been in technology knows the pain of software developers pitted against IT operations people…each side blaming the other for slow progress and angry business users. But if you think this is just an IT topic, think again.

Sandeep Patel04/30/13
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Linux Shell Power in Windows with Cygwin

"Cygwin" is a tool which brings power of Unix on installation to Windows command line tool. It means we can feel the power of Linux Shell in Windows.

Mark Needham04/30/13
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Treat Servers as Cattle: Spin them up, tear them down

The more frequently we tear down and spin up new nodes the easier it becomes to do so.

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz04/30/13
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Fallacies of Massively Distributed Computing

Now that large(r) clusters are more prevalent, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the fallacies of distributed computing and how/if they are relevant. Should they be changed?

Alex Soto04/30/13
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Git Bisect in Action

Today it is time for a screencast where I show an amazing git command, called git bisect.

Tim O'brien04/29/13
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Interview with Hans Dockter: Gradle, Android, and DevOps

I talked with Hans Dockter, founder of Gradle and Gradleware, about the new Android plugin, and Gradleware's conference on June 13-14th in Santa Clara: Gradle Summit 2013, as well as other DevOps tools.

Eric Gregory04/29/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (4/29)

Today: NASA turns an Android phone into a satellite, Python plays the banjo, why enterprise websites are so awful so often, and some truly spectacular behind the scenes photos from The Empire Strikes Back.

Filip Ekberg04/29/13
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The Art of Teaching

The topic on open source now is very programming tutoring oriented and might not really be of interest if you work in a construction site. But think of it like this, what if there were some free ways to actually make your construction work easier?

Gary Sieling04/28/13
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bash – md5sum – Remove Trailing Newlines

The following code will remove trailing line breaks that come from the md5sum command.

John Whish04/28/13
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DataBoss Review

I've managed to get my hands on a copy of Luis Majano's DataBoss and wanted to post some thoughts on it.

Mark Needham04/27/13
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No Downtime Deploy with Capistrano, thin and nginx

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I’ve been working on a tutorial about thinking through problems in graphs, and since it’s a Sinatra application I thought thin would be a decent choice for web server.

Swathi Venkatachala04/27/13
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Get your wireless working on DELL Inspiron 5220

How to fix the wireless in an Ubuntu setup on a Dell laptop.

Mikko Ohtamaa04/27/13
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Debug SMTP Server One-Liner

If you are doing web development there is often a need to emulate and intercept outgoing email. Email delivery is handled by SMTP protocol. Production and staging server have fixed SMTP servers available in their network. However, this is not often the case for your development laptop, especially if you tend to do development in different networks.

Armel Gouriou04/26/13
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Analysis of, the Open Database on Technical Debt

2013 began with good news from the front of war against technical debt. The fight had taken a good turn, with an overall increase of project's quality on Few months later, it is now time to take a look at database's evolution and see if we are still following the good path.

Eric Gregory04/26/13
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Jez Humble on Enterprise DevOps

Jez Humble speaks about the unique challenges of enterprise DevOps at Agile India in his presentation, "Enterprise DevOps: Breaking Down the Barriers Between Development and IT Operations."

Steven Lott04/26/13
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Legacy Code Preservation: What's the Cost?

It's 1980-something. We're working on a fairly complex system that includes some big machines and three computers. One of the computers has a magnetic tape drive into which it writes a log of interesting events. In the 80's, this was a pretty big deal.

Mark Hinkle04/26/13
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Doing it Twice? Write it Down

There’s a great meme going around about geeks and repetitive tasks. Because geeks will often get annoyed at the effort of doing something manually, they often decide to find a way to automate it – which usually involves a lot more effort than doing it the one time but “geeks win, eventually” because they save time in the long run.

Ian Mitchell04/26/13
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Winging It: Going Live with Technical Debt

Every day, somewhere in the world, undone work is released into live. Rework will be needed and probably at a greater cost than if things were completed properly in the first place. Such is the price of Technical Debt. In this article we ask: can going into technical debt ever be a price worth paying?

David Winterbottom04/25/13
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A Useful Git Post-Checkout Hook for Python Repos

Every now and again, an innocent python developer checks out a new Git branch then proceeds to bang their head against a bug caused by an orphaned.pyc file from the previous branch.

Casey Watson04/25/13
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The Political Isolation Pattern

For a developer, the possibility of embarking upon a "green field" project is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing of course is that before you you have a blank canvas and a chance to build the perfect solution. You have a chance to avoid all of the mistakes that you've made before.