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Rado Buranský05/31/13
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Reflection Against OOP Principles

What is so cool about the possibility to access private class members from outside? Everyone keeps asking you during job interviews what are the basic rules of object oriented programming.

Steven Lott05/31/13
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Legacy Preservation and Code Modernization

I would suggest going slowly toward automated modernization. I'm not easily convinced that any automated tool can preserve what's meaningful and ignore the parts which are quirks, bugs or legacy cruft that needs to be disposed of.

Markus Eisele05/31/13
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Review: "Arquillian Testing Guide" by John D. Ament

Integration testing sometimes involves writing complex codes. This book introduces you to the capabilities of Arquillian to enable you to write simple code with a broad range of integration tests for Java applications

Pritiman Panda05/31/13
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An Intro to "Asgard"

Intro to “Asgard” -- an open source web interface for application deployments and cloud management.

Henkz Sall05/30/13
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Creating a Message Dialog Box - Part I

To avoid having to build your own dialog box from scratch, the JOptionPane class provides methods to make a variety of dialog boxes by simply feeding them some parameters to determine the appearance of the dialog box.

Pritiman Panda05/30/13
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Introduction to Vagrant

We build our application and push it to Production after a lot of hassle and take a great sigh of relief...but this is not the end of the story.

Tim Murphy05/30/13
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What Software Architects Can Learn from Baseball Teams

Every team member has their specialty. Infielders have great reactions and throwing accuracy. Outfielders can cover distance quickly and throw long distances. Likewise, there are specialized positions on a development team.

Toni Petrina05/30/13
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Single Sign-On Adds More Friction as Private Data Spills Out

What was once a beautiful idea that promised a future without (too many) passwords has now become completely useless feature.

Mark Needham05/30/13
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Viewing the Contents of an Archive

Everyone now and then I want to check the contents of an archive without unpacking it, and I tend to use unzip to do so...

Troy Hunt05/29/13
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Security is Hard, Insecurity is Easy: A Simple Misconfiguration Risk

Insecurity can be very easy. What I mean by this is that sometimes it can be the smallest change to a website that blows the security wide open.

Jez Humble05/29/13
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Talks from the Continuous Delivery track at QCon SF

One of the goals of the QCon conferences is to act as “information Robin Hood” – finding ways to get out into public the secret sauce of high-performing organizations. So I set out to find talks that would answer the questions I frequently get asked.

Eric Minick05/29/13
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Use Templates to Scale to Continuous Integration

Having each developer (development team) configure their continuous integration tool’s build jobs is extra work for the team, leads to inconsistencies/mistakes, and the overall build system becomes a pain to manage.

Tom O'connor05/28/13
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Lightning Post: Dumping MS DNS to Bind

It's entirely possible to use BIND (or PowerDNS, for that matter) as a DNS server instead of the integrated MS DNS service that's bundled with Windows Server.

Tim Blackburn05/28/13
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3 Online IDEs That Rock

Did you ever imagine that someday it would be possible to code in the cloud? Create an app, test and debug it and deploy to a production PaaS, entirely in the cloud? Well, the good old desktop days are gone.

Roi Gamliel05/28/13
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The Delicate Dev-QA Relationship

Success is directly influenced by the ability of your QA and Dev teams to work well together. Failing to understand the relationship between QA and Dev will take your product/team in the opposite direction. There is a delicate relationship between the two, and a certain tension that must be confronted and not overlooked.

Juha Ylitalo05/28/13
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Instant Cucumber BDD How-to

Even if you've used cucumber before you might learn trick or two about how to streamline your workflow (or get quick introduction to rails).

Serkan Özal05/28/13
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Amazon S3 Parallel MultiPart File Upload

In this blog post, I will present a simple tutorial on uploading a large file to Amazon S3 as fast as the network supports.

Patrick Debois05/27/13
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Infrastructure as Code - A Comprehensive Overview

I've been tracking infrastructure as code for a few years now. Over the years it has gotten closer to real code. Close, but no cigar yet...

Kris Buytaert05/26/13
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Why You Shouldn't Hire a DevOps Engineer

Lately there have been a lot of organizations trying to hire a DevOps engineer. I myself have been asked to fill in DevOps roles. There are a number of issues with that.

Daniel Doubrovkine05/26/13
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Building and Scaling a Test-Driven Culture

I gave a talk last week at AppNexus on building and scaling a test-driven culture...

Eric Gregory05/25/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (Memorial Day Weekend Edition)

It’s Memorial Day Weekend in the US, and the Internet’s a little quiet. To tide you over, we've got the latest in quantum imaging and entanglement, programming language rundowns from both JRuby creator Charles Nutter and Middle Earth, the most maddening ninja-related game you'll ever play, and much more.

Rachael Jetkins05/24/13
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Activities That Need Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting provides with a customizable server environment, through which the root of the server can be accessed for the purpose of software configuration modification.

Romain Manni-bucau05/23/13
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Puppet 3 Starter

Puppet and Chef are two buzzwords these days but do you know what it is exactly? Puppet 3 Starter goal is to explain you what is the first one and how to use it.

Romain Manni-bucau05/23/13
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Instant Cucumber BDD How To

BDD is a great way to write tests and cucumber probably the framework having made it possible. "Instant Cucumber BDD How to" is about it!

John Cook05/23/13
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Poetic Software

The one simple way code is like poetry. (A quick joke that may also be true.)