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Steven Lott06/28/13
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How to Estimate a Project

Let's say you decide that the budget for "everything" is two point five kajillion dollars. Clearly, you don't want to just fork that money over to a roomful of developers and wait a year for something to happen.

Jenny Yang06/28/13
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DevOps and More Better Analytics

Current monitoring tools are clearly reaching the limit of their capabilities. That’s because they are making some fundamental assumptions that are no longer true.

Rob Terpilowski06/28/13
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Streamlining a Deployment Pipeline with a Custom Jenkins Plug-In

One of the challenges with the Jenkins job was that most of the fields on its deployment page were text fields, allowing users to free form text which was prone to errors.

Aleksey Savkin06/28/13
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10 Reasons Why You Should Use GUI Test Tools

Several testing tools have been developed in the bid to enhance software quality and reduce software development time. In the past testing was done manually using simple CLI (Command Line Interpreters) based tools.

Paul Reed06/27/13
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The Ship Show: DevOpsDays Silicon Valley 2013 Super Panel

Episode 22 sports a special treat: in case you weren’t able to attend DevOpsDays Silicon Valley 2013, we join forces with the Food Fight Show(again!) and the DevOps Cafe for the first ever “Food Ship Cafe!” We convene a group of DevOps household names (including the “fairy godmother” of DevOps himself!)

C. Michael Pilato06/27/13
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Apache Subversion 1.8.0 Release Highlights

Explore the highlights of the new 1.8.0 version of Apache Subversion, which delivers a collection of features and enhancements designed to facilitate administration and deliver enterprise-class functionality without adding complexity.

Alexander Beletsky06/27/13
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We Were Wrong Ten Years Ago

The way we build distributed systems and platforms is changing through the the last 10 years. Recently, I was thinking myself about different technological options I used so far and came for some conclusions.

Pritiman Panda06/26/13
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The DevOps Vicious Cycle

As the buzzword “devops” has been out in the market for quite some time now, there are a “jungle of tools” built and tagged under the DevOps category. But these tools can be differentiated from the way they function and at what point in time they can be leveraged in a software execution cycle.

Steven Lott06/26/13
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How to Make Technology Choices

"I've got this idea for game-changing software idea, what technology should I use?" These questions have disturbing expectations. There's a Gordian Knot of dependencies that's sometimes baffling.

Troy Hunt06/26/13
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Security Futility: Embedding Secure Login Forms within Insecure Pages

Today’s example is about what happens when a login page is loaded securely, albeit embedded within an insecure page. This is a common security anti-pattern and you’ll see it on many sites.

Anders Abel06/26/13
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Replacing Google Reader with Feedly

From my statistics I know that 80% of my subscribed readers are using Google Reader. It used to be 90% before Google announced that they would kill Reader.

James Carr06/25/13
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My Top 10 Current Shell Commands

After reading this post I decided to see what my top ten shell commands are...

Anders Abel06/25/13
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Code or Configuration or Configuration in Code?

With DevOps bringing source control to configuration files and publishing to production servers being automated – bringing both code and configuration over on the same time, the difference between code and config has become less than ever (if it even exists).

Sander Mak06/25/13
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Do You Recognize These Daily Developer Annoyances?

You know it's a bad day when you experience all of these.

Eric Minick06/25/13
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If Releases are Painful, Do Them More Often

If releases are traditionally major events which require heroic efforts and present real business risk, reasonable people will try to do them less often. But with many business processes this instinct is exactly the wrong thing.

Jenny Yang06/25/13
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On the Way to Self-Healing Systems

As a DevOps team, we’re trying to maintain our systems in an ideal state, using a whole bunch of tools that affect the state of our systems, sometimes in unpredictable ways. Let’s take a look at a closed loop diagram...

Cody Powell06/24/13
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Tragedy of the Common Library

Good intentions can go awry quickly in the world of software development. Imagine this common scenario: there are multiple teams building related projects at the same company. At some point, someone realizes that these teams tend to generate a lot of duplicate code; why not create a common library?

Geoffrey Papilion06/24/13
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Getting Unique Counts from a Log File

Two colleagues of mine ask a very similar question for interviews, something that as a developer or as ops guys you might find yourself needing to do. Given a log file of a particular format, how many times does something occur in that log file?

Senthil Kumar06/23/13
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What Motivates Software Engineers at the Workplace?

Autonomy, mastery, and purpose are some key aspects of motivation at the workplace. What else motivates software engineers?

Oliver Plohmann06/23/13
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Go-style Goroutines in Java and Scala Using HawtDispatch

Goroutines are the recommended method for concurrent programming in Go. They are lightweight and you can easily create thousands of them as they are multiplexed onto multiple OS threads. This blog describes how to make use of HawtDispatch to achieve a similar result in Java and Scala.

Steven Lott06/23/13
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The Small Class/Large Class Question

There are several variations on the theme of principles of OO programming. None of them include "a few large omnibus classes with nebulous responsibilities."

Edmund Kirwan06/22/13
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Amplification Revisited

Investigating the bane of accidental interconnectedness.

Sergey Kotlov06/21/13
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TeamCity 8 — Welcome to The Light Side of Continuous Integration

It’s been a while since the last major release of TeamCity, and today we’re excited to announce that new TeamCity 8 is here and available for download.

Steven Lott06/21/13
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Automated Code Modernization: Don't Pave the Cowpaths

From a user viewpoint, "paving the cowpaths" means that the legacy usability issues have now been modernized without being fixed. The issues remain. A dumb business process is now implemented in a modern programming language. It's still a dumb business process.

Troy Hunt06/21/13
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Dynamic Security Misconfiguration Scanning with OnCheckin and ASafaWeb

Here’s the thing about security – you can’t just “do it” then move on. What I mean by this is that it’s a continuous process and thinking that you only need to just implement some secure coding standards or scan the website once before go live leaves a great big hole in your process.