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Senthil Kumar06/23/13
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What Motivates Software Engineers at the Workplace?

Autonomy, mastery, and purpose are some key aspects of motivation at the workplace. What else motivates software engineers?

Oliver Plohmann06/23/13
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Go-style Goroutines in Java and Scala Using HawtDispatch

Goroutines are the recommended method for concurrent programming in Go. They are lightweight and you can easily create thousands of them as they are multiplexed onto multiple OS threads. This blog describes how to make use of HawtDispatch to achieve a similar result in Java and Scala.

Steven Lott06/23/13
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The Small Class/Large Class Question

There are several variations on the theme of principles of OO programming. None of them include "a few large omnibus classes with nebulous responsibilities."

Edmund Kirwan06/22/13
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Amplification Revisited

Investigating the bane of accidental interconnectedness.

Sergey Kotlov06/21/13
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TeamCity 8 — Welcome to The Light Side of Continuous Integration

It’s been a while since the last major release of TeamCity, and today we’re excited to announce that new TeamCity 8 is here and available for download.

Steven Lott06/21/13
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Automated Code Modernization: Don't Pave the Cowpaths

From a user viewpoint, "paving the cowpaths" means that the legacy usability issues have now been modernized without being fixed. The issues remain. A dumb business process is now implemented in a modern programming language. It's still a dumb business process.

Troy Hunt06/21/13
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Dynamic Security Misconfiguration Scanning with OnCheckin and ASafaWeb

Here’s the thing about security – you can’t just “do it” then move on. What I mean by this is that it’s a continuous process and thinking that you only need to just implement some secure coding standards or scan the website once before go live leaves a great big hole in your process.

Gil Zilberfeld06/21/13
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Code Coverage Lies: The Slides

At DevCon TLV I gave this presentation about code coverage, and how we can use, and misuse it. Here are the slides. You can still catch it in webinar form in a week’s time on the Typemock channel.

Ahmed Rafik06/20/13
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7 Steps to Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 in Your Life

If I were to suggest that you implement Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 in your life, you might give me a strange look. But if you have experience implementing Dynamics AX, and especially AX 2012, for clients or your own company, maybe my suggestion won't seem so strange.

Jenny Yang06/20/13
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Automate and Validate the Drift Away

As pointed out by John E. Vincent in his blog Configuration Drift and Next-gen CM, configuration management systems aren’t assertive enough. They are designed to verify the state of a resource at the point they run.

Mitch Pronschinske06/20/13
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A DevOps Linksheet

Here's a moderately sized list of Books, Blogs, Articles, Podcasts, and Videos about DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and workplace culture. From the blog "Opus Magnus"...

Mitch Pronschinske06/20/13
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The State of DevOps 2013 [Infographic]

This is PuppetLabs' State of DevOps survey, which polled over 4,000 IT practitioners. They found out some interesting things, which you can see in the infographic.

Douglas Rathbone06/19/13
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Fend off Evil-Doers One Build at a Time

Continuous Deployment is an awesome-save, process-changing, team-loving, kudos-earning, stress-reducing capability that any team is wise to implement. OnCheckin is definitely aiming to bring this awesome’ness to as many ASP.Net developers as possible by making it fast and easy to setup.

Eric Gregory06/19/13
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Dev of the Week: Zac Gery

This week we're talking to Zac Gery about what he calls the biggest misunderstood problem in the development world -- not to mention his love of curling.

Dave Fecak06/19/13
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Alternative Jobs For Bored Web/App Developers

I’ve recently seen a spate of engineers declaring boredom and/or dissatisfaction with their current roles and responsibilities, which leads them to openly question what options are available.

Mike Hadlow06/19/13
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Automating Nginx Reverse Proxy Configuration

It’s really nice if you can decouple your external API from the details of application segregation and deployment. On my current project we’ve building a distributed service oriented architecture that also exposes an HTTP API, and we’re using a reverse proxy to route requests addressed to our API to individual components...

Swathi Venkatachala06/19/13
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One Cap to rule 'em all ... (Capistrano)

I am a fan of Capistrano from way back and we use it for almost all kind of deployments - Hadoop, MongoDB clusters and so on. If you have not tried Capistrano, you must try it and figure out how you can use for deployments in your environment.

Mitch Pronschinske06/18/13
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10+ Deploys Per Day: DevOps at Flickr

This is a classic DevOps presentation from a former Velocity conference that I thought people could take another look at or see this for the first time. It's definitely worth it.

Eric Gregory06/18/13
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Lightning Talk: Getting Started with Testing and TDD

Andy Parker gives a quick-but-dense talk at Puppet Camp Austin on the fundamentals of testing and test-driven development.

Eric Genesky06/18/13
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The Future of Devops

Here's a 14-minute discussion about the future of DevOps presented by Patrick Debois.

Alexander Beletsky06/18/13
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Retrospective of

It’s been to years ago, I’ve released my own project - Month ago I’ve cancelled my VPS lease contract, so your would not see it available at anymore.

Eric Minick06/18/13
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DevOps Liason Team

We’ve covered the controversy of a DevOps Team on this blog before. DevOps Teams are dangerous in that many organizations realize that their Dev and Ops groups . . .

Ariya Hidayat06/17/13
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Cross-Reference: Commit Message and Issue Tracker

Maintainable software projects usually take the issue tracker seriously. More often, it is used not only to monitor bugs and defects, but also to serve as a task tracker.

Martin Fowler06/17/13
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Automated configuration tools (such as CFEngine, Puppet, or Chef) allow you to specify how servers should be configured, and bring new and existing machines into compliance. This helps to avoid the problem of fragile SnowflakeServers.

Steven Lott06/16/13
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Unit Testing: HamCalc's Quirks

Careful study of the HamCalc shows a number of quirks. Some are funny, some are just examples of the need for unit test frameworks.