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Steven Lott06/16/13
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Unit Testing: HamCalc's Quirks

Careful study of the HamCalc shows a number of quirks. Some are funny, some are just examples of the need for unit test frameworks.

David Winterbottom06/16/13
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A Deferred Logging File Handler for Django

At Tangent we handle environment-specific configuration of Django projects using the method outlined by David Cramer. This involves distinguishing between core settings (which we keep in core/ and environment specific settings (eg core/, core/

Martin Fowler06/16/13
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Automated configuration tools (such as CFEngine, Puppet, or Chef) allow you to avoid SnowflakeServers by providing recipes to describe the configuration of elements of a server.

Steven Lott06/15/13
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Python Roadmap Amplifications and Clarifications

Some additional points on using Python 2.7 in a way that bridges the gap to Python 3.2. The steps are small and simple. You can start taking them now.

Edmund Kirwan06/15/13
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ptainai, pronounced, "Peh-tain-eye."

Design Patterns above claims that programming to an interface and not an implementation reduces implementation dependencies, and thus it follows that ptainai reduces the probability of ripple-effects. But is this true?

Dan Kuebrich06/14/13
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Tracing Celery Performance For Web Applications

Are you using Celery to process python backend tasks asynchronously? Have you wanted to get insight into their resource consumption and efficiency? Here’s a few useful ways to get insight into Celery performance when running tasks.

Trevor Parsons06/14/13
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DevOps – Scaling Infrastructure

The theme of last Thursday’s DevOps Ireland talks at Engine Yard Dublin was automated deployment.

John Cook06/13/13
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Example of unit testing R code with testthat

Here’s a little example of using Hadley Wickham’s testthat package for unit testing R code. You can read more about testthat here.

Steve Smith06/13/13
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Release More with Less

Continuous Delivery aims to overcome the large delivery costs traditionally associated with releasing software, and in The Principles of Product Development Flow Don Reinertsen describes delivery cost as a function of transaction cost and holding cost.

Dror Helper06/13/13
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Tip: Using Notepad++ to Read Log Files

I had to read a log file containing a few hundred lines today at work. My first instinct was to open it using my trusty Notepad++.

Ashish Kuthiala06/13/13
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The Benefits of Fail-Safe Application Deployments

Enterprises are building, testing, and deploying software faster and more frequently now than at any point in the past. Faced with unprecedented demands, many of these software development organizations are realizing their rollout processes are haphazard, at best.

Peter Butkovic06/13/13
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Less-Known Handy Eclipse IDE Plugins

The core technology used in Eclipse is OSGI, which makes it easily extensible. There are plenty of plugins out there, some are well known, however there might be some you've never heard of, but might find them useful, once you see them in action.

Corey Goldberg06/13/13
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Python - concurrencytest: Running Concurrent Tests

This tutorial runs through the process of adding parallel testing to your unit test framework with Python.

Eric Gregory06/12/13
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Dev of the Week: Tim Spann

This week we're talking to Tim Spann, Java developer of fifteen years and blogger at

Troy Hunt06/12/13
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Understanding the Risk of Mixed Content Warnings

Ever see one of these? It means something is wrong with the website – very wrong – yet somehow we seem to keep building websites that do this.

Andrey Karpov06/11/13
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Open Source Bug Libraries

Some diagnostics haven't detected any bugs in open-source projects yet. The lower you are in the list, the more diagnostics with no error samples there will be. The reason is simple: the later a certain rule had been added, the fewer projects were analyzed with this rule included into the rule set and therefore the fewer chances for it to demonstrate its capabilities.

Mike Kaufman06/11/13
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ObMimic 1.0-Beta-8 Released for Out-of-Container Servlet Testing

ObMimic is a library of plain-Java implementations of the Servlet API’s interfaces and abstract classes. It provides a comprehensive set of ready-made and fully-configurable test-doubles for accurately simulating the Servlet API in out-of-container testing of Servlets, Filters, Listeners and any other code that uses the Servlet API.

John Cook06/11/13
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The Weight of Code

Bjorn is discussing the ferrite core memory of the Apollo guidance system: "These are very, very robust memory systems. … But the problem is that they actually have weight to them."

Anders Abel06/11/13
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Facing the Brutal Facts

A team in trouble would probably say that they would very much welcome expert help – but would they really? Are they ready to face the brutal facts of the state of the project?

Ricci Gian Maria06/11/13
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Running Coded UI Tests in a Virtual Machine

While Coded UI tests are running you can't do anything else on your computer, because mouse and UI are used to run the test. So can you use a VM?

Eric Gregory06/10/13
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Cooking Up DevOps and Drupal with Chef

This presentation from Drupalcon Portland 2013 takes a look at pairing DevOps with Drupal: "We'll provide an intro to DevOps (what it is and what it isn't), talk about the needs and goals for infrastructure as code, and how it applies to Drupal..."

Pete Pizzutillo06/10/13
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Does Code Quality Really Help the Business?

Most organizations have started to realize that code quality is an important root cause to many of their issues, whether it’s incident levels or time to value.

Armel Gouriou06/09/13
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One Year of Lessons from TechDebt/Refactoring Assessment

This benchmarking feature is based on an ever-growing database: So, the more users there are, the bigger the database gets and the more accurate benchmarks are.

Ahmed Rafik06/09/13
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Successfully Securing a Dynamics AX Environment

This book will not only enable Dynamics AX developers to go beyond the basics of configuring Dynamics AX , but also get to grips with securing an organization model by developing extensible data security policies.

Jenny Yang06/09/13
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You Say Dynamic, I Say Static

Solutions for spotting those pesky outliers have been around in the world of credit card processing, banking, and security for some time now. “Anomaly detection”, a.k.a. fraud detection, is a pretty common term in those industries.