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Paul Reed06/06/13
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The Ship Show: Going, Going...Gone

Whether it’s organizational dysfunction, discovering a role isn’t right for you, abusive management, or unethical requests, we look at the nagging yellow flags that pile up and can ignite into red flags that start your mind down the road of: Going, Going…Gone.

Daniel Ackerson06/06/13
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Stop Scaring Everyone and Speed Up Your Releases

“But our customers don’t want 10 new versions a year. The last release alone had over 600 bugs!” retorts the hotline manager. “How about a small update with just a handful of bugs?”

Tim Spann06/05/13
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Log Scraping

A quick Java snippet for log scraping.

Martin Fowler06/05/13
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Martin Fowler: Embedded Document

Let's imagine we're storing an order as a JSON document and serving it up with minor server-side processing, again as JSON. An example document might be like this...

Jenny Yang06/05/13
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When Puppet and Chef Aren’t Quite Enough

While configuration management tools like Chef or Puppet are a critical component of the DevOps Toolchain for building scalable infrastructure, they are only one piece of the automation puzzle.

Johanna Rothman06/05/13
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Learning Through Simulation

With a simulation, you create a safe environment in which people can experiment with learning a new skill or seeing how they operate. There are two critical pieces to the simulation...

Rado Buranský06/04/13
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Sustainable Automated Testing

Have you ever had a feeling that your automated tests are becoming overhead for the project? That the effort to keep them green seems to be higher than the added value? Then maybe what you do is integration testing and not unit testing.

Martin Fowler06/04/13
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Martin Fowler Defines Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is a software development discipline where you build software in such a way that the software can be released to production at any time. You’re doing continuous delivery when...

Eric Minick06/04/13
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Breaking Down IBM’s Definition of DevOps

As there is no “official” definition for DevOps, many individuals and organizations have their own definition. This morning at Innovate, IBM introduced its take.

Pete Pizzutillo06/04/13
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Individual Code Quality in an Enterprise Software Development World

The growing cost of most software development efforts can be traced back to one underlying cause – the lack of visibility into the software.

Wayne Citrin06/03/13
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Software Development and the Bitness Challenge

Writing a single application or installer that will work uniformly on 32-bit and 64-bit machines is complicated. Here's how.

Eric Gregory06/03/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (June 3)

Today: Arduino on the farm, Flask wants your help, and pure procedural programming with Fishbike. Plus: Intricate circuit-board beasties and wisdom from Joss Whedon in an unexpected place.

Eric Gregory06/03/13
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Continuous Delivery and Long-Term Requirements

In this talk, Paul Gerrard discusses continuous delivery, particularly as it pertains to long-term requirements. Testing up front, he says, helps to deliver "front-door quality, not back-door quality."

Martin Fowler06/03/13
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Martin Fowler: DeploymentPipeline

One of the challenges of an automated build and test environment is you want your build to be fast, so that you can get fast feedback, but comprehensive tests take a long time to run.

Ricci Gian Maria06/02/13
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Continuous Deployment on Windows Azure with Database Projects

I’ve already blogged about Deploying on Azure Web Site with Database Project in the past, but in that article I showed how to accomplish it with customization of the Build Template.

Allahbaksh Asadullah06/01/13
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Is API Documentation a Waste of Time?

I've evaluated many open source projects and realized that APIs are often not documented well. It is important for the community to know what the reasons behind this.

Michael Muller06/01/13
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Code Quality Tooling: Pure Player vs All-in-One?

Should we deploy a unique tool that is able to manage a wide variety of technologies and quality domains, or do we need a “pure player” tool dedicated to each technology’s specificities?

Rado Buranský05/31/13
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Reflection Against OOP Principles

What is so cool about the possibility to access private class members from outside? Everyone keeps asking you during job interviews what are the basic rules of object oriented programming.

Steven Lott05/31/13
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Legacy Preservation and Code Modernization

I would suggest going slowly toward automated modernization. I'm not easily convinced that any automated tool can preserve what's meaningful and ignore the parts which are quirks, bugs or legacy cruft that needs to be disposed of.

Markus Eisele05/31/13
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Review: "Arquillian Testing Guide" by John D. Ament

Integration testing sometimes involves writing complex codes. This book introduces you to the capabilities of Arquillian to enable you to write simple code with a broad range of integration tests for Java applications

Pritiman Panda05/31/13
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An Intro to "Asgard"

Intro to “Asgard” -- an open source web interface for application deployments and cloud management.

Henkz Sall05/30/13
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Creating a Message Dialog Box - Part I

To avoid having to build your own dialog box from scratch, the JOptionPane class provides methods to make a variety of dialog boxes by simply feeding them some parameters to determine the appearance of the dialog box.

Pritiman Panda05/30/13
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Introduction to Vagrant

We build our application and push it to Production after a lot of hassle and take a great sigh of relief...but this is not the end of the story.

Tim Murphy05/30/13
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What Software Architects Can Learn from Baseball Teams

Every team member has their specialty. Infielders have great reactions and throwing accuracy. Outfielders can cover distance quickly and throw long distances. Likewise, there are specialized positions on a development team.

Toni Petrina05/30/13
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Single Sign-On Adds More Friction as Private Data Spills Out

What was once a beautiful idea that promised a future without (too many) passwords has now become completely useless feature.