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Troy Hunt05/21/13
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Your login form posts to HTTPS, but you blew it when you loaded it over HTTP

Loading login forms over HTTP renders any downstream transport layer security almost entirely useless. Rather than just tell you what’s wrong with this, let me show precisely why this is with a site that implements this pattern...

Eric Gregory05/20/13
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DevOps with Puppet Enterprise

This two-minute overview explains how Puppet Enterprise can support DevOps practice.

Gary Sieling05/20/13
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Building a full-text index of git commits using lunr.js and Github APIs

Github has a nice API for inspecting repositories – it lets you read gists, issues, commit history, files and so on. Git repository data lends itself to demonstrating the power of combining full text and faceted search...

Mark Needham05/20/13
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Unix: Working with parts of large files

I usually use Vim and the ‘:set number’ when I want to refer to line numbers in a file but Chris showed me that we can achieve the same thing with e.g. ‘less -N data/log/neo4j.0.0.log’.

Mark Needham05/19/13
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Ruby/Python: Constructing a taxonomy from an array using zip

I’ve been hacking on a product taxonomy and I wanted to create a ‘CHILD’ relationship between a collection of categories. For example, I had the following array and I wanted to transform it into an array of ‘SubCategory, Category’ pairs...

Eric Minick05/19/13
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Software Supply Chains and DevOps

During our induction into the IBM family, one of our new colleagues told an anecdote about a firm that outsourced its mobile application development. Managing the relationship of outsourced work with what is being developed in house is a challenge similar to what manufacturers face with their supply chains.

Daniel Doubrovkine05/18/13
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Your First Ruby Gem

I live-coded a new gem called Ruby::Enum at NYC.rb on Tuesday. This library adds enum-like functionality to Ruby. Here’s my checklist for creating a new gem.

Christopher Taylor05/18/13
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The CIO is Driving IT Toward a Cliff

Respected institutions like the Harvard Business Review, the Economist and others are publishing studies that show that the average CEO is unhappy with the status quo of their own technology shops.

Sam Lee05/17/13
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Puppet vs CFEngine

A comparison of the configuration management tools Puppet and CFEngine.

Jeremy Tess05/17/13
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Typemock CEO: Software Development Without Unit Testing is Reckless

“Any software programmer that does not do unit testing is a reckless coder,” declared Lopian. “Unit testing is an essential part of any software development process. It allows you to deliver working code, with fewer bugs, faster."

Tr Jordan05/17/13
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Monitoring Background Jobs in Ruby’s Resque

Let's look at how to get visibility into an important component of any complex system: the messaging queue. Specifically, let’s look at how to trace a job from Rails using Resque.

Hubert Klein Ikkink05/17/13
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Grails Goodness: Checking Results from Forward Action in Controller Unit Tests

In Grails we can write unit tests for controllers. We can check for example the results from a redirect() or render() method.

Dror Helper05/16/13
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How to Write a Unit Test

I found myself thinking – what are steps I take when writing a new unit test? I’ve been writing them for so long and never noticed I’ve been following a “methodology” of sort. And so without further ado – here is the steps I take when writing a new unit test...

Christopher Taylor05/16/13
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Can IT Organizations Deliver Business Outcomes?

Most people within technology feel a healthy amount of concern about how they’ll navigate so many disruptive changes happening simultaneously. Each of what Gartner calls the Nexus of Forces, social, mobile, cloud, and information is highly disruptive on their own.

Paul Reed05/16/13
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The Ship Show: Does Your Entire Team Have to Git It?

Version control is becoming a ubiquitous part of the “DevOps movement,” and we talk through what level of understanding should be expected, what level of training should be provided, and whether those are different for different teams or different tools.

Jim Bird05/16/13
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Can Anything Stop the Bad Guys?

On average, web sites are getting more secure each year: the average web site had over 1,000 vulnerabilities in 2007, and only 56 in 2012. SQL injection, the most popular and most serious attack vector, is found in only 7% of their customer’s web sites.

Rob Sanders05/15/13
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PowerShell, Visual Studio and You

Recently I needed to write up a new Powershell script to automate some actions independently of our major release cycle. This took me down a road with two possible options.

Eric Gregory05/15/13
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DevOps and Productivity

This five minute Ignite talk argues that DevOps consistently beats out traditional IT ops strategies, taking a look at a 2013 survey.

Eric Gregory05/15/13
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Dev of the Week: Michael Sahota

This week we're talking to Michael Sahota, Certified Scrum Master, active member of the Agile community, and co-organizer of Agile Tour Toronto.

Eric Gregory05/15/13
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Growing Pains with Chef

From OpsCode, a thirty-minute tale on the triumphs and hurdles Turner Broadcasting System's team encountered as it attempted to implement DevOps and deploy Chef.

Steven Lott05/15/13
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Legacy Code Preservation: How Do We Manage This?

At an insurance company, I encountered an application that had been in place for thirty years. Classic flat-file, mainframe COBOL. And decades old. It had never been replaced with a packaged solution. It had never been converted to a SQL database. It had never been rewritten in VB to run on a desktop.

Jay Fields05/15/13
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Clojure: Testing The Creation Of A Partial Function

I recently refactored some code that takes longs from two different sources to compute one value. The code originally stored the longs and called a function when all of the data arrived. The refactored version partials the data while it's incomplete and executes the partial'd function when all of the data is available.

John Cook05/14/13
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On Dogfooding

Dogfooding is a great idea, but it’s no substitute for usability testing. I get the impression that some products, if they’re tested at all, are tested by developers intimately familiar with how they’re intended to be used.

Hubert Klein Ikkink05/14/13
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Grails Goodness: Testing Views and Templates

Grails has great support for testing. We can unit test controllers, taglibs, services and much more. One of the things we can unit test are views and templates.

Haim Ko05/13/13
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Augmented Search for Application Logs Released

New Augmented Search technology for log data is now available, built to help developers and testers understand application data faster. The idea is to add auto generated intelligence layers based on user search context.