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Jessica Thornsby04/13/13
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Introduction to SmartSVN

SmartSVN is a powerful and easy-to-use graphical client for Apache Subversion. There are several clients for Subversion, but here are just a few reasons you should try SmartSVN.

Alan Skorkin04/12/13
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Ruby – Why U No Have Nested Exceptions?

One of the things we almost always do these days when we write our libraries and apps, is use other libraries. Inevitably something will go wrong with those libraries and exceptions will be produced.

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis04/12/13
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reStructuredText in PyCharm, Firefox, and Anger

I spend a lot of time writing Python package documentation in reST. Nevertheless, I find reST's markup permanently unlearnable, so I format docs by trial and error: I type a few backticks and colons and angle-brackets and random crap,sphinx-build the docs as HTML, and see if they look okay.

Nikita Salnikov...04/12/13
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There is No Application Server

We have recently posted data about application server market share we gathered from the free Plumbr deployments. And it resonated well – via different channels we got hundreds of comments and opinions on how to interpret the data.

Armel Gouriou04/11/13
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Dodge Hibernate Coding Mistakes with Scertify's Code Analysis

Hibernate is one of the most used ORM Java frameworks out there. It is really simple to use, just add few annotations and you're ready to go. However, it is also really easy to experience strange behaviors and bugs if you don't respect Hibernate's best practices.

Matthias Marschall04/11/13
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How Badly Set Goals Create a Tug-of-War in Your DevOps Organization

A rope. Eight people on either side. “Pull!” And then it begins: both parties are pulling in their own direction. A tug-of-war has started.

James Betteley04/11/13
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What is DevOps? (and Other Fluffy Questions)

“A lot of it is about streamlining and bringing value to the customers sooner,” said Simon Maple, Tech Evangelist at ZT. And I suppose that’s actually what it’s ultimately about. Bridging the Dev and Ops gap is really about making us work as a team more smoothly.

Kin Lane04/11/13
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Add Or Update Your #ReclaimOpen Profile At The Github Site

You have the power to update your own profile on the ReclaimOpen Github repository, by editing and submitting a pull request. Here are some steps you will need to consider to accomplish this.

Aliaksei Papou04/10/13
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Is There a Treatment for Enterprise Software Complexity?

Enterprise software development is experiencing difficult times. The increasing complexity of the software leads to serious crashes already now. Significant expenses are required to fight with them. Existing technologies can treat only the symptoms but not the cause of the disease.

Eric Gregory04/10/13
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Dev of the Week: Paul Hammant

This week we're talking to Paul Hammant, a consultant at ThoughtWorks known for his work on Dependency Injection, Selenium browser, and Client-Side MVC frameworks.

Tommy Patterson04/10/13
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Build Your Private Cloud: Installing Virtual Machine Manager – Step by Step

Our series is in full swing and now it's time to walk through the installation of System Center 2012 VMM to begin managing our VMware, Hyper-V, and Xen hosts, virtual machines, and templates.

Andrey Prikaznov04/09/13
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Looking to use a rich text editor in your app, or want a web-based editor for personal use? I researched existing editors and picked the best of available solutions.

Pascal Alma04/09/13
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Deploying the WSO2 CAR File with Maven

To deploy my WSO2 Carbon Application aRchive (CAR) file to my WSO2 ESB instance I use this Maven plugin. I couldn’t find a lot of documentation about it so I'm posting here how I use it.

Andy Hawthorne04/09/13
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Installing Rails on Ubuntu 12.10

Installing Ruby and Rails on Ubuntu 12.10 can throw up some errors. I’ve found a method that worked, and wrote a few notes about it.

Stephen Robillard04/09/13
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A Review of DevOps Troubleshooting: Linux Server Best Practice

A must read for new Linux system administrator and anyone from the development side responsible for keeping a Linux server running.

Trevor Parsons04/09/13
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Logs as Data, Logs as SMS: Logentries & Twillio Combined

More and more frequently I’m seeing cool use cases of Log data. Using ‘logs as data’ is the concept of writing semi-structured data to your logs which can then in turn be consumed by other services that can put the data to good use.

Mikko Ohtamaa04/08/13
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PLOG2013 Symposium Post-Mortem

There was a PLOG2013 symposium in spring 2013, for developers and alike. It was organized by Abstract IT in Italy, on the coast of Mediterranean, in the city of Sorrento.

Mark Needham04/08/13
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Treating Servers as Cattle, Not as Pets

Although I didn’t go to Dev Ops Days London earlier in the year I was following the hash tag on twitter and one of my favourites things that I read was the following: “Treating servers as cattle, not as pets.”

Andy Hawthorne04/08/13
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Upgrading to Ruby 2.0 on Mountain Lion

Ruby 2.0 was released on 24th February to coincide with Ruby’s 20th anniversary. If you use RVM, and want to try out Rails 4.0 beta, then ideally you’ll want to be running Ruby 2.0. Here’s what I did to keep my development environment working the way I like it.

Jacky Chan04/07/13
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jenv: An RVM Clone for Java

jenv is a tool for managing parallel versions of Java Development Kits on any Unix-based system.

Greg Duncan04/07/13
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Dev'ing for Ops - How to Create System Center Extensions with Visual Studio

I love the idea of DevOps, especially when it means I can dev something for my Ops team.

Mikko Ohtamaa04/07/13
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Write the Docs

Below are my slides for the presentation held in PLOG2013Plone symposium. It’s about good software development documentation culture, writing documentation for Python packages and maintaining up-to-date developer documentation in Plone ecosystem.

Kay Cichini04/07/13
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Embedding Google Docs and Google Viewer

Here's a short example of the usage of the Google Viewer and Google Docs embeds (see here). If you want to embed a view of any file on Google Drive/Docs you can do this by putting a pdf preview (the file could be in any format, see first example, which is a Google text document) in an iframe or, in the case of spreadsheets, the speradsheet itself into an iframe.

Mike Hadlow04/06/13
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Lua as a Distributed Workflow Language

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently thinking about ways of orchestrating long running workflows in a service oriented architecture.

Magnus Palmér04/05/13
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Lightweight Testing of Heavyweight IBM Message Broker Solutions

This article shows a hands-on approach of how you can test your IBM WebSphere Message Broker solutions in a simple way using modern Groovy and Java tools.