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David Winterbottom04/25/13
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A Useful Git Post-Checkout Hook for Python Repos

Every now and again, an innocent python developer checks out a new Git branch then proceeds to bang their head against a bug caused by an orphaned.pyc file from the previous branch.

Casey Watson04/25/13
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The Political Isolation Pattern

For a developer, the possibility of embarking upon a "green field" project is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing of course is that before you you have a blank canvas and a chance to build the perfect solution. You have a chance to avoid all of the mistakes that you've made before.

John Cook04/25/13
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Hacking Debt

I’d like to propose "hacking debt" to describe a person who has been focused on “real work” for so long that he or she hasn’t spent enough time playing around, making useless stuff for the fun of it.

Trevor Parsons04/24/13
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IP Address Resolving Now Optional

This is a neat feature. Whenever we see an IP address in your logs, we do automatic IP resolving so that you see immeadiately who is behind it.

Eric Gregory04/24/13
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Dev of the Week: Lakshan Perera

Every week, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community. This week we're talking to Lakshan Perera, a developer for and the creator of Punch.

Steven Lott04/24/13
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Legacy Code Preservation: Are There Quirks?

Let's visit some other conversion activities in the 1970's. The gig was at a company implementing a customized insurance application. The actuaries used a PDP-10 (and Fortran) to compute their various tables and summaries.

Casey Watson04/24/13
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What We (Developers) Take For Granted

A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation over dinner with a few fellow local development community members. As it always does, the conversation eventually shifted to work and we began discussing the implications of “the cloud” and it’s gradual redefinition of how we look at provisioning compute capacity.

Eugen Paraschiv04/23/13
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Maven Deploy to Nexus

This article will show how to deploy the artifacts of a project to Nexus, with Maven.

Mark Needham04/23/13
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Puppet: Installing Oracle Java

In order to run the neo4j server on my Ubuntu 12.04 Vagrant VM I needed to install the Oracle/Sun JDK which proved to be more difficult than I’d expected.

Eric Minick04/23/13
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In Agile, Put Retrospective First

This morning I was speaking with some of our friends at VersionOne at the Mile High Agile Conference. We were discussing Agile practices and the phrase “Kanban-ish” came up.

Gary Sieling04/23/13
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Cobol v. Fortran

I thought it’d be interesting to compare how many people admit to knowing ancient programming languages on their LinkedIn pages. This is in a contrast to my post on the popularity of hip JVM languages Scala and Clojure.

Patrick Debois04/23/13
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What if Devops was Invented by Coca Cola?

Ever wondered what Devops would look like when it would be invented by Coca Cola? Enjoy my Ignite session from Devopsdays Paris 2013.

Chris Haddad04/22/13
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DevOps Ticket Reduction

A reduction in DevOps tickets not only drives IT efficiency, but also creates a cultural shift where teams look forward to rapidly achieving accomplishments. Business stakeholders operate in an agile environment where no change request is too small, and rapidly testing business ideas is the new normal.

Mark Needham04/22/13
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dpkg/apt-cache: Useful Commands

As I’ve mentioned in a couple of previous posts I’ve been playing around with creating a Vagrant VM that I can use for my neo4j hacking which has involved a lot of messing around with installing apt packages.

Ralf Quebbemann04/21/13
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VirtualBox - Let Host-Only Mode Access the Internet

In an earlier post I described networking modes in VirtualBox. Combining those modes you'll get some kind of swiss knife in realizing somehow exotic networking modes in your VMs.

Jessica Thornsby04/21/13
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Understanding SmartSVN’s Revision Graph

SmartSVN, the popular cross-platform client for Apache Subversion, provides all the tools you need to manage your SVN projects out of the box, including a comprehensive Revision Graph.

Harish Ganesan04/20/13
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Understanding the Amazon EBS IO Block Size and its Performance Impacts

Understand how IO Block sizes play a major role in Performance of an Amazon EBS

Marton Sigmond04/20/13
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Why Using OSGi Pays Out

A very short summary of what OSGi provides, and why using it pays out.

Adam Warski04/20/13
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Per-Commit E-mail GitHub Notifications

One thing that I miss in GitHub is the ability to get e-mail notifications on each push/commit. There is an option to set an e-mail notification address in the repository settings, but you can only specify a single, global address, and only the administrator can do it.

Harish Ganesan04/19/13
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When Amazon EBS-Optimized Instances Make Sense

The performance of a block storage device is commonly measured and quoted in a unit called IOPS, short for Input/Output Operations per Second (IOPS).

Paul Reed04/19/13
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The Ship Show: Asked and Answered

This episode, we delve into the always-squishy “DevOps culture” and take a closer look at the process of both asking and answering questions.

Luis Aguilar04/19/13
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Unit Testing 101: Inversion Of Control

Inversion Of Control is one of the most common and widely used techniques for handling class dependencies in software development and could easily be the most important practice in unit testing.

Nitin Kumar04/18/13
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DevOps - a Need for the IT Industry

What challenges can DevOps address in current organization environments, and how can it provide benefits to business and IT users?

Trevor Parsons04/18/13
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Setting the Umask when Using Capistrano

After a bit of research, I discovered that the secret is to put the umask statement in my .bashrc file before the line that says [ -z "$PS1" ] && return as when Capistrano logs into the server, it doesn't have an interactive shell (and so $PS1isn't set.

Rob Allen04/17/13
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Heroku’s Add-On Provider Summit – London

We’re just back from Heroku’s Add-on Provider Summit in London where we were getting the skinny on Heroku’s upcoming addon provider roadmap!