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Kin Lane03/23/13
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Continuing the Migration of Projects Over to Github

I’m continuing the migration of all my projects to run on Github. Eventually all public areas of my site will run as static, published Github pages and supporting back-end repositories. Last night I migrated API aggregation, Backend as a Service, Reciprocity and Real-Time providers using a version of my Hacker Storytelling format.

Paul Wells03/22/13
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Using XText to make Software Easy to Configure

magine a piece of software which can be run out of the box without needing any instance- specific information – without any configuration.

Eric Gregory03/22/13
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Using Salt Stack in the Cloud

This Google Hangout session discusses using Salt Stack in the cloud.

Paul Hammant03/22/13
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Reverse Engineering a DB for DevOps Excellence

Former ThoughtWorker Steve Moyer has written two blog entries on an aspect of an Agile mission we did a few years ago. He was the pivotal designer/implementer of the work.

Mikko Ohtamaa03/22/13
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How to Backport Packages on Ubuntu Linux

Backporting is a process to get new package releases to run on non-latest Linux distribution versions. A very common backporting use case is to enable the latest version of application or software library on a server running the older version of the operating system.

Nick Watts03/21/13
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My Simple View of Testing

Assumptions + important edge cases. That’s it. That’s all I consider when I’m testing my code. But knowing that you aren’t satisfied with such a trivial explanation, I’ll explain.

Geoffrey De Smet03/21/13
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Drools Planner Becomes OptaPlanner

We’re proud to announce the rename Drools Planner to OptaPlanner starting with version 6.0.0.Beta1. We’re also happy to unveil its new website:

Paul Hammant03/21/13
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The Cost of Unmerge

One of the reasons you’re going to choose a Trunk Based Development (TBD) model, is because you’re doing concurrent development of consecutive releases.

Ryan Wang03/20/13
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Use Eclipse JDT to dynamically create, access, and load projects

In this article, we are going to use Eclipse JDT to create, access and load projects. I assume that you know how to create a simple Eclipse plug-in project which adds a menu item that you can click and trigger some actions.

Chris Shayan03/20/13
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Server staging in maven and some useful newly developed plugins

Sometimes in projects happens that there are various stages and each stage needs its own configuration and also there are few common configurations too.

Chen Harel03/20/13
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The AWS Olypmics: Speed Testing Amazon EC2 And S3 Across Regions

A speed test conducted between AWS EC2 instances and S3 across regions (source code included) in 2012 and 2013.

Eric Gregory03/20/13
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Dev of the Week: Peter Lawrey

This week we're talking to Peter Lawrey, high performance Java developer and blogger at Vanilla Java.

Eric Minick03/19/13
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uChat 2: Continuous Delivery and DevOps

UrbanCode CEO and Co-Founder Maciej Zawadzki on the interplay between DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

Kris Buytaert03/19/13
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Initial Loadays Speakers Announced

Loadays is coming up soon: 6 and 7 April. Loadays is the Linux and Open Administration conference of the lowlands, held in Antwerp, Belgium. We've just published the initial batch of speakers.

James Carr03/19/13
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Dynamic Vagrant Nodes

I use vagrant a lot and at Zapier I use a setup where one Vagrantfile can be used to launch any instance in our infrastructure locally for testing. This is really quite useful as I can boot up a two node rabbitmq cluster with haproxy by simply typing vagrant up rabbitproxy01 rabbit01 rabbit02.

R S03/19/13
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Quick and Dirty Forking

I’ve often come across a github hosted repo that was purely client side, but didn’t have a hosted demo. Maybe a simple JavaScript library, or a CSS effect, but no url that I could see it in action.

Cody Powell03/19/13
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It's Not Refactoring, It's Untangling

Everyone who touched the Career Killer ended up leaving the company. If the company wanted to have > 0 developers, the only solution at this point was to take a few months and refactor this service completely.

Ricci Gian Maria03/18/13
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Visual Studio Tools for Git: A Primer

If you installed Update 2 CTP 4 (now it has go-live and supports upgrade to RTM) you should also install the Visual Studio Tools for Git that permits to work with Git repository directly from a Team Explorer extension.

Senthil Kumar03/18/13
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4 Alternative Text Editors for Windows

By default, Windows comes with Notepad and WordPad -- two very basic text editors. But there are plenty of other free text editors available for Windows, providing some advanced functionalities.

Paul Reed03/18/13
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The Ship Show: PaaS, Play or Passé?

As more and more services move into the cloud, organizations are trying to find ways to realize the tenets of “DevOps culture” by making it easier for developers interface directly with their infrastructure.

John Cook03/18/13
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RSS Readers on Linux

This afternoon I asked on UnixToolTip for suggestions of RSS readers on Linux. Here are the suggestions I got, in order of popularity.

Paul Hammant03/17/13
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Article Syndication on GitHub via Subversion

I’m so excited. I’ve just made a proof of concept of the article-syndication idea I previous wrote about. The proof of concept is entirely demonstrated on GitHub.

Jessica Thornsby03/17/13
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Switch Your Subversion Working Copy

Apache Subversion’s ‘svn switch’ command allows users to update a working copy to a different URL. This is useful when you need to update your working copy to mirror a newly-created branch.

Vishal Jain03/17/13
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Factory Method vs Abstract Factory (again?)

I assume that you are already familiar with both the patterns, so I’ll focus here on where the most people have confusion with the differences. Let’s revisit the definitions and their structure first.

Itamar Syn-hershko03/16/13
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The story of a massive system refactoring for the cloud: prologue

A couple of months ago I started working at Buzzilla, a company developing "cutting edge technologies and revolutionary analysis and research methodologies that combine to create advanced solutions aimed at harnessing the vast opportunities presented by online conversation".