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Carlos Sanchez01/30/13
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Testing Puppet Modules

There are several steps depending on how much involved the tests are, what parts are tested and, of course, how long it takes to run the tests.

Kasia Gogolek01/30/13
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Set Aside One Hour for Personal Development

A while ago I decided to dedicate an hour a day to my personal development time. There’s always been projects I had “in a pipeline” but they never finished, and work was always conveniently “getting in the way.”

Mikhail Vladimirov01/30/13
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Ultralog 0.1 Released

Let me announce the first full-featured release of ultralog - a logging framework for high performance applications written in Java.

Cloud Hosting01/29/13
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The Role Of Developers In the DevOps Culture

Cloudways helps you deploy, self-manage or get managed cloud hosting for 100+ Open Source Applications on Top Cloud Hosting Providers so you can completely focus on your business rather than system administration.

Col Wilson01/29/13
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Install Stackless Python on Ubuntu

I'm just about to write a couple of posts on Stackless Python and theNagare Micro Framework which runs on it. So I've been installing Stackless on my Ubuntu 12.04. Here are some nice copy and paste instructions if you want to play along.

Mikko Ohtamaa01/29/13
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Help Teach Programming Disciplines with PythonTidy

PythonTidy is a utility to reformat Python source code according to Python PEP-8 style guide. It cleans up your source code and makes it adhere the community recommended practices.

Jessica Thornsby01/29/13
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Automatic Properties in Subversion

Properties are a powerful and useful feature of Apache Subversion, but they can be easily overlooked. If you’re regularly using properties in your project, it’s a good idea to configure Subversion to add properties to new files automatically.

Edmund Kirwan01/28/13
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The Three Greatest Paragraphs Ever Written on Encapsulation

Many have written articles about encapsulation throughout the computing ages, but which articles are the most influential? Which encapsulate encapsulation?

Mark Needham01/28/13
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A/B Testing: Thoughts So Far

I’ve been working at uSwitch for about two months now and for the majority of that time have been working on an A/B test we were running to try and make it easier for users to go through the energy comparison process.

Brian O' Neill01/28/13
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Zen and the Art of Collaborative Software Development

Conway's law suggests that designs are constrained by organizational communication structures. I've seen that law manifest itself over and over again and I'd assert that it is impossible to develop a cohesive software platform unless the proper collaborative dynamics exist.

Vijay Narayanan01/28/13
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Continuously Explore and Execute on Project Synergies

Managing delivery risk is one of the key risks with pursuing systematic reuse. How can your teams mitigate that risk yet make progress on the reuse front?

Matt Watson01/27/13
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What is the Ops in DevOps?

So what does DevOps mean exactly? What is the Ops in DevOps? Operations can mean a lot of things and even different things to different people.

Alex Holmes01/27/13
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Pipes and Useless Cats

Pipelines let you chain together multiple commands to manipulate data flows. Pipes are not only useful as a data filtering mechanism, but when combined with tools such as cut, awk and sed can also be used for projections and transformations.

Dan Pritchett01/26/13
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Focus on the Cloud, not the Clouds

There are a lot of very good conversations going on about the challenges with cloud computing. Storage is just beginning to mature in the cloud and there are many interesting issues around privacy, SOX, and PCI compliance.

Brian Swan01/26/13
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Bundler and Cross-Platform Development

Recently I helped a co-worker with getting Rails, Nginx, and Unicorn up and running in a Linux VM, using Capistrano to deploy the Rails application from the development box.

Zac Gery01/25/13
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Technical Debt: Strategic vs Non-Strategic

In the current age of software development the phrase "technical debt" has become part of the common vocabulary.

Carlos Sanchez01/25/13
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Managing Puppet Modules with Librarian-Puppet

This definitely applies to Puppet code, you have Puppet classes to encapsulate functionality, and modules that group classes together for reuse and redistribution.

Alex Soto01/25/13
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Jenkins Description Setter Plugin for Improving Continuous Delivery Visibility

In Continuous Delivery, each build is potentially shippable. This implies a lot of things.

Achala Chathura...01/25/13
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Installing Git on Ubuntu

A few libraries need to be installed prior to the installation of Git...

Willie Wheeler01/24/13
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Top Ten Pops and Drops with Splunk - Part 2

After considering different alternatives, we eventually settled on using the ratio (today’s count + 1) / (yesterday’s count + 1). This solves the zero denominator problem without unduly skewing the ratio.

Col Wilson01/24/13
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Nginx & uWSGI Living Together in Your Shed

Let's assume you have just bought the memorable domain name and you want to host your lovely web app on that old server in the shed.

Alex Holmes01/24/13
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Controlling User Logging in Hadoop

Imagine that you’re a Hadoop administrator, and to make things interesting you’re managing a multi-tenant Hadoop cluster where data scientists, developers and QA are pounding your cluster.

Ben Kepes01/24/13
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On the Ethic of Delivery

There is a real convergence occurring, one that sees a new breed of organization, a changing environment within which those organizations operate, and a new type of demand upon those within the organization tasked with delivering the business needs.

Edmund Kirwan01/23/13
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Serpents and Sunbursts in Source Code Structure

When we want to understand some lovely, Java code, we read it. Sometimes, however, a slightly higher perspective helps to show us the patterns that reading alone may hide.

Jon Archer01/23/13
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How to Completely Fail at BDD

Are you interested in introducing BDD to your team? Don’t try and do it like this under these circumstances. Learn from my failure.