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Eric Minick02/26/13
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The Many Layers of DevOps

For many people, DevOps and infrastructure as code are synonymous. However, I am usually quick to point out the other moving parts that need to be managed.

Edmund Kirwan02/26/13
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A Simple Suggestion to Radically Improve Your Package Structure

You don't need elaborate JSRs to build a better package structure. You just need a direction.

Alex Soto02/26/13
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Code Quality Stage Using Jenkins

In Continuous Delivery each build is potentially shippable. This fact implies among a lot of other things, to assign a none snapshot version to your components as fast as possible so you can refer them through all the process.

Nadav Azaria02/26/13
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Executing a Command Line Executable From Java

In this post we'll deal with a common need for Java developers. Execute and manage an external process from within Java. Since this task is quite common we set out to find a Java library to help us accomplish it.

James Sugrue02/25/13
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Shipping Greatness: Book Review

Something every developer and team aspires to is shipping great software. But as we all know, it doesn't always work out that way. So what can we learn from Chris Vander Mey's Shipping Greatness?

Dustin Marx02/25/13
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My Five Favorite Development Analogies

I find myself using analogies (or the closely related similes and metaphors) to illustrate points I am trying to make in various facets of software development, especially when talking with someone new to or less familiar with software development.

Jessica Thornsby02/25/13
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Adding and Deleting Files from Command Line

When working with files under Apache Subversion’s version control, eventually you will need to start adding and removing files from your project.

Doug Turnbull02/25/13
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Lucene 4 Finite State Automata In 10 Minutes (Intro & Tutorial)

This article is intended to help you bootstrap your ability to work with Finite State Automata (note automata == plural of automaton).

Johanna Rothman02/25/13
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Interview About Pragmatic Ways to Manage Technical Debt

I had a great time recording an interview last week with Carolyn Seaman for

Andriy Redko02/24/13
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Your logs are your data: logstash + elasticsearch

Topic of today's post stays a bit aside from day-to-day coding and development but nonetheless covers a very important subject: our application log files. Our apps do generate enormous amount of logs which if done rightare extremely handy for problems troubleshooting.

Edvin Syse02/24/13
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Eclipse RAP 2.0 QuickStart with IntelliJ IDEA

Eclipse RAP 2.0 is finally out! I've created a quickstart project that will get you up and running with RAP 2.0, including project files for IntelliJ IDEA 12 if that's your IDE of choice, and automatic creation of a deployable WAR artifact.

Gerard Davison02/23/13
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A Little Temporal Feedback When Running Tests

I have been working a lot recently with a bunch of test jobs that are intermittently getting stuck. Now it is possible to work out the point where the problem is occurring by looking at the date labels on the LOG output; but it is hard visually to pick these discontinuities out.

Kevin Chabot02/23/13
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Collections, meet Expression!

The Apache Collections library is a great library for working with collections. However, the need to write verbose predicates that are sometimes difficult to read reduces the ease of use for that library.

Paul Hammant02/22/13
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Continuous Delivery: Professionals vs. Amateurs

Where a performance becomes automatic for the performer through practice, and where repeated performance has value, then there could well be a transition from amateur to professional for the performer.

Eric Gregory02/22/13
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Electric Cloud Announces Android Software Delivery Solution

One of the biggest challenges to efficiency for Android manufacturers is building, testing, and releasing machines for each version of Android OS, all while Android is constantly evolving under their feet.

Jessica Thornsby02/22/13
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Fetching Previous Revisions in Subversion

One of the fundamental features of Apache Subversion is that it remembers every change committed to the central repository, allowing users to easily recover previous versions of their project.

David Isbitski02/22/13
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Package Deployed for Dev or Authoring Mode Error in Windows App Cert Kit

If you are getting this error message when running the Windows App Certification Kit, don’t panic: This package was deployed for development or authoring mode. Uninstall the package and re-install it normally.

James Betteley02/21/13
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Sonar Analysis Using Gradle

I’ve been experimenting with Gradle recently, and as part of the experiment, I wanted to get Sonar running and producing code metrics, including test coverage reports.

Ralf Quebbemann02/21/13
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How to Install Icinga with Ubuntu 12.04's Web Interface

I had a hard time finding good articles about how to install icinga with the new web based PHP interface on Ubuntu 12.04.

Dennis Doomen02/21/13
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Quick Review of The Cucumber Book from a SpecFlow Perspective

Recently I finished reading a new book titled The Cucumber Book: Behaviour-Driven Development for Testers and Developers by Matt Wynne and Aslak Hellesoy. Aslak is the founder of the Cucumber project (which is what SpecFlow for .NET is based on), and Matt is one of its most active developers.

Bill Digman02/21/13
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Resin Proxy Cache Support and REST Support Explained

Resin's built in support is typically the fastest most scalable, most supportable option. To demonstrate this, let's show how we can use Resin built-in proxy cache (similar to Varnish or Squid) with Resin's REST admin support.

Reza Rahman02/20/13
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Java EE 7 Maven Repository Coordinates

For those of us doing Java EE development with Maven (which by my own account as a former consultant is pretty much all Java EE/GlassFish adopters), getting our hands on the repository location for Java EE APIs is critically important.

Raghuraman Bala...02/20/13
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Log Analysis and Archive with Amazon S3 and Glacier

Logging is an essential component of any system and helps you understand what's really going on in the system.

Mark Needham02/20/13
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Micro Services Style Data Work Flow

Having worked on a few data related applications over the last ten months or so Ashok and I were recently discussing some of the things that we’ve learnt.

Oleg Nikolaenko02/20/13
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Bug-Safety Code: Design Pattern Null Safe

By shifting mistakes in a system I can catch this exception -- but it means very bad code.