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Brian Gracely12/29/12
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What Will You Do for Free in 2013?

The most frequent conversation I had this year was with colleagues who asked for advice on their "career path". How should they stay motivated? How do they take on new or bigger responsibility? How do they earn more money?

Tommy Patterson12/28/12
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Browsing Hyper-V VM Folders in Hyper-V 2012: Think Datastores for VMware Admins

During my Pro Camp events I often get asked about Hyper-V “Datastores,” in that VMware administrators want to know how to access them, search through the contents, and move files around.

Mikko Ohtamaa12/28/12
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What's Wrong with Unix People?

I don’t want to flame here, but the argument that one should not position a cursor using a mouse reflects either total 1) ignorance 2) stupidy 3) lack of vision.

James Betteley12/28/12
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ITOps Sprint 1 Review

Our first ever ITOps sprint completed on Friday 7th December amid much fanfare and celebration (ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration). The team completed a whopping grand total of 103 points. Among the highlights were:

Mikko Ohtamaa12/28/12
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SSH Key and Passwordless Login Basics for Developers

SSH keys are useful to login over ssh (secure shell) without typing a password. Here is some basic information from a dev point-of-view on how to use SSH keys for maximum comfort and security.

Juri Strumpflohner12/27/12
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Gist: My New Devbook

I always had the idea of having some kind of organized store, some kind of very simple knowledge base where I could memorize interesting stuff around software development which I encounter i my day-to-day business.

Eric Gregory12/27/12
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Webinar: Reduce Software Risk through Improved Quality Measures

The CastBroadcast Channel presents a webinar on risk reduction through careful quality measures.

Mikko Ohtamaa12/27/12
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Power Searching Using UNIX grep

UNIX grep is a command tool for searching text strings inside files. (One should not confuse it with find which matches filenames and properties). In this blog post there are some hints how to use grep to search from files fast and efficiently.

Eric Gregory12/27/12
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Gene Kim on InfoSec, Rugged DevOps, and More

At the OWASP AppSec 2012 keynote, Gene Kim discusses DevOps and information security.

Pierre - Hugues...12/26/12
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Too Many Open Files: Case Study

This case study describes the complete root cause analysis and resolution of a File Descriptor (Too many open files) related problem that we faced following a migration from Oracle ALSB 2.6 running on Solaris OS to Oracle OSB 11g running on AIX.

Eric Gregory12/26/12
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Jez Humble on Scaling DevOps

Jez Humble, co-author of Continuous Delivery, speaks on implementing and scaling DevOps.

Eric Gregory12/26/12
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Defining DevOps in Sixty Seconds

The Instant Technology DevOps team attempts to define DevOps in sixty seconds.

Mikko Ohtamaa12/26/12
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Automatically Colorize Terminal Tabs Based on Server

OSX’s iTerm 2, and maybe some other terminal applications, support ANSI control sequence extensions which allow shell to set the color of the terminal tab.

Matthias Marschall12/25/12
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Win Free Copies of New Book on Continuous Delivery and DevOps

All you need to do is head over to the Continuous Delivery and DevOps book page and look through the product description of the book. Drop a line via the comments below this post to let us know what interests you the most about this book. It’s that simple.

Eric Gregory12/25/12
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Questions on DevOps and Non-Functional Requirements

Cameron McKenzie discusses Agile, DevOps, and non-functional requirements.

Eric Gregory12/25/12
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Stephen Nelson-Smith: DevOps and Organisational Effectiveness

UNICOM Seminars presents Stephen Nelson-Smith on DevOps and organizational effectiveness.

Baruch Sadogursky12/24/12
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Artifactory User Plugins in 5 Screenshots or Less

Remember the blog post about user plugins? How easy and fast is it to add or change functionality in Artifactory? When you went skeptic, like "come on, it's nice in the blog post, but how useful it really is?" Here's real live example from today...

Tom O'connor12/24/12
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My Battle with Commvault

Initally, we had a storage server, with 30-odd TB of SATA storage, using some bit of LSI technology with a battery-backed write cache.. Pretty good for scheduled rsnapshot backups. However, in May, we decided to sort out off-site backups, and build up some kind of disaster recovery strategy.

Eric Gregory12/24/12
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Podcast: "I Will Cut You, DevOps and Culture"

ServiceSphere presents the ITSM weekly podcast -- this episode tackles "company culture" and much more.

Ayende Rahien12/23/12
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Think About Production, Silly!

Think about what will happen in production when you have an annoyed (and tired) ops team trying to figure out what is going on. Having a black box is the worst thing that you could possibly do, because you give the admin absolutely no input.

Mehdi Daoudi12/23/12
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DevOps Roundup: Holiday Edition

The DevOps roundup collects links and resources from the last week.

Sadayuki Furuhashi12/22/12
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MessagePack: The Missing Serializer

The best way to describe MessagePack is “JSON on steroids”. It supports an almost identical set of data types as JSON —Nil, Boolean, Integer, Float, String, Array, and Associative Array— but runs much faster and requires a fraction of space.

Eric Gregory12/22/12
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7 Tools for Your Puppetized DevOps Stack

PuppetLabs presents Kris Buytaert's "7 Tools for Your Puppetized DevOps Stack" presentation from PuppetConf.

Eric Gregory12/21/12
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The DevOps Future is Here, It's Just Not Evenly Distributed (Yet)

The USENIX Association presents Kris Buytaert: "We've come a long way since introducing new ideas in server automation and deployment, and also in creating a culture of collaboration between the traditional silos in organizations..."

Douglas Rathbone12/21/12
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Set Up Scheduled Log File Cleaning for Windows Servers Running IIS

These days IIS has so many bells and whistles installed that it can be hard to find the settings panel that does what you want it to do. The one thing that is lacking as a feature in IIS is log file recycling.