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Gil Zilberfeld07/08/14
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How To Test Your Tests

Let’s put it this way: If the test fails the evaluation, there’s going to be work later to fix it. When would you rather do it – now, when the test is fresh in your head, or later, when you have to dive in again, into code that you haven’t seen in 6 months, instead of working on the new exciting feature you want to work on?

Eric Minick07/08/14
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Anti-Pattern: Fixing Configuration “As-Broken”

In the webinar Death to Manual Deployments we highlight a common problem in enterprise IT: configuration updates to middleware and applications are made on an “as-broken” basis. A developer will change the application to need a configuration tweak, which she makes on her own laptop.

Bojan Tomic07/07/14
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Spring Security Run-As example using annotations and namespace configuration

Two examples of Spring Security's authentication replacement feature, often referred to as Run-As, that can replace the current user's authentication (and thus permissions) during a single secured object invocation.

Steve Smith07/07/14
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Continuous Delivery Pipeline Pattern: Analysis Stage

The entry point of a Continuous Delivery pipeline is its Commit Stage, and as such manages the compilation, unit testing, analysis, and packaging of source code whenever a change is committed to version control.

Benjamin Ball07/06/14
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The Best of the Week (June 27): DevOps Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the DevOps Zone (June 27 to July 3). This week's topics includes code complexity, code refactorings, unit testing database code, injection as a security risk, and an interview with PagerDuty on incident management in DevOps.

Johannes Brodwall07/05/14
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A Canonical Web Test in NodeJS

When making these tests, I allowed for a little flexibility as well: By setting environment variables, the same tests can be run with a manually deployed server, so you can use it to verify that your staging server is up and running (for example).

Cloudify Community07/04/14
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Load Testing and Cloudification Ssing Gatling

As a leader in distributed computing architectures, FastConnect brings its unique expertise to assist you in redesigning your information and your business applications involving system implementation methodologies and the most advanced technologies.

Lorna Mitchell07/04/14
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Video: Git Remotes and Tracking Branches

Here's a little demo video that I put together to explain pushing/pulling with multiple remotes and how tracking branches make this easier.

Barton George07/04/14
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Rackspace’s DevOps Practice — DevOps Days Austin

Continuing with my interview series from DevOps Days Austin, today’s interview is with Matt Barlow. Matt established Rackspace’s support offering around DevOps automation late last year. Hear about it and how it all came to be.

Trisha Gee07/03/14
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Readable, Succinct, or Just Plain Short?

Which is more readable? releaseVersion = version.substring(0, version.indexOf('-SNAPSHOT')) or releaseVersion = version[0..-10] ? I'm going to go with the first one because it’s easier to understand if/when something goes wrong.

Allan Kelly07/03/14
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How Do I Make Testing Faster?

Later in the day I found myself in conversation with two people concerned about software testing. They posed the question: “How do we make testing faster?” Specifically, how do we make SIT (“System Integration Testing”) and UAT (“User Acceptance Testing”) faster?

Alec Noller07/02/14
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Dev of the Week: Hernâni Cerqueira

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we have something a little bit different: Hernâni Cerqueira, Lead Software Engineer for DZone and AnswerHub.

Jay Fields07/02/14
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Working Effectively with Unit Tests Rough Draft Complete

I have finally put the finishing touches on the rough draft of Working Effectively with Unit Tests.

Michael Norton07/02/14
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The Love Contagion: Groupon and the Science of Developer Appreciation

The science of appreciation tells us that gratitude is lacking in most work environments, but even a little bit of appreciation can lead to a better work environment and higher performance. People start to feel better about themselves, perform better as a result, and are more likely to show appreciation to others.

Barton George07/01/14
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PagerDuty and Incident Management — DevOps Days Austin

I'm picking back up the series I started last month, DevOps Days Austin. Today’s interview features Arup Chakrabarti of PagerDuty who presented at DevOps days and leads PagerDuty’s Ops engineering team. Take a listen.

Dror Helper07/01/14
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TDD != Unit Tests (and Vice Versa)

I finally had some time to sit and watch the discussions on the topic between Kent Beck,Martin Fowler and David Heinemeier Hansson.

Phil Wilkins06/30/14
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Puppet Reporting and Monitoring

Review on a book about how to build your own reporting and monitoring around Puppet.

Ben Teese06/30/14
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Think a Bit, Code a Bit, Test a Bit

The best piece of advice I ever got regarding a personal software development process was from a grizzled old Unix developer with a neckbeard. OK, that’s not true – it was actually from a clean-shaven principal consultant and architect at a company I used to work at, but that doesn’t sound nearly as impressive.

Ben Teese06/30/14
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Think a Bit, Code a Bit, Test a Bit

The best piece of advice I ever got regarding a personal software development process was from a grizzled old Unix developer with a neckbeard. OK, that’s not true – it was actually from a clean-shaven principal consultant and architect at a company I used to work at, but that doesn’t sound nearly as impressive.

Max Mccarty06/30/14
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OWASP Top 10 Risks: #1: Injection

We've all witnessed (and had a good laugh) when commands have been mixed with data as in the case where the baker literally writes the instructions for the message as the cake message. There isn't much difference in this example and what is one of the core elements in what OWASP has identified as the no.

John Ferguson Smart06/29/14
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BDD in Action

Behaviour-driven development (BDD) started as an improved variation on test-driven development

John Ferguson Smart06/28/14
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It's Testing, Jim, But Not As We Know It

Behaviour Driven Development is an increasingly popular Agile development practice that turns testing on its head.

Dave Bush06/27/14
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On Avoiding Code Complexity

A few weeks before that, I talked about DRY Programming and the fact that not repeating ourselves extends much farther than most of us normally think when we are thinking about our code.Today I want to continue on the general theme of code quality by discussing code complexity.

Martin Fowler06/26/14
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Unit Testing with Martin Fowler

Unit testing is often talked about in software development. Like most software development terminology, however, it's very ill-defined, and I see confusion can often occur when people think that it's more tightly defined than it actually is.

Cloudify Community06/26/14
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DevOps Trail Blazers - People I Love to Follow

Here is my definitive list of DevOps folks I love to follow on Twitter – and I think you should too. Obviously I couldn’t get everyone in – and I may have just missed some as an oversight - so I’m opening this up for your editing and adding of DevOps rockstars you think should be in this list.