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Eric Gregory01/19/13
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Etsy's Code as Craft: "Moving Fast at Scale"

Etsy Labs' fantastic Code as Craft series explores Etsy's strategies for moving fast at scale.

Jim Bird01/18/13
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Frankensystems, Half-Strangled Zombies, and Other Monsters

Some of the ugliest things that happen to code don’t have anything to do with technical debt. They’re the result of conscious and well-intentioned design changes.

Jonas Gauffin01/18/13
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Introducing My Logging Library

I’ve just published the first version (consider it a beta) of my logging library to the official nuget server(s).

Jez Humble01/18/13
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Book Review: The Phoenix Project

You’ve probably heard of Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford before. They are the three amigos responsible for The Visible Ops Handbook, which can be found in the book pile of every good IT operator.

Mark Needham01/18/13
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Fabric: Tailing Log Files on Multiple Machines

We wanted to tail one of the log files simultaneously on 12 servers this afternoon to try and see if a particular event was being logged and rather than opening 12 SSH sessions decided to get Fabric to help us out.

Dinuka Arseculeratne01/17/13
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Dev vs QA: Should There Be a Difference?

We had our scrum of scrum meetings last Wednesday where all scrum masters meet up with our line manager to discuss issues, bottlenecks and success stories of our previous sprint.

Eric Gregory01/17/13
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Fun with Maven and VirtualBox

"Here's a five minute video demonstrating how some fun features of my Maven VirtualBox plugin, such as creating a box from some configuration, provisioning it and running integration tests against it."

Martijn Verburg01/17/13
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A Garbage Collection Analysis of PCGen - the popular Open Source Character Generator

A Garbage Collection analysis of a PCGen - a large Java swing desktop application that supports character generation for role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons.

Matthias Marschall01/17/13
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How Delays Render All Your Efforts Useless

London Stansted Airport, early afternoon – a huge crowd at the railway station. No trains – only people, and a lot of confusion and anger.

Cagdas Basaraner01/16/13
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A Serverless, Zero-Configuration Database Solution: SQLite

Most software need saving data. Sometimes that data is predicted to be small and hundreds or thousands of transactions on it will not be needed at the same time.

Luigi Viggiano01/16/13
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-bash: __git_ps1: Command Not Found

Today I updated mac ports and a new error started to show up at the command line saying that the __git_ps1 command is not found.

David Winterbottom01/16/13
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Configuring Logging for

You're using on a Mac for local development but are getting SQL errors from your application. You're seeing an error message.

Raghuraman Bala...01/16/13
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Log Archive and Analysis with Amazon S3 and Glacier - Part IV

We now have the logs coming from CloudFront, Web/App and Search tier to the centralized log storage in Amazon S3. In this final post of this series, let's now see what are the options at storage level from cost point of view and what to do with mountains of logs.

Troy Hunt01/15/13
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Inviting Hackers into Your Automated Home

I was at the Web Directions South conference the other day and you know what really struck me? There is a lot of very cool, very connected stuff either here now or coming very soon. Hackable stuff!

Aaron Nichols01/15/13
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Continuous Deployment: Are You Afraid It Might Work?

I’ve been wondering for a few years now, why it’s so hard to get companies to prioritize the work that I feel is important. I mean, I’m telling you how to do it and you aren’t listening - don’t you want to build quality software?

Spike Morelli01/15/13
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Delivering Value: Engineers and the End User

When I started following along the devops movement often times the phrase “delivering value” would appear in conversation. That made me ponder even harder on a question that had haunted me for quite a while already: who, as an ops person, am I delivering value to?

Kris Buytaert01/15/13
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The DevOps Conference Season is Heating Up

Kris Buytaert gives us an in-depth rundown of forthcoming DevOps events around the world.

Roger Hughes01/14/13
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Super Quick Tomcat App Deployment Using a PULL Script

If you managed to read my last blog you'll remember that I demonstrated a simple script for creating a new tomcat installation on a server by splitting the tomcat binaries from the conf files, storing the binaries on a FTP server and the conf files in version control, with a script recombining the two parts.

Jason Whaley01/14/13
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Let's Put an End to Unix Editor Snobbery

"Whoever defined nano as the default crontab editor for Ubuntu deserves a whipping with a rusty chain."

Eric Gregory01/14/13
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Here, Have a Rails DevOps Cheatsheet

Rubytune has put together a reference sheet of DevOps-y command-line tips dealing with process basics, memory, disk/files, network, and more.

Simon Brown01/13/13
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Digitalisation - Complex for All the Wrong Reasons

In my role as a software developer, Iʼm often asked to automate existing business processes and transform them into computer systems.

Eric Gregory01/13/13
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Pragmatic Continuous Delivery

At JavaZone, Jevgeni Kabanov talks about building a full clustered environment and a deployment pipeline -- so that commits to the trunk update a live chat server.

Michael Muller01/12/13
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On Technical Debt: An Interview with Philippe Kruchten

Let's continue our serie of interviews with people who had and continue having major influence on the definition of technical debt and its implementation in software development projects. Philippe KRUCHTEN, software engineering professor at UBC, who directed the development of the RUP (Rational Unified Process), explains his vision of technical debt and how to manage it, in order to take right decisions at the right time.

Eric Gregory01/12/13
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"From Dinosaur to Spaceship" with Continuous Delivery

This JavaZone session provides an object lesson in using continuous delivery for build, test, and deployment.

Jez Humble01/11/13
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On Antifragility in Systems and Organizational Architecture

In his new book, Antifragile, Nassim Taleb discusses the behaviour of complex systems and distinguishes three kinds: those that are fragile, those that are robust or resilient, and those that are antifragile.