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Gil Zilberfeld09/03/14
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The Economics of Unit Testing

Unit testing is a set of skills, that rarely appears on a resume. When I saw a resume with unit testing on it, it rose up to the top of the interview queue. I understood the person who put it there understand what it means to the business.

Zemian Deng09/03/14
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Deploying Applications or Libraries to WebLogic Server Using Command Line

Here is how you can automate deployment for WebLogic server using the command line.

Lieven Doclo09/03/14
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Hystrix and Spring Boot

Hystrix is a Java library aimed towards making integration points less susceptible to failures and mitigating the impact a failure might have on your application.

Jonas Gauffin09/03/14
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Communicating business rules with methods

Do you use anemic models? i.e. having business classes like “User” without any methods but just properties instead? Do you want to do better but do not know how?

Istvan Forgacs09/03/14
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Debugging Step by Step—Traditional Debugging

In the forthcoming articles we consider traditional and state of the art debuggers, introduce some new methods make debugging easier and describe and efficient process of bug hunting. In this first article we shortly outlined the main methods of traditional debugging, and explain their advantages and disadvantages.

Paul Reed09/02/14
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Making Monitoring Work For You

Monitoring is a big part of DevOps, but what’s the best way to get started? Infrastructure monitoring? Application monitoring? What should you monitor? Where should that data go? How can you turn data into information and monitoring into alerts? What about alert fatigue and humane monitoring?

Jim Bird09/02/14
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10 Things to Make Your App Secure: #1 Parameterize Database Queries

Let’s start with #1 on the list, the simplest, but one of the most important things that you can do to secure your application: Parameterize Database Queries. One of the most dangerous and most common attacks on online applications is SQL Injection.

Lieven Doclo09/02/14
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RAML: How Specification Becomes Documentation and Testing

In my last post I talked about what annoys me about Swagger. This evening, I took the time to see whether there are any good alternatives out there.

Yung Chou09/01/14
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Accelerate DevOps with the Cloud – Bringing Docker Online using PowerShell DSC

Picking up where we last left off, Yung Chou and Keith Mayer continue our Accelerate DevOps with the Cloud series as they welcome Andrew Weiss from Microsoft Consulting Services as they show us how we can manage Docker containers using PowerShell DSC.

Kaveh Shahbazian09/01/14
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Two Tales: Object Oriented Programming & Functional Programming

Recently, while crawling in old scrap repositories, I've found something that ironically still makes sense! And that was a different point of view about the relation between OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and FP (Functional Programming).

Robert Diana09/01/14
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Geek Reading August 28, 2014

I have talked about human filters and my plan for digital curation. These items are the fruits of those ideas, the items I deemed worthy from my daily reading. These items are a combination of tech business news, development news and programming tools and techniques.

Dave Bush08/29/14
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It is Called “Unit Testing” for a Reason

Simply, a unit is one feature or functionality that your application needs to perform. The problem I see most people have is not that they don’t know how to test a unit so much as they don’t understand what “a feature” or “a function”.

Borislav Iordanov08/29/14
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Where are the JVM Scripting IDEs?

Production code is being written, dynamic language code bases are growing, whole projects don't even have any Java code proper. Yet when it comes to tooling, the space is meager to say the least.

Paul Hammant08/28/14
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Provisioning, Deployment and Application Config Cycles

In my opinion: provisioning should be via “Infrastructure as Code," deployment of application binaries is as it’s conventionally understood today, and application config should be “Configuration as Code.” Here’s a handy diagram of all that, for a single hypothetical environment.

David Winters08/27/14
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New Features and Changes in BPM 12c

In this blog, I will discuss which I believe are the most notable changes in the BPM 12c product, some of which also impact SOA suite 12c since the BPM suite shares some components with the SOA suite including the human workflow and business rules engine among others as we can see from the diagram below.

Arvind Anandam08/27/14
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Securing JBoss EAP 6 - Implementing SSL

This blogs details the steps you could take to secure JBoss EAP 6 running in Domain mode. These are probably documented by RedHat but the documentation seems a bit scattered. The idea behind this blog is to put together everything in one place.

Patroklos Papapetrou08/26/14
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The Full-Time Developer 'Curse'

I work as a full-time developer : This practically means that I spend 9 hours daily working with legacy code, existing or new products of a specific domain.

Mohamed Sanaulla08/26/14
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Parameterized Test Runner in JUnit

We all have written unit tests where in a single test tests for different possible input-output combinations. Lets look how its done by taking a simple fibonacci series example. The below code computes the fibonacci series for number of elements mentioned.

Dustin Marx08/26/14
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Java Numeric Formatting

I have used this post to look at how NumberFormat can be used to present numbers in different ways (currency, percentage, integer, fixed number of decimal points, etc.) and often means no or reduced code need be written to massage numbers into these formats.

David Flynn08/25/14
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Collectors Part 2: Provided Collectors and a Java 8 Streams Demonstration

oday we’ll look at the collect function and then we’ll finish off with a more substantial example showing the power Java 8 streaming gives us.

David Green08/25/14
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Is Pair Programming For Everybody?

Pairing helps a team normalise its knowledge – what one person knows, everyone else learns through pairing: keyboard shortcuts, techniques, practices, third party libraries as well as the details of the source code you’re working in. This pushes up the average level of the team and stops knowledge becoming siloed.

Dustin Marx08/25/14
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jinfo: Command-line Peeking at JVM Runtime Configuration

In the Java SE 8 version of jinfo running on my machine, the primary limitation of jinfo on Windows that I discussed in the post Acquiring JVM Runtime Information has been addressed.

Steven Lott08/25/14
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Permutations, Combinations and Frustrations

What's really important about this question was the obstinate inability of the programmer to realize that their problem had a tidy, well understood solution. And has had a good solution for decades. Instead they did a lot of programming and sent 100's of words and 10 attachments (10. Really.)

Benjamin Ball08/24/14
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The Best of the Week (Aug 14): DevOps Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the DevOps Zone (August 14 to August 21). This week's topics include the Java 9 features announcement and community reactions, Java testing frameworks, code duplication, BDD and Continuous Delivery, and modern IT and DevOps.

Jakub Kubrynski08/23/14
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Debugging OpenJDK

Sometimes debugging Java code is not enough and we need to step over the native part of Java. I spent some time to achieve proper state of my JDK to do that, so short description probably will be useful for ones starting their trip. I'll use the brand new OpenJDK 9!