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Eric Minick10/16/12
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Release Manifests, Smart Deploys, and Recreating Environments

When I work with customers who have even moderately complex deployments, they rarely deploy just a single build at a time. Usually, a collection of builds, updates and configuration is released in some coordinated fashion. Release manifests help with that coordination.

Mark Needham10/14/12
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Varnish: Purging the Cache

We’re using varnish to cache all the requests that come through our web servers and especially in our pre-production environments we deploy quite frequently and want to see the changes that we’ve made. This means that we need to purge the pages we’re accessing from varnish.

Ola Bini10/14/12
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A New Server Infrastructure

Going forward, I think the Phoenix server is the kind of model I actually want for our AWS deploys.

Daniel Ackerson10/14/12
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Code Inventory and Tracking Releases

Like it or not, most of us, whether developers or sysadmins, work in a service industry. It’s fast and furious, and we don’t have time to build features that nobody wants. With sufficient test coverage, there’s no code that can’t be released within a day of pushing to the repository.

Trevor Parsons10/12/12
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Cooking Up Engine Yard Logs with Chef

Chef is a great way to automate your cloud, and in particular its useful as your environment grows! On Engine Yard, Chef recipes can also be used to configure add-on’s (like Logentries) on your servers as we will explain…

Gerard Davison10/11/12
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Using Hudson/Jenkins to Diagnose that Intermittent Failure

Having trouble with those intermittent bugs that just won't reproduce on my machine; but will reproduce intermittently on other machines while they are running automated testing? Here's how Hudson/Jenkins can help.

Oliver Hookins10/10/12
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Cool, interesting, useful, unique and innovative Shell Prompts

I’m sharing my tmux PS1 prompt variable with you. It’s not the most advanced, doesn’t use all of the bells and whistles and I’m still not entirely sure the information it presents is essential but it’s a work in progress. I’d love for you to share your own in the comments in the hope of spreading know-how and ideas!

Eli Bendersky10/09/12
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Fixing Intermittent DNS Problems on Ubuntu 12.04

I’ve been having some intermittent DNS resolution failures on my recent installation of Ubuntu 12.04. Googling showed that I’m not the only one, and the solution found here seems to be working for me:

Dustin Marx10/08/12
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JavaOne 2012: Mastering Java Deployment

A goal of the deployment team is to help Java developers deploy their applications to their platform of choice. In some cases, there are multiple ways to do the same thing.

Jez Humble10/08/12
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Continuous Delivery and Apple

The case of Apple sometimes comes up in discussions around continuous delivery and the lean startup. For example, Richard Durnall described Apple’s strategy to me on Twitter.

Kief Morris10/07/12
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Quality + Simplicity - the Sweet Spot

There is a common belief in the software development world that a tradeoff exists between speed of delivery and quality, an idea Martin Fowler calls the Tradable Quality Hypothesis. It’s the idea that, in a pinch, you can speed up software delivery by not worrying so much about quality.

Brian Gracely10/05/12
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Who's Your Puppet Master: The Cloudcast - Eps.59

Aaron and Nick Weaver talk with Luke Kanies (@puppetmasterd), Founder / CEO @ Puppet Labs, about the evolution of DevOps, the growth of the Puppet community and shifts in how IT operations are being managed.

John Cook10/04/12
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Your Software Flow is More Like a Whirlpool than a Pipeline

Most software looks more like a whirlpool than a pipeline. Data swirls around in loops before going down the drain.

Rodrigo De Castro10/03/12
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The Virtuous Cycle of Being On-Call

… or how you can make on-call for service providers a virtuous cycle. In the tech world, for everything that is running as a service or website 24/7/365, there must be someone available to take care of any issues that arise.

Willie Wheeler10/02/12
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CI with GitHub, Bamboo and Nexus

This article gives you practical advice on how to establish a continuous delivery pipeline. The eventual goal is to have an app that we can push out into production anytime we like, safely and with little effort.

Gareth Llewellyn10/01/12
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Android Client for Chef: Cyllell

Some time ago I set about creating an Android application that could emulate some of the features of Knife from the convenience of your phone. The biggest hurdle was authenticating with the AP.

Sean Hull10/01/12
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10 Ways I Avoid Trouble in the Database

From time to time I’m working with new recruits and bringing them up to speed in operations. The first thing I emphasize is care with destructive commands.

Gareth Rushgrove09/29/12
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The Story

If you’re building a community project that’s aimed at developers, then throw the content on GitHub. In my case I have the entire site on there too but I think that’s secondary.

Carlos Sanchez09/28/12
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Puppet Module for Maven Repository Artifact Downloads

This is a guest post I wrote in the Puppetlabs blog for their Module of the Week program about the MaestroDev/maven module we created.

Jacob Orshalick09/27/12
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Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore DevOps

If you haven’t started looking at DevOps in your organization, I highly recommend you do. Not only will it keep you competitive, but it may be the key factor to differentiating your organization from the rest of the market.

Abhishek Kumar09/25/12
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A Console Utility for ThoughtWorks' Go

I recently created a rubygem console utility to get focused information about your Go Continuous Delivery pipeline easily; no more switching again to browsers. It's called ci-go-nfo.

Eric Minick09/24/12
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Releases Should be Boring

If you are throwing release parties, or just relieved every time the release doesn’t go wrong, it’s probably time to look into DevOps techniques and automating your releases. It’s not like the business is going to want to slow down the pace.

Geoffrey Papilion09/23/12
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Monitoring Your Customers with Selenium and Nagios

wWhen discussing the challenges of continious deployment for B2B services with SLAs, we got side tracked discussing using Selenium and Nagios in production. I would recommend that anyone else give this strategy a try.

Mohamed Radwan09/22/12
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Hands-On Visual Studio Now Online!

Hands-On Visual Studio is a great website that will provide videos, labs and many other things with multi-lingual support, I believe it will become one of the primary resources for developers all over the world in the next years, stay close and tuned there will be update everyday…..

Oliver Hookins09/22/12
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Bundler, gems and RPMs

The status quo seems to favour bundler on the development side, but RPMs on the production side (if you judge these decisions based on what developers and ops folk prefer, generally).