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10 Years Later, What’s Next For Agile?

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I just got back from Agile 2011 and I have to admit, I was skeptical. It’s been 10 years since we signed the Agile Manifesto and I just had to wonder, “it’s been 10 years – why do we still need a conference on this? We get it already!”

But I was also excited because they had a new stage called New Horizons about What’s Next for Agile? And I had the extreme honor of getting to present on this stage to share what’s been happening in the Startup community with the Agile community. To talk about how I believe Lean Startup is what’s next for agile. Not just startup projects, but all development.

And in the end – as it always seems to be – meeting all of the awesome people, having all of the enlightening (and sometimes slightly drunken) discussions, and remembering just how freakin’ amazing the Agile community truly is – I left feeling incredibly inspired, energized, and with this unshakeable feeling that there is just so much potential – so much more we can all be doing. So, even if 10 years has gone by, that doesn’t take away from how much more we can accomplish.

And with that in mind, here’s a quick screencast on how I believe Lean Startup pushes agile development to the next level…

How Lean Startup Pushes Agile to the Next Level from Abby Fichtner, Hacker Chick on Vimeo.



You can find my complete slide deck on slideshare and I’d love to hear your thoughts on what’s next for agile.

What do YOU think is next for agile? Or do you think all this agile stuff is just crazy talk?

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