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2011: Time to Escape the DevOps Echo Chamber

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This is a guest post by Damon Edwards (@damonedwards)  Click on the reference link for the full post.

DevOps is a hit! Everyone is talking about it! Everyone is doing it! Everyone is going to meetups and conferences! Everyone…. oh wait, EVERYONE isn’t. It just feels likes it is everyone.

Why? Because we live in the DevOps echo chamber.

Now, I’ll admit that I’m a full fledged citizen of the DevOps echo chamber. I was immediately drawn to the lightening rod that the term “DevOps” has come to represent.

I watched the early crowd gather around that DevOps lightening rod and quickly coalesce into a full-fledged movement complete with hyper-active blogging, conferences, meetups, mailing lists, rivers of tweets, and a feverent throng of self-identifying DevOps believers. Life is happy for us DevOps enthusiasts.

However, we do need to acknowledge that we are living inside an echo chamber of our own making. Most of the conversation and high-fiving is between already converted DevOps enthusiasts. Even the arguments amongst ourselves contain more agreement than disagreement.

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Werner Keil replied on Fri, 2011/04/29 - 3:07am

That's correct. I was in Hamburg while DevOps days happened, and most of the big companies and agencies hosting a large amount of content there had neither clue about it nor intention to go there.

 It looks like other communities, especially those that are more web-centric and related to PR like Web stuff a'la PHP, Ruby, Groovy/Grails, and even JavaScript attract people more easily than the more "geek minded" community of people from the abyss of server rooms and data centers ?;-)

 Not saying, that shouldn't change either, but at the moment it seems like DevOps hasn't left its "closet"...

Clare Avieli replied on Sun, 2011/05/08 - 3:16am

For devops to move from the 'echo chamber' to the global business community, we must endeavor to support and advance the movement. Results are the bottom line here and it still needs to be proved that the devops movement is indeed beneficial for the organization. Solutions like Nolio's application release automation platform equips devops teams with the ability to increase throughput, decrease operational costs, and increase productivity.

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