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Automated UI Testing - Part 1 - WatiN

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A few months back I discovered a tool called WatiN. This is based on WatiR and is a web application testing tool for Dot Net developers. After doing a few little test applications i started to see the benefit of using this application in my development. The best thing i could see it could do for me was making sure my pre testing cycle smoke checks were all run and passing. This would save time in fixing little UI bugs spotted by QA testers.

For those who don't know what WatiN does then look at the following code:

public void SearchForWatiNOnGoofle()
    using(IE browser = new IE(""))

Within the class add a reference to WatiN.Core.dll and Nutit.framework.dll and then run this little test app. What will happen is a new instance of IE will spin up [other browsers can be run if necessary using further references]. It will search teh page for the textbox with the name 'q' and enter the text 'WatiN'. It will then find the button called 'btnG' and click it.

This will then give us the results and it checks to make sure that the results include the term 'WatiN'. Pretty easy  to follow eh?

I could really see the potential of how this could be used to see how a site behaves when certain things are done e.g. logging in as a user and making sure that user has the correct options available to them etc.

This was my first forage into the world of what i now know as BDD (behavioural driven development) and automated UI testing.

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Daniel Blendea replied on Wed, 2011/07/27 - 8:13am

This is *OLD* news and very beginner stuff.. Could someone at dzone, please, make a categorization: beginnner, medium, advanced stuff?

Morten Brun replied on Wed, 2011/07/27 - 7:22pm

Thank you very much for this great article. I think it is great to see articles like this which are not for the very experienced audience, but for newbies like me. Looking forward to part 2.

Paul Stack replied on Wed, 2011/08/03 - 2:56pm

Really sorry - not sure how this got posted to the site - it was first posted to my site in Feb 2010

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