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Camp DevOps Roundup

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Just one week after the DevOps Days event in Goteborg, Germany there's already reactions coming out of another DevOps conference that happened this past weekend in Chicago, IL.  This was the Camp DevOps conference, which featured a strong speaker list including Jez Humble (the continuous delivery extraordinaire) and Chris Read.  The sessions were also very well received since they were deeply technical with many lasting 2 hours.

This post collects some blogs, slideshows, and useful snippets used in the conference:

Here are 3 sessions from Camp DevOps that were converted into blog form and posted on

  1. DevOps in the Cloud Explained

  2. Overcoming Organizational Hurdles

  3. Groupon: Clean and Simple DevOps with Roller

The slides for Groupon's presentation are in PDF form and attached to this article at the bottom.

Here are some links to code packages used in the presentations:

Jenkins and puppet code and materials from Tyler Croy's 100% Continuous with Jenkins and Gerrit:

Puppet code repo from one of the two Hackathons:

And finally some pics:

A little whiteboard action: SVN to Jenkins to deployment using Artifactory, Rundeck and Puppet

Has Zenoss gone too far with their advertising?

So have you been to any good DevOps conferences lately?  Aren't there just a bunch of them now?

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