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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/12/2

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Neelie Kroes, the EU antagonist to Oracle's takeover of Sun, is stepping down as the Commission on Competition chair.  There's no word on whether the decision was voluntary or imposed, or if the Oracle-Sun deal had anything to do with it.  Her successor, who will take the reigns next year, has already been chosen.  His name is Joaquin Almunia and he's a member of Spain's socialist party.  Although that seems like more bad news for Oracle, Almunia hasn't pressed that hard for bailed-out bank sanctions in his country, so he may not be as regulatory as the party tag indicates.

The Eclipse Foundation's executive director, Mike Milinkovich, recently berated a former Eclipse Foundation member on his blog.  Milinkovich bluntly told Bjorn Freeman-Benson, a disgruntled Eclipse deserter, "You are a jerk. Please go away." Freeman-Benson had apparently been writing frequent negative posts in an attempt to undermine the Eclipse foundation.  Milinkovich said he'd had enough of Freeman-Benson's "steady acid drip of negativity," saying that he was hurting the community.

The open source Symfony PHP framework just announced a simultaneous release. The new 1.3 and 1.4 versions are both stable and contain the same functionality.  Symfony 1.4 removes depreciated features from former versions.  Symfony 1.3 is recommended for upgrading while 1.4 is recommended for new projects.  Symfony implements the MVC model and is used for developing complex web applications.  The routing system on the new versions use 50% less memory and processor time.  Another feature is support for Doctrine 1.2 and Propel 1.4 ORMs. Symfony requires PHP 5.2.4.

The final release of the Qt 4.6 interface framework is now available. Qt is a cross platform C++ user interface framework.   The latest version now works on Symbian and has mobile features such as multi-touch and gestures.   Qt 4.6 uses a State Machine framework to manage large, event-driven applications. The new release also adds a DOM access API for simplified querying, a new animation framework, and new classes for handling sound.  Qt runs on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

The top link in the last 24 hours is called "How I Hire Programmers". The blog post explains the three questions you should have when hiring a programmer.


Wai Ho replied on Wed, 2009/12/02 - 2:32am

"You are a jerk. Please go away." Wow... And the guy doesn't seem to have done anything worse than suggest improvements for Eclipse Foundation.

Andrew McVeigh replied on Wed, 2009/12/02 - 12:40pm

personal insults?  unprofessional of Mike IMHO.  i've met both of them, they are old OTI-ers, sad to see it come to this.

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