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Fedora: Recovering from the IntelliJ ‘Ctrl-Alt-F7′

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We’re using Fedora on our local developer work stations and some of the default key bindings of the operating system seem to conflict with ones provided by IntelliJ IDEA.

One particular amusing one is ‘Ctrl-Alt-F7′ which you use in IntelliJ to see the usages of a piece of code.

In Fedora that seems to switch into a different X Server session and you just see a blank screen with seemingly no way out!

Pressing ‘Ctrl-Alt-F1′ helps us get back to our original session again.

I’m no expert of all things Unix so if I’ve described anything incorrectly feel free to point it out in the comments.

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Paweł Kraszewski replied on Sat, 2011/06/18 - 12:58pm

I guess that should be the other way around. Ctrl-Alt-F7 to fix. Conflicting keypresses would be:

  • CAF7 -> "Show Usages" (would probably be "eaten" by Xwindow)
  • CAF8 -> "Quick evaluate" (would switch to empty console 8)
  • CAF9 -> "Run to cursor" (would switch to empty console 9)

Sirikant Noori replied on Sat, 2012/03/31 - 8:48am

What you're seeing there is switching between "virtual terminals".

It sounds like terminal 1 has your X display (GUI), and terminal 7 has ... something that looks blank.

I don't know what a modern Fedora distribution looks like by default, but I spent a lot of time in text mode in my day it was pretty common to see the following:
vt1: Startup, plus a text-based login.
vt2-6: Spare text-based logins.
vt7: An X display


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