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First European NHibernate Day: some updates

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The NHibernate Day is just 21 days from today, so I wanted to give some updates on it.

Did you receive the email?

We sent an email to all the attendees, but seems like there might be some problems with spam (a few people already contacted me saying they didn’t receive anything). If you are registered for the NHDay, but you didn’t receive any email last week, please contact us (using the email specified on the event page) and we will forward the email to you.

Call for action: fill the form

But even if you received the email I’d like to repeat a few things that are important for the good outcome of the event:


Those who didn’t donate when buying the ticket, but want to donate now, we setup the donation page on the official NHDay site:

That page also contains the list of all the attendees that already donated to help cover the costs of the event.

Change of speakers

Steve Strong cannot come and talk about Linq2NH due to problems at his job. He will be replaced by Gian Maria Ricci, awesome developer and guitar player. Gian Maria will talk about the new native implementation of Linq2NH.


We have quite a lot of sponsors for this event. Some contributed with money (Hibernating Rhinos, Umbraco, Proximo, CodicePlastico, SID and OrangeCode) and other gave us a lot of prizes to give away at the end of the event: Mindscape and Slyce Software will give away some licenses of their visual designers for NHibernate, TekPub will give some code for their “Mastering NHibernate” video course (plus some other codes for annual and 30day subscriptions), PacktPub will give away some copies of the soon to be released “NHibernate 3 cookbook” and Manning some other copies of “NHibernate in Action”. Approximately one third of the attendees will get a prize at the end of the day.

Thank you to all the sponsors for helping out.

Hope to see you in October.

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