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Freeware for generating UMLs

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I was looking for a simple freeware for generating UMLs and class diagrams spesifclly.

Here is some of the better ones I have found:


open source UML modeling tool.


Another cool open source UML modeling tool.


A freeware by white magic software.


AmaterasUML is an Eclipse plug-in for drawing UML class-diagram, and UML sequence-diagram.


The ObjectAid UML Explorer is a UML plugin for Eclipse. It provides a graphical view on your Java source code.


UMLet is an open-source UML tool with a simple user interface



Of course NetBeans itself comes with a very good UML tool built in.

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Dmitry Bedrin replied on Fri, 2010/12/17 - 8:03am

jSonde ( allows to generate Sequence Diagrams

Dmitry Bedrin replied on Fri, 2010/12/17 - 8:05am in response to: Dmitry Bedrin


Jpuzzler Jpuzzlerjr replied on Fri, 2010/12/17 - 10:14am

hi you may also consider UML web tools like got it every where and it's text based.

Mauricio Murillo replied on Fri, 2010/12/17 - 10:53am


 Try astah* community edition, it's very complete


Manuel Jordan replied on Fri, 2010/12/17 - 11:13am

Thanks for share this the valuable information, I use ArgoUML

Kumar Keswani replied on Fri, 2010/12/17 - 12:09pm

online Sequence diagram from

Matt Mombrea replied on Fri, 2010/12/17 - 12:15pm

I just used the other day to create a network diagram and it was excellent.

Erwin Mueller replied on Fri, 2010/12/17 - 12:46pm

How about MetaUML

Create your UML directly in Latex.

Byron Palmer replied on Fri, 2010/12/17 - 12:49pm

A couple of points.
  • StarUML is a dead project. Nothing has been done in almost three years. I would not recommend using it now.
  • You left off a great tool, BOUML. This operates cross platform and works for a number of popular languages. Although work has ceased over some dispute with wikipedia, it is still a good project and the latest release is November 2010.

Jean-philippe M... replied on Fri, 2010/12/17 - 1:53pm

If you have Linux, try

One of the simplest and best IMHO.

 Netbeans is the most stable in the list.

Christian Schli... replied on Fri, 2010/12/17 - 3:15pm

Unfortunately, the NetBeans UML module is dead. It has been discontinued after version 6.7.

Moch Nasrullah R replied on Fri, 2010/12/17 - 10:24pm

Jude UML (now is astah*)

any one ?

Hantsy Bai replied on Sat, 2010/12/18 - 4:09am in response to: Christian Schlichtherle

From the NetBeans website, the community hands over the work of UML now, I think there might release a stable version for the future NetBeans 7 release.

Hantsy Bai replied on Sat, 2010/12/18 - 4:12am

I think TopCased UML is a good solution for UML Modeling and MDA development.

Hantsy Bai replied on Sat, 2010/12/18 - 4:16am

If u are using Hibernate or JPA in ur project, u can consider HiberObjects,  which provied some JPA specified metadata for standard UML...


Roberto Lo Giacco replied on Sat, 2010/12/18 - 11:40am

I think you are missing a nice freeware (not open source) eclipse plugin named eUML from Soyatec

Rodney Bollinger replied on Sat, 2010/12/18 - 1:32pm

Yet another excellent offering is Gliffy ( You can use it online and don't even need to download or install anything if you don't want to. Of course, there are other levels of the product available at a nominal cost if you find the basic functionality does not suit your needs.

Charlie Mordant replied on Mon, 2010/12/20 - 1:38am

Topcased is a complete suite for editing all uml diagram, based on eclipse RCP.

Shay Shmeltzer replied on Mon, 2010/12/20 - 6:31pm

Oracle JDeveloper is free and will let you do various UML diagrams (class, sequence, use case, activity) as well as visualize your code (EJBs, Java classes, JSF and struts).

Quick demo of the UML part here:

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