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Hudson: Trouble at the mill?

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Looks like Oracle and the Hudson developers aren’t getting along. The project hosting that Oracle provide (inherited from Sun) has been a bumpy ride for the developers, who are suggesting GitHub as a less bumpy and more functional way to develop. Oracle seem reluctant to let them go. Which you can understand, in a way.

Excerpt from Hudson-Labs blog:

The Monday morning prior to the planned switchover to GitHub, Oracle Senior VP of Tools and Middleware Ted Farrell sent a message to the users list expressing concerns he had regarding the migration of the Hudson codebase from to GitHub:

Oracle's goal is to grow the community and make hudson stronger. You all might not be aware of this, but the actual hudson user base is very large. Much bigger than what you see on the mailing lists or in the forums. The unfortunate part of that is how many of these users do not contribute to the core, and do not participate in these discussions. They want to do that, but don't feel like they can be heard. We want them to be heard. We need to make the hudson community a place that will welcome all the hudson users and encourage its growth and longevity. We will be announcing some changes in the upcoming weeks that we believe will foster that.

For now, however, we are going to stay on the infrastructure. We believe it is important for hudson to stay connected with the rest of the the java community, as well as take advantage of some of the cool changes we will have coming to Moving to GIT can be done while staying on It is not a requirement to move to github.


Because it is open source, we can't stop anybody from forking it. We do however own the trademark to the name so you cannot use the name outside of the core community. We acquired that as part of Sun. We hope that everyone working on hudson today will do as they claim to want, and work with us to make hudson stronger.

And here's an excerpt from Hudson creator Kohsuke Kawaguchi's blog:

Monday morning I came into work and discovered that I cannot commit to the Hudson Subversion repository. Initially I wasn’t worried — I thought it was just another outage that will resolve itself in a few hours — but a little research a bit later revealed that Hudson was locked down and being migrated to new infrastructure.

I and the whole community was quite surprised by this, as we are supposed to be “notified as soon as we assign a date for [our] projects to move.”


Summary at, full story on the mailing lists.  Excerpts added by DZone.

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Jacek Furmankiewicz replied on Wed, 2010/12/01 - 9:30am is a disaster or a joke at best...go github all the way. I do all my OSS work there.

Jonathan Fisher replied on Wed, 2010/12/01 - 11:12am

I think the Oracle acquisition has reached melodramatic status...

Karl Peterbauer replied on Wed, 2010/12/01 - 2:02pm

Oracle wants the silent majority of Hudson users to be heard? No problem, here we go: Hudson is a well managed project, especially the deployment options are excellent (war, deb, rpm, pkg). I really don't care about the infrastructure, as long as it is not as crappy as

Fabrizio Giudici replied on Thu, 2010/12/02 - 4:24pm

Yes, is bad, but we also have Kenai since a few time. It might be argued how it compares to other forge, but it's pretty complete and works. The staff of is working hard to move to the Kenai infrastructure, so the new will have a modern and operational array of facilities. Of course it could be argued that there are forges better than Kenai, but Kenai is perfectly workable.

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