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Kanbanery: First Online Kanban Solution With Live Updates

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A major update to the Kanbanery project board and collaboration tool has arrived today.  Lunar Logic Polska says their tool is the first online Scrum and Kanban board solution to provide real time updates whenever someone makes a change to the board.  The notifications pop up in the corner of your browser much like Growl updates.  This was the biggest new feature in a host of enhancements.

Now out of beta, Kanbanery has made a much cleaner task area and overall interface.  Users how have the ability to star tasks to show that they are more urgent.  The project developers have also added more reporting into the tool .  Kanbanery already has a project activity feed, but now there is the addition of a Cumulative Flow Diagram, which helps track performance so users can analyze workflow and estimate better.  The diagram is generated from a daily snapshot of the project state once per day.

While project developers used Kanbanery to develop Kanbanery itself, they thought it would be useful to archive completed tasks, so they added a link in the done column.

Those archived tasks can then be moved back onto the board if needed.

Users can now also break user stories into sub-tasks that can be either development tasks or reminders of recurring tasks such as code reviews.  

If you don't need the new features, the project developers say you can now turn off certain utilities under the "Project Settings" page.

Other features added this year include:

  • An icebox for storing ideas off-backlog
  • Date filters for lead/cycle time reports
  • The ability to link bugs to another tracking tool

Finally, the Kanbanery product has added payment plans and current users will be automatically added to the service level they are using free for life, unless they choose an upgrade later.  It's nice thank you for the feedback that beta users provided.  Pricing for Kanbanery starts at $19 a month.  There's also a fully-featured 30-day free trial.


David Lon replied on Tue, 2010/12/14 - 5:31pm

As far as I know had real-time updates a few months earlier than kanbanery...

Check out their website blog :

Paul Klipp replied on Thu, 2013/03/07 - 6:04am

They hadn't even launched yet. I suspect your comment is link bait. Not that it matters anymore. Everyone has live updates in 2013.

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