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Lean Startup: It Rocks Far More than Agile

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Joshua Kerievsky posted this most excellent table illustrating some of the differences between Agile and Lean Startup.

I think this is so awesome because it shows how much more real everything is in Lean Startup.

Take Velocity vs. AARRR (AARRR are Dave McClure’s startup metrics that measure things like how many people are visiting your site, buying your product, etc.). In Agile, we measure progress with Velocity, we say “how much software did we develop this week?” Lean Startup says “Who the hell cares how much software we developed this week – how many people bought our product or used our software” – you know, the things we actually care about.



Agile vs. Lean Startup


Source: Industrial Logic’s BLogic

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Jakob Jenkov replied on Thu, 2011/09/01 - 6:21am

Agile was born within large corporations, and is thus targeted very much at that. Yes, many startups use agile with success too, but the agile metrics do not really contain any business metrics. In other words: Agile is for developing software. Lean startup is for developing business - in my opinion.

Mike Dzone replied on Thu, 2011/09/01 - 9:14am

Back when I was working in an "agile" environement (which, btw, was hot for "agile" for only a couple months before the hype died died down and the business actually wanted work done) I had the exact same view.  Developers would be so proud of their test coverage they would print out their clover reports and hang them on their cubes.  My opinion, who cares!  So I asked my business sponsors for some stats for the applicaiton I was working on.  I printed out my stats and hanged them outside my cube "780+ Million dollars collected".  At that point clover reports didn't look so impressive.  Bottom line is companies focus on the bottom line!  If they do not get a ROI it doesn't matter what methodology you follow, your project fails.  Companies need to focus on hiring and keeping quality people.  That is what makes good software! 

Dan Howard replied on Thu, 2011/09/01 - 9:15am

Yay. One list of buzzwords against another list of buzzwords.

Robert Jones replied on Thu, 2011/09/01 - 11:09am

When i saw this i thought it was a joke, you know: new buzzwords that mock the agile buzzwords. Then I realized he was serious. What an utterly foolish endeavor! Save your own life sir: abandon your buzzwords and be free...

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