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Make Mobile Apps 'Go'

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For medium to large mobile development shops, applications need to roll out like clockwork.  Although the screens are smaller, the development is by no means less difficult.  Because of this, the need for agile practices in mobile development is just as strong as the need for it in other types of software production.  At the 2010 Agile conference this week, ThoughtWorks Studios contributed a collection of resources for the agile development of mobile applications.  

The collection is labelled "Go Mobile," which also plays off their recently reinvented CI / Deployment product, named "Go".  Go is TWS's new engine for the emerging concept of Continuous Delivery.  The product was formerly called Cruise (often confused with CruiseControl) and it was a Continuous Integration platform with release management for SMBs.  Go has release management capabilities for large companies.

Go Mobile leads you to written resources along with tooling to support agile engineering practices for development in Android, iOS, or BlackBerry platforms:

  • Frank – The Free Automated Testing Tool for iOS – UI testing comprised of several open source tools, notably UISpec, cocoahttpserver, and Cucumber

  • Podcast of ThoughtWorks expert iPad development team discussing mobile application work with a major Global investment bank
  • Go Mobile Community Discussion Site – a place to share and gather information from peers including white papers, tutorials and templates
  • Agile iPhone Development Paper
  • Web demo on using Go to build and deploy applications to iPhone and iPad