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ScrumMasters Now Earn More Money Than Project Managers

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According to the latest data from, the annual salary of a ScrumMaster now surpasses that of a Project Manager.

Even more surprising, is just how quickly the ScrumMaster salaries have increased in such a short amount of time. As you may remember, I performed similar job research in Oct 2009 when the ScrumMaster role pulled in around $88,000 a year.

ScrumMasters now make on average $95,000 a year, which is a $7,000 increase.

On the other hand, Project Manager salaries seem to have become stagnant, showing no visible signs of improvement. Even the ambiguous Agile Project Manager salary seems to have hit a glass ceiling.

I cannot say that I’m completely surprised by this trend as I’ve witnessed first hand the influx of Certified ScrumMasters over these past 6 months. While I don’t have official numbers, I can tell you that I’m bombarded every day by requests for the LinkedIn Certified ScrumMaster Group. This is a group moderated by myself and a few others that requires an active CSM before approval. We even recently made a request to LinkedIn to increase the maximum group size as we’d hit their member limit.

With the ScrumMaster in such high demand, can we expect these salaries to sustain this sort of growth in an economy that may be dipping into yet another recession?


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Shoaib Abdullah replied on Mon, 2010/12/27 - 9:39am

When a scrum master is earning more than a project manager of home decor. So it earn money online should why happening?

David Bland replied on Tue, 2010/12/28 - 8:36am in response to: Shoaib Abdullah

ScrumMasters would make more money as interior decorators.

Emma Watson replied on Fri, 2012/03/30 - 6:08am

While it's nice to imagine the industry collectively “gets it” enough to draw the conclusion from the increased salaries that we're collectively starting to see the light, I'm no more inclined to believe that than I am to believe that it's just buzzword hype leading to salary inflation. I mean, for large parts of the industry “programmers” still “graduate” into “architects”.


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