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Tasktop and Mylyn Get Rational

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The application lifecycle management project, Eclipse Mylyn, has finally added a connector for IBM's Rational Team Concert (RTC).  Mylyn already features connectors for ClearCase (revision-control) and an early access ClearQuest (change management) connector for Tasktop Enterprise.  The Team Concert connector will bring a comprehensive ALM experience to development teams collaborating through Team Concert and adopting agile.  This connector will also be available through Mylyn creator Mik Kirsten's commercial software, Tasktop, which is built on Mylyn with additional features.  

Through the connector, developers are able to instantly resume coding sessions when switching RTC work items.  The Mylyn/Tasktop interface will also allow developers to automatically track and update time estimates on user stories.  One of the best parts of having a Mylyn connector however, is the ability to link between RTC and the rich ecosystem of more than 50 other ALM tool integrations.  Although there is already a basic Eclipse integration for Team Concert, the Mylyn connector complements this integration by configuring the development environment around RTC tasks, such as work items.  This environment complies with Mylyn's mantra: 'display only the relevant code, docs, or web pages.'

With the RTC Mylyn connector, you can:

  • Access RTC work items from your personal task list in Mylyn
  • Track and update RTC work items along with tasks from other repositories that have Mylyn connections (ClearQuest, Bugzilla)
  • Access the task list offline
  • Synchronize the 'in-progress' RTC task status with the 'active' tasks in the Mylyn task list
  • Access RTC's work item editor from the task list

RTC is built on the IBM Jazz platform, which integrates tasks across the software lifecycle.  Team Concert is a complete agile collaborative development environment that enables planning, source code management, work item management, build management, integrated reporting, process support, and project health.  

The Mylyn project recently restructured into several sub-projects for greater organization and efficiency.  The sub-project labels included Tasks, Context, SCM, Build, Review, and Docs.