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Tasktop Ready to Mingle

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The recently announced Tasktop Pro 1.6.1, which features a connector for Eclipse Mylyn and ThoughWorks Studio's Mingle.  The new tool integrates application task management in Eclipse and project management through Mingle 3.0.  With the new release, developer teams can access Mingle directly from any Eclipse-based IDE or from a stand-alone desktop application with offline access.

Tasktop CEO, Mik Kersten says this is the first social network extension to a Task-Driven Development (TDD) interface.  With Mingle 3.0's new "murmurs" platform, software teams can collaborate in a structured environment with twitter-like documents.  Developers can send murmurs to the team about tasks they are working on along with the context.  If team members want to draw attention to a code change or ask for help on some syntax, they can do that right inside their Tasktop interface.  Other team members can respond to murmurs and make additions much like a Google Wave document

Speaking of Waves, ThoughtWorks Studios said in November that they intend integrate Mingle with Google Wave.  The full integration will be available once Google Wave reaches its final release next year.  Mingle cards have already been integrated with Wave and they are also accessible in the Tasktop integration.  From the Tasktop task list, cards can be activated for automatic tracking of the most relevant source code for bug fixes.  Tasktop even allows you to come back to those bugs after an interruption.  The integration eliminates the need to toggle between browser, email, and IDE to gather information.  With Mingle, Tasktop also gains Subversion 1.6.5 support and improved Mingle APIs.


The Mylyn Mingle connector brings the two layers of project management and task management together.  Besides having a Mingle integration, Tasktop Pro and Tasktop Enterprise add significantly more functionality to Mylyn.  The 1.6 version of Tasktop Pro includes Task Federation support, which allows linking across task repositories, importing features, and migration features.  That means, for example, it can link a user story in one system with defects in another system.  The time tracking on Tasktop Pro now allows easier adjustments and C/C++ is also fully supported in the new versions of Mylyn and Tasktop.

To vote for additional connectors for Tasktop, you can go here.  Future integration with ThoughtWorks Studio's Twist test automation and Cruise release management products will be available in March 2010. You can sign up to be notified about further integrations.  A free Tasktop Pro trial is also available.


Maarten Meijer replied on Fri, 2009/12/11 - 1:19pm

Task Federation sounds like the final implementation of functionality that originated in discussion on Hmm.... Discussed for EPL, implemented in commercial license...

Mik Kersten replied on Fri, 2009/12/11 - 5:53pm

Could you please elaborate? The bug that you point to is about cloning tasks and adding back links to the original, which Mylyn has full support for. Task Federation is an entirely separate feature that provides support for managing cross-repository links. For example, if I have a user story in Mingle, I might want it to depend on defects in a ClearQuest repository. This kind of cross-connector support, targeted and commercial ALM solutions, is well beyond the scope of the Mylyn frameworks and reference implementation such as the Bugzilla connector (for project scope, see introsection at We try hard to maintain a very clear split between the scope of Mylyn and of the commercial tools that build on it, such as Tasktop and our partners' integrations. I interpret your comment as indicating that we are not communicating the scope and division clearly enough, so I would like to understand how to improve on that.

Beth99 Zhu replied on Sun, 2009/12/13 - 11:42pm

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