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What where they THINKING? The github merge button is STUPID

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I just love git pull requests, but the new behavior from GitHub is beyond moronic. Take a look at a typical pull request:


The problem is that clicking on this button would actually merge the changes to the public repository. I don’t know about you, but there are very few cases where this is what I want to do.

In 99.9999% of the cases, I want to merge this locally to see what the bloody changes are, run some tests, maybe modify the changes before I am taking them.  In this case, this particular pull request contains a failing test. I never want to commit that to the public repo automatically.

What is worse is that I now need to manually construct the pull command in the command line, whereas GitHub previously offered the option to generate that for me, which I liked much more.

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Cedric Beust replied on Fri, 2011/05/06 - 12:12pm

You make it sound as if they removed all the other ways to merge. They didn't, feel free to ignore the button and pull things locally before merging, but this button is very useful for changes that you know won't have any negative impact, such as updating documentation, fixing obvious bugs or adding simple functionalities.

Liezel Jandayan replied on Wed, 2013/01/23 - 7:03am

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Stephen Gacho replied on Fri, 2013/01/25 - 4:37am

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