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Top 10 DZone Refcardz of 2009*

As part of our 100 Refcardz celebration week, we're looking back on the most popular Refcardz we've released here at DZone.  I put an asterisk "*" in the title to indicate that this is not a list of total Refcard downloads.  Instead, we thought it would be better to rank the Refcardz by the number of downloads in their first month of availability.  This prevents older Refcardz from having an advantage over more recent ones, and it gives you a sense of the hype generated by each release.  So without further adieu, here are your top ten most-downloaded-in-their-1st-month Refcardz!  (Don't forget to vote in the poll at the bottom of the page.)

1.  Core Java Concurrency -It's good to know that Java developers are thinking in the long term.  Concurrency is becoming a huge part of how we build our applications.  Check out this Refcard and future-proof your software now!

2.  Getting Started with Java GUI Development - A great reference document to have by your side while you go to town on those Java desktop apps.  This Refcard will show you the ropes for Swing or the Standard Widget Toolkit (STS).

3.  Getting Started with Git - Been putting off that migration to Git because you haven't learned how to use it?  Well stop waiting and start learning Git!  It's easy if you use this Refcard as a guide.

4.  Google App Engine for Java - With the new tight Spring integration they announced at Google I/O 2010, Java developers have one more reason to give Google's App Engine a try.  This Refcard will give you an in-depth introduction to Google's free cloud platform.

5. Getting Started with Domain-Driven Design - Domain-Driven Design is much more than just object orientation, it's about understanding a problem space.  DDD can help you find simple solutions for complex problems.

6.  Continuous Integration: Patterns and Anti-patterns - Contains 40 different Patterns and Anti-patterns associated with CI and expands the notion of CI to include concepts such as Deployment and Provisioning.

7.  Getting Started with Cloud Computing - Get an in depth comparison of three different Cloud Computing Platforms (Amazon EC2, Google App Engine, and Microsoft Azure), and learn what a Cloud Computing Platform can offer your web applications.

8.  Apache Maven 2 - Maven is quickly becoming the de facto build and project management tool for enterprise Java development.  This DZone Refcard gives Java developers a wide range of execution commands, tips for debugging Mavenized builds, and a clear introduction to the "Maven vocabulary".

9.  Core HTML - The ultimate reference sheet for your core HTML/XHTML development.  This Refcard, useful for beginners and veterans alike, introduces to the basics of HTML and XHTML, Page Structure Elements, Key Structural Elements, Specialty Markup and Validation.

10.  Agile Adoption: Improving Software Quality - Learn some simple steps to improve the quality of your software through agile practices.  The Refcard will show you how to reduce defects, improve design, share the theory of the code, and build less.  It includes an introduction of how to choose the practices for your organizational context.

Refcardz currently have 150,000 subscribers with over 1.5 million downloaded to date.

Which of these Refcardz has been the most useful one for you?

Core Java Concurrency
25% (37 votes)
Getting Started with Java GUI Development
23% (34 votes)
Getting Started with Git
9% (14 votes)
Google App Engine for Java
2% (3 votes)
Getting Started with Domain-Driven Design
9% (14 votes)
Continuous Integration: Patterns and Anti-patterns
6% (9 votes)
Getting Started with Cloud Computing
2% (3 votes)
Apache Maven 2
13% (19 votes)
7% (11 votes)
Agile Adoption: Improving Software Quality
5% (7 votes)
Total votes: 151


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Excellent choice !

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