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Chris Odell04/11/14
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Everybody Fails Sometimes.

Everybody makes mistakes, otherwise we would all write bug free code. For most of us a mistake can be fixed and doesn’t have too serious consequences.

Dave Bush04/11/14
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What Not to Test

There is code in your application that you shouldn’t bother to write a test for.

Rob Galanakis04/11/14
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Why Agile Became Meaningless

When Lean goes awry, Toyota- the company and its principles, practices, and culture- is there to set things straight. Agile has no such entity. Instead, we have hundreds of “Agile” shops who attribute success to some (non-)Agile practices. The corruption and perversion here is inevitable.

Hirvesh Munogee04/11/14
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Layers CSS: A Lightweight, Unobtrusive, Style-Agnostic CSS Framework

The framework comes with inbuilt CSS normalization, a fluid grid, layout tools, by default maintains native form styles, has no px definitions, no colors, no borders and no rounded definitions, and no dependencies at all.

Moshe Kaplan04/11/14
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Looking for PostgreSQL Performance Issues

As traffic goes up, even your PostgreSQL may become a bottleneck. In this cases it is important to analyze the traffic and understand the usage pattern.

Mark Morrell04/10/14
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How to Manage Your Intranet

While every intranet is different, there are some common factors that need to be considered so your intranet supports your business requirements.

public class FindItemFromMap
public static void main(String args[])
Map<String,List<String>> map = new HashMap<>();
		List<String> fruits = Arrays.asList("apple","orange","banana");
		List<String> juice=   Arrays.asList("pepsi","fanta","sprite");
		map.put("juice", juice);
		String result = Iterables.find(Iterables.concat(map.values()), new Predicate<String>()
		public boolean apply(@Nullable String input) {
			return "banana".equals(input);
	}) ;
	System.out.println("Found "+result);
Lukasz Szyrmer04/10/14
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Not Sure About Priorities? Clear Your Big Bottleneck

There is a simple heuristic, which you can use to determine the top priority activity you can engage in-at any given moment.

Mike Bushong04/10/14
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Different shades of invisible

The network needs to cease to exist as a separate entity, it needs to become an integrated part of the application infrastructure that uses its services. That’s the kind of invisible we need to achieve.

Ayende Rahien04/10/14
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Sorting with Lucene

How do you do sorting on a field value? The answer is, not easily.

Evan Leybourn04/10/14
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SQLServer Training Courses Released Under Creative Commons

As part of an ongoing release of all my training material, I am releasing "Database and SQL Testing with SQLServer" under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license.

Rob Galanakis04/10/14
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The manager’s responsibility to review code

I believe any technical leader has a responsibility to review all the code that goes into a codebase.

Sarah Ervin04/09/14
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Agile Performance Testing – Proactively Managing Performance

Performance testing within an Agile organization challenges us as engineers to adapt to a high velocity of change. Applying best practices gives us the opportunity to work as part of the development team to proactively identify and diagnose performance defects as code changes are introduced.

Roman Pichler04/09/14
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Every Great Product Owner Needs a Great ScrumMaster

To do a great job, product owners need a strong ScrumMaster at their side. This post explains the differences between the two roles, what product owners should expect from their ScrumMaster, and what the ScrumMasters are likely to expect from them.

function prime($n){
      //all numbers that will be evaluated as prime       
               $counter = 0; 
              //all probability of divisible factors
                    //$i is divisible by $j, increament the counter
                     if($i % $j==0){                       
           /*how many greens? they have to be 2 
            ( each prime number has exactly 2 (two) divisors)*/
                 print $i." is Prime <br/>";

prime(20);  //find the Prime for 1-20 range
Alec Noller04/09/14
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Dev of the Week: Dustin Marx

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Dustin Marx, software developer, writer, and presenter.

Benjamin Ball04/09/14
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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (April 9)

This week in the link roundup: Oculus VR's security issues, a new release of Apache CloudStack, SIMD Javascript support hits browsers, a word on cloud providers from Engine Yard, the top four performing SQL databases, Mozilla CEO steps down, it's not Microsoft Azure, and IE6 is dead.

Allan Kelly04/09/14
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Software Developers: prototype of future knowledge workers?

We work with our brains rather than our brawn. We generate value because of what we know and what that knowledge allows us to do.

Lukas Eder04/09/14
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10 Reasons why Java Rocks More Than Ever

But why does Java rock so much? Is it the JVM? Is it the backwards-compatibility? Is it the easy syntax? Or the millions of free and commercial software available to build your software? All of this and much more.

Andrew Fuqua04/09/14
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Don’t Estimate Spikes

If you implement all of your spikes for each release in a “Sprint 0″, you could estimate them. If you do, do so always so that your velocity will be reliable. Spikes are, like defects, generally harder to estimate correctly relative to user stories. It’s best to time-box them.