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Remy Sharp10/25/14
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Adding an (SHA256 signed) SSL certificate

This walkthrough explains how to add an SSL certificate to your server. This is based on using a linux based machine (in my case Ubuntu) and nginx as the server.

Steven Lott10/24/14
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Using Bottle as a miniature demo server

Bottle doesn't do much. But what little it does do is a pretty tidy fit with tiny little demonstrations of super-simple HTML interactions.

Anders Abel10/24/14
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Partial Commits with Git

Every once in a while I’m working on a feature, only to discover that I need to extend another part of the code first. If I was disciplined, I would create another branch at that point. But I’m not.

Allan Kelly10/24/14
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Contracts for Agile

Last week I did a presentation to the Agile 4 Agencies meet up group on the topic of “Agile Contracts” - although I believe “Contracts for Agile” might have been a better title.

Eric Minick10/24/14
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Testers may never be happy

I suspect that the correlations between methods/tools and confidence are pretty weak. Time to market is key, and teams try to balance quality and time to market. Better approaches to testing and driving quality may not drive higher quality software at release time, but rather bring forward the release.

Cal Evans10/23/14
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What Developers Want Recruiters to Know

I post this not to belittle or ridicule recruiters. I think that good recruiters are a valuable part of the tech ecosystem. I post this to hopefully help more recruiter become good recruiters.

Rob Allen10/23/14
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Git push to multiple repositories

I have a couple of projects where I need to push to more than one repo all the time. I recently discovered that I can create a remote that points to more than one repository using these commands:

Erich Styger10/23/14
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How NOT to Solder Headers on a Board

When I asked all student groups to solder the headers on the Freescale FRDM-KL25Z board, I received one report that the board does not work any more. A quick inspection of the board showed this:

Bozhidar Bozhanov10/23/14
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Validate Configuration on Startup

Do you remember that time when you spent a whole day trying to fix a problem, only to realize that you have mistyped a configuration setting? Avoiding that is not trivial, as not only you, but also the frameworks that you use should take care. But let me outline my suggestion.

Trevor Parsons10/23/14
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6 Challenges Facing DevOps and Operations Teams in 2015

I’m sure you have heard “knowing is half the battle,” and sometimes when in the weeds, you cannot spend the time to reflect on what has happened and what is coming. Knowing what you will face will help you brace and prepare in advance. Here is the list.

//Office Automation

//To use Office Automation objects for Microsoft Outlook, you need to add references to Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Interop for Outlook libraries to your project.


// Add the namespaces
using Microsoft.Office;
using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook;

// Create a new Application Class
Application app = new Application();
// Create a MailItem object
MailItem item = (MailItem)outlook.CreateItemFromTemplate(@"d:\temp\test.msg", Type.Missing);
// Access different fields of the message
System.Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Subject:{0}", item.Subject));
System.Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Sender Email Address:{0}", item.SenderEmailAddress));
System.Console.WriteLine(string.Format("SenderName:{0}", item.SenderName));
System.Console.WriteLine(string.Format("TO:{0}", item.To));
System.Console.WriteLine(string.Format("CC:{0}", item.CC));
System.Console.WriteLine(string.Format("BCC:{0}", item.BCC));
System.Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Html Body:{0}", item.HTMLBody));
System.Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Text Body:{0}", item.Body));

' Add the namespaces
Imports Microsoft.Office
Imports Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook

' Create a new Application Class
Private outlook As Application = New Application()
' Create a MailItem object
Private item As MailItem = CType(outlook.CreateItemFromTemplate("d:\temp\test.msg", Type.Missing), MailItem)
' Access different fields of the message
System.Console.WriteLine(String.Format("Subject:{0}", item.Subject))
System.Console.WriteLine(String.Format("Sender Email Address:{0}", item.SenderEmailAddress))
System.Console.WriteLine(String.Format("SenderName:{0}", item.SenderName))
System.Console.WriteLine(String.Format("TO:{0}", item.To))
System.Console.WriteLine(String.Format("CC:{0}", item.CC))
System.Console.WriteLine(String.Format("BCC:{0}", item.BCC))
System.Console.WriteLine(String.Format("Html Body:{0}", item.HTMLBody))
System.Console.WriteLine(String.Format("Text Body:{0}", item.Body))
//Aspose.Email for .NET

//The following code snippet does the same thing as the code above using Aspose.Email for .NET. To access the Aspose.Email.Outlook objects, you need to add a reference to Aspose.Email to your project.


// Add the namespace for Aspose.Email.Outlook
using Aspose.Email.Outlook;

// Create a new object of type MapiMessage
MapiMessage msg = MapiMessage.FromFile(@"d:\temp\test.msg");
// Access the fields of the message
System.Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Subject:{0}", msg.Subject));
System.Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Sender Email Address:{0}", msg.SenderEmailAddress));
System.Console.WriteLine(string.Format("SenderName:{0}", msg.SenderName));
System.Console.WriteLine(string.Format("TO:{0}", msg.DisplayTo));
System.Console.WriteLine(string.Format("CC:{0}", msg.DisplayCc));
System.Console.WriteLine(string.Format("BCC:{0}", msg.DisplayBcc));
System.Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Text Body:{0}", msg.Body));
System.Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Rtf Body:{0}", msg.BodyRtf));


' Add the namespace for Aspose.Email.Outlook
Imports Aspose.Email.Outlook

' Create a new object of type MapiMessage
Private msg As MapiMessage = MapiMessage.FromFile("d:\temp\test.msg")
' Access the fields of the message
System.Console.WriteLine(String.Format("Subject:{0}", msg.Subject))
System.Console.WriteLine(String.Format("Sender Email Address:{0}", msg.SenderEmailAddress))
System.Console.WriteLine(String.Format("SenderName:{0}", msg.SenderName))
System.Console.WriteLine(String.Format("TO:{0}", msg.DisplayTo))
System.Console.WriteLine(String.Format("CC:{0}", msg.DisplayCc))
System.Console.WriteLine(String.Format("BCC:{0}", msg.DisplayBcc))
System.Console.WriteLine(String.Format("Text Body:{0}", msg.Body))
System.Console.WriteLine(String.Format("Rtf Body:{0}", msg.BodyRtf))

John Walter10/22/14
2 replies

Dev of the Week: Ajitesh Kumar

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Ajitesh Kumar, Principal Architect with Evoke Technologies.

Mike Bushong10/22/14
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Applying the Theory of Constraints to network transport

The real reason the Theory of Constraints remains a statistical game in networking has nothing to do with technology. The reality is that once anyone grows accustomed to solving a problem in a particular way, they use that method to solve it over and over again.

Remy Sharp10/22/14
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Element focus utility

I've recently been looking at retrofitting keyboard navigation support to JS Bin, but I was immediately struck by the totally lack of visibility on what was in focus. So I built a mini utility to visualise what's happening.

Sergei Egorov10/22/14
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Debugging Gradle plugins with IntelliJ IDEA

This article will explain how to debug Gradle plugins in IDEA without remote debug, just like a normal Java application.

Dave Rooney10/22/14
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Uh Oh... We Discovered More Stories!

While Story Mapping goes a long way towards identifying the work that needs to be completed to deliver a viable system, you will inevitably miss some stories. This is a natural outcome of the discovery process that is inherent to software development.

Dele Sikuade10/21/14
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Guerilla Sessions and the Slam Dunk Chart

I’ve read many times about teams that adopt a ‘sledgehammer to crush a nut’ approach and trust me, it works. This is not the how of such sessions, just the way in which I track them for the team. If you have a big ol’ nasty nut that you intend to crush in one session, then I hope this little technique helps.

Jared Jaureguy10/21/14
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Imagining The Office of The Future

Businesses will need to adopt better network security measures alongside their device initiatives. One of the best ways a business can prepare for future issues is to create rules and guidelines for how to handle new devices.

Steven Lott10/20/14
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Scipy.optimization.anneal Problems

I'm not even certain that I could help them with some of the Python technology required to extend scipy. But, I'm sure I cannot actually do anything of value under the circumstances that (a) they have not really tried the established algorithms and (b) they're already sure that the established algorithms can't work based on religious-wars arguments.

Johanna Rothman10/20/14
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Small Internal Releases Lead to Happy Customers

Release externally whenever you want. That is a business decision. Separate that business decision from your ability to release internally all the time.