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Automated Browser Testing: What's in Your Toolkit?

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It's been awhile since we've had a good poll here on Agile Zone, so here's a question for you: What do you use for automated browser testing? I'm in the midst of preparing several talks for the upcoming Rich Web Experience in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (November 30-December 3, 2010), all of which are focused on automated browser testing. With all of the excellent tools out there, I'd like to get a sense for what people are using. Given that DZone readers represent a pretty decent cross-section of the development world, I thought I'd pose the question to you.

For choices I've picked many of the major players of which I'm aware, as well as some newcomers to the browser testing game. Please vote for the one that you are currently using or plan to start using soon. For those of you not currently doing automated testing in the browser, I've added a choice for that as well.

Even more important than voting for your testing tool of choice - please post up in the comments the reasons why you've chosen the tool that you use, as well as reasons for not choosing tools that you've decided to avoid. I'll be posting a follow-up article at the end of the week summarizing the results of the poll and quoting some of the best comments that are made. So what are you waiting for? Let your voice be heard!

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John Lewis replied on Wed, 2010/10/20 - 2:34am

I use Selenium driven by Groovy unit tests.   I find exercising the app with Selenium and parsing the HTML pages with Groovy/Neko to be effective.

I use Selenium because it is open source; it uses the browser's JavaScript engine; and it uses the DOM instead of simulating clicks to screen positions.

Alan Parkinson replied on Wed, 2010/10/20 - 7:16am


I'm using Selenium 2/Web Driver driven by JBehave Web 3.1 and JUnit for the following reasons

  • Provides a good level of abstraction using PageObjects
  • Supports most Web broswers and including some mobile phones
  • Simple to intergrate using JUnit and Maven

Kevin Menard replied on Wed, 2010/10/20 - 9:44am

I use Selenium with Selenium Grid and drive the whole thing with Ruby and resque to parallelize my tests. Selenium Grid isn't yet WebDriver-compatible, but that's forthcoming. Incidentally, we use this same set up to power much of Mogotest. I also rely on a couple custom browser plugins to integrate with Selenium for some DOM analysis. I plan to open source those once I get some spare cycles.

Lisa Crispin replied on Mon, 2010/10/25 - 8:03am

We use both Canoo WebTest and Watir for GUI testing, and are currently playing around with Selenium 2.0. I also use Robot Framework in my test automation tutorials. Why is the poll limited to one choice?

Matt Stine replied on Tue, 2010/10/26 - 9:04pm in response to: Lisa Crispin know, I'm not sure if our polling mechanism supports multiple choice. I'll have to look into that. In hindsight, it definitely would have been a good idea. Thanks for the feedback.

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