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Refcardz Topics: What Should We Cover? (Vote Now)

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DZone needs your help!  We have a lot of Refcard topics on our plate and want to know how to prioritize the topic choices.  What topics would you like to see?  Vote your favorites from the list below.

If you're interested in writing a Refcard, please click here.

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James Miller replied on Mon, 2009/04/13 - 7:10pm

No Ruby on Rails? Please add.

Nurun Shireen replied on Sat, 2009/04/25 - 6:10am

i am waiting for all good suggetions to learn more.... and to apply for a wonderful futurelook!!!!

so, my waiting may everlasting to connect a world wide zone....


Jared White replied on Tue, 2009/09/15 - 7:56am

I would vote for hibernate

Michael Krumlauf replied on Thu, 2009/09/17 - 8:26am

I vote for Scala.

Dave Turner replied on Mon, 2009/10/26 - 10:21am

How about Android?

Darryl Wadsworth replied on Mon, 2009/10/26 - 10:52am

I would like to see Scala on this list.

Sande Nissen replied on Wed, 2009/10/28 - 10:27pm

I'd love to see your PowerShell RefCardz updated for PowerShell 2.0.

Ron Kunce replied on Fri, 2009/10/30 - 6:44pm

Besides new topics, it would be beneficial to breakdown existing refcards by category. Espcially creating seperate .Net and J2EE categories.

Mano Mangaldas replied on Thu, 2009/11/26 - 8:50am

Sharepoint is a must.

James Kelly replied on Mon, 2009/12/14 - 10:24am

Wouldn't mind more on Pyhton, new to language.

Dário Freire replied on Mon, 2009/12/28 - 10:33am

one more request for python

Geir-Tore Lindsve replied on Mon, 2009/12/28 - 11:44am in response to: Howard Lewis Ship

+1 for covering GIT as a refcard

Ingo Mohr replied on Mon, 2010/01/04 - 9:28am in response to: Dean Thrasher

I would like an XPath-Refcard too

Michal Huniewicz replied on Tue, 2010/01/05 - 6:10am

Yeah Scala would be great here.

Jack Pity replied on Mon, 2010/01/11 - 5:23am

what about entity framework ? i do not understand exactly what you call core. but google " entity framework": 9M pages; try "grails": 1.4M pages. :o

C. Milligan replied on Mon, 2010/01/11 - 10:34am

I'd love to see an AppleScript refcard.

Dave Beck replied on Tue, 2010/01/12 - 1:19pm

Is Visual Basic .Net too lame and/or closely related to the .Net and C# cards?  I've got C# developers who could use it to deal with our Visual Basic code, I'm sure we're not the only ones...

Darryl Wadsworth replied on Wed, 2010/01/13 - 9:08am

I would like to see Scala here!

Simon Pearce replied on Wed, 2010/01/20 - 6:05am in response to: Bill Fly

Yup, good idea - Stripes!

Sylwester Hofman replied on Wed, 2010/01/20 - 7:08am


David Robinson replied on Sat, 2010/01/23 - 11:59am

I'd be grateful for coverage of xsl and xquery.

Abbas Adel replied on Tue, 2010/01/26 - 2:38am

Git for sure

Robert Weissmann replied on Tue, 2010/02/09 - 8:08am

Hi, it would be a great thing to add "Scala" to the list of ref-cardz. Thanks.

Bogdan Tudose replied on Wed, 2010/02/24 - 2:10pm

Oracle DB should be here without any doubt.

Vijey Swamy replied on Tue, 2010/03/23 - 3:59am

I vote for Perl.  But it is not there as one of the options.

Ma Ga replied on Tue, 2010/04/13 - 3:12pm

Scala and Lift!

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