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JavaScript function overloading

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var def = function(functions, parent) {
 return function() {
    var types = [];
    var args = [];
    eachArg(arguments, function(i, elem) {
    if(functions.hasOwnProperty(types.join())) {
        return functions[types.join()].apply(parent, args);
    } else {
        if (typeof functions === 'function')
            return functions.apply(parent, args);
        if (functions.hasOwnProperty('default'))
            return functions['default'].apply(parent, args);        

var eachArg = function(args, fn) {
 var i = 0;
 while (args.hasOwnProperty(i)) {
    if(fn !== undefined)
        fn(i, args[i]);
 return i-1;

var whatis = function(val) {

 if(val === undefined)
    return 'undefined';
 if(val === null)
    return 'null';

 var type = typeof val;

 if(type === 'object') {
    if(val.hasOwnProperty('length') && val.hasOwnProperty('push'))
        return 'array';
    if(val.hasOwnProperty('getDate') && val.hasOwnProperty('toLocaleTimeString'))
        return 'date';
        type = 'number';
    if(val.hasOwnProperty('substring') && val.hasOwnProperty('length'))
        return 'string';

 if(type === 'number') {
    if(val.toString().indexOf('.') > 0)
        return 'float';
        return 'int';

 return type;

var out = def({
    'int': function(a) {
        alert('Here is int '+a);

    'float': function(a) {
        alert('Here is float '+a);

    'string': function(a) {
        alert('Here is string '+a);

    'int,string': function(a, b) {
        alert('Here is an int '+a+' and a string '+b);
    'default': function(obj) {
        alert('Here is some other value '+ obj);


out(2, 'robot');


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