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Copyright and APIs, Reflecting on Oracle vs Google

Yesterday’s Court Judgement in favor of Oracle in the Oracle v’s Google Java Lawsuit has caused a lot of debate online (CNET [Twice], FOOSPatents, Wired,...

0 replies - 12740 views - 06/04/14 by Steven Willmott in Articles

Microsoft BUILD - Keynote summary

Today Microsoft officially started the BUILD conference, where they presented what's coming next in the Windows ecosystem with the upcoming release of Windows...

0 replies - 10222 views - 09/13/11 by Den D. in Articles

Snippets 2 Launches!

7 replies - 1664 views - 12/10/05 by Snippets Manager in Uncategorized

Getting And Parsing 10x10

0 replies - 2569 views - 05/17/05 by Snippets Manager in Uncategorized