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Silverlight Cookbook: Switching to another IoC Framework

The Rationale As long as I have been using the Dependency Inversion Principle, Microsoft Unity has always been my preferred Inversion-of-Control...

0 replies - 3017 views - 11/14/11 by Dennis Doomen in News

Selenium is not a panacea

Selenium is a great tool for acceptance testing of web applications: it works with real browsers, and drives them to exercise your application of choice in the...

0 replies - 9689 views - 09/07/10 by Giorgio Sironi in Articles

New Silverlight and Expression Blend DZone Refcard

Check out this Silverlight and Expression Blend cheat sheet - New from DZone RefcardzThis DZone Refcard provides an introduction to Silverlight 4 and...

0 replies - 22950 views - 03/29/10 by Lyndsey Clevesy in Announcements