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How to use static variable in java


0 replies - 51 views - 11/25/14 by Pradeep Yadav in Uncategorized

Man, Woman, Dog: A Task from the Past

Introduction This article is a personal reflection more than some kind of tutorial or how-to article--which I have mostly written in the past. It describes...

0 replies - 5967 views - 11/10/14 by Kosta Stojanovski in Articles

Reading emails from MS Exchange by consumig EWS using Java.

While enabling my application with MS Exchange, I end up writing this code. I used EWS Java API (EWSJavaAPI_1.2.jar) ( The JAR I uploaded with this...

0 replies - 607 views - 11/03/14 by Shantanu Sikdar in Uncategorized

Finding Neighbours in Game of Life.

This method I started writing by considering that every cell of the GOL board will have an id.In a 2 dimensional board I considered every cell has an id,...

0 replies - 1443 views - 10/27/14 by Shantanu Sikdar in Uncategorized

How to draw a Control flow graph & Cyclometric complexity for a given procedure

Cyclomatic Complexity  Cyclomatic complexity is a software metric used to measure the complexity of a program. This metric measures independent...

0 replies - 3077 views - 10/13/14 by Pubudu Dissanayake in Articles

A new way of extracting values in AssertJ collections assertions

We've been using AssertJ  in Young Digital Planet in several Java projects already and we love it. It makes our tests much easier to...

0 replies - 6017 views - 09/16/14 by Mateusz Haligowski in Articles

Oracle’s Latest Java 8 Update Broke Your Tools — How Did it Happen?

If you’ve been keeping up with the news in the Java world lately, you’ve probably heard that the latest Java 8 build released by Oracle, Java 8u11 (and...

0 replies - 6980 views - 08/11/14 by Chen Harel in Articles

5 Quick Points about Threads for Java EE

The idea of running code in parallel and getting work done fast is always tempting. And, its obviously cool to write multi-threaded code!! Still, very few...

2 replies - 8076 views - 07/11/14 by Theodore Ravind... in Articles

Spring Security Run-As example using annotations and namespace configuration

Spring Security offers an authentication replacement feature, often referred to as Run-As, that can replace the current user's authentication (and thus...

0 replies - 6471 views - 07/07/14 by Bojan Tomic in Articles

Java Code Review Checklist

Clean Code Checklist Item Category Use Intention-Revealing Names Meaningful Names ...

0 replies - 19971 views - 06/20/14 by Mahesh Chopker in Articles

The Best of the Week (May 9): Cloud Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Cloud Zone (May 9 to May 15). Here they are, in order of popularity:1....

0 replies - 3059 views - 05/20/14 by Benjamin Ball in Articles

The Best of the Week (May 2): Enterprise Integration

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Enterprise Integration  (Apr. 18 to Apr. 24). Here they are, in order...

0 replies - 4418 views - 05/13/14 by Benjamin Ball in Articles

Java 8 Optional: How to Use it

Java 8 comes with a new Optional type, similar to what is available in other languages. This post will go over how this new type is meant to be used, namely...

0 replies - 10609 views - 05/12/14 by Aleksey Novik in Articles

Java 8 Optional: What's the Point?

 There's a new feature in Java 8 called the Optional class which is supposed to cure NullPointerExceptions. Apparently these annoy developers more than I...

29 replies - 16010 views - 05/08/14 by Hugues Johnson in Articles

Hibernate Debugging - Finding the origin of a Query

It's not always immediate why and in which part of the program is Hibernate generating a given SQL query, especially if we are dealing with code that we did...

0 replies - 9109 views - 05/08/14 by Aleksey Novik in Articles

What's Wrong in Java 8, Part II: Functions & Primitives

Tony Hoare called the invention of the null reference the “billion dollars mistake”. May be the use of primitives in Java could be called the million...

0 replies - 18212 views - 05/05/14 by Pierre-yves Saumont in Articles

An intro so Groovy/Spock testing, why you should consider it

As a developer, testing is very important. Some developers have the mindset of “Meh, I write code, testing is a QAs job”, which is pretty poor. It’s much...

0 replies - 6678 views - 04/25/14 by James Elsey in Articles

The Dark Side Of Lambda Expressions in Java 8

This post may not make me any new friends. Oh well, I was never really popular at school anyway. But let’s get to the point. Java 8’s biggest feature...

3 replies - 10685 views - 03/26/14 by Chen Harel in Articles

Brief comparison of BDD frameworks

Introduction Some time ago my team was asked to create up to date documentation of our projects. First we thought about Wiki page, it's far batter...

5 replies - 17504 views - 02/24/14 by Sebastian Laskawiec in Articles

Listing schema,table,column names in java using mysql db

0 replies - 5271 views - 01/17/14 by Benoy Prakash in Uncategorized