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The Dark Side Of Lambda Expressions in Java 8

This post may not make me any new friends. Oh well, I was never really popular at school anyway. But let’s get to the point. Java 8’s biggest feature...

3 replies - 7140 views - 03/26/14 by Chen Harel in Articles

Brief comparison of BDD frameworks

Introduction Some time ago my team was asked to create up to date documentation of our projects. First we thought about Wiki page, it's far batter...

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Listing schema,table,column names in java using mysql db

0 replies - 789 views - 01/17/14 by Benoy Prakash in Uncategorized

Spring @Async and transaction management

Introduction There are cases in which it is necessary to execute pieces of code asynchronous. An example is the sending of a (JMS) message from your system to...

2 replies - 10023 views - 01/16/14 by Jethro Borsje in Articles

get current web application path in java

This is a code snippet to retrieve the path of the current running web application project in java

0 replies - 2098 views - 12/04/13 by Partheeban Thirumal in Uncategorized

Handling Keyboard Sortcuts in JavaFx

A lot of times you need to to assign some functionality to some keyboard shortcut like F5 or Ctrl+R  in your application. JavaFx also provides...

0 replies - 7248 views - 06/27/13 by Neil Ghosh in Uncategorized

The Truth About PaaS Vertical Scaling and Why You are Being "Oversold"

As you know, Jelastic PaaS has automatic vertical scaling, which allows you to pay less -- to pay for your actual resource...

1 replies - 8289 views - 01/24/13 by Ruslan Synytsky in Articles

How to call a rest webservice with an untrusted SSL certificate

In our development environments we have configured self signed SSL certificates for our applications. Obviously we won't spend money for internal dev servers....

0 replies - 6187 views - 11/16/12 by Rodrigo Asensio in Uncategorized

Bug Tracker Hell

Whether you call it a defect or bug or change request or issue or enhancement you need an application to record and track the life-cycle of these...

0 replies - 6772 views - 09/18/12 by Dalip Mahal in Articles

How to Take Unit Testing (and Test-Driving) Seriously

So we write some test code, then make it pass, and restart. If we have still some minutes in the current Pomodoro, let's refactor a bit and extract some...

0 replies - 15377 views - 08/21/12 by Giorgio Sironi in Articles

How I Explained Dependency Injection to My Team

Recently our company started developing a new java based web application and after some evaluation process we decided to use Spring. But many of the team...

0 replies - 11002 views - 06/19/12 by Sivaprasadreddy... in Articles

Java 2D Graphics (AWT)

A basic hello world graphics program. Use to get started in 2D graphics programming.

0 replies - 4514 views - 06/15/12 by Nick James in Uncategorized

Struts Tutorials

Struts MVC Architecture Tutorial In this tutorial you will learn the Struts MVC Architecuture. Struts Hello World Example in Eclipse In this...

0 replies - 815 views - 06/06/12 by Ross Jernigan in Articles

Categorize tests to reduce build time.

Before we progress with the main content of the article, let's get a few definitions out of the way. Unit tests Unit tests are tests that are small...

0 replies - 4952 views - 05/13/12 by Partha Bhattacharjee in Articles

Death to all bugs! Arquillian testing platform reaches first stable release

Red Hat, Inc. and the JBoss Community today announced the 1.0.0.Final release of Arquillian, its award-winning testing platform built to run on the Java...

3 replies - 8803 views - 04/10/12 by Dan Allen in Articles

Intersecting Lines

0 replies - 8495 views - 04/10/12 by Snippets Manager in Uncategorized

Short Circuit Operator

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Finding wiring bugs

The best way to scale a test suite to hundreds of classes and to maintain it for several years is to focus only on unit tests for specifying and checking the...

0 replies - 3873 views - 04/02/12 by Giorgio Sironi in Articles

Very Quick And Simple Sudoku Solver

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Java Program To Generate Magic Square

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